Careers in Tech: The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs at Apple

Want to work for Apple? These are the jobs that pay well!

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

The highest-paying jobs at Apple

For many people, working at Apple is the dream.  The company has been built on a fascinating culture of innovation and collaboration that is music to many people’s ears. Not only this, but the company also offers many different career paths, provides exceptional career development, and is known to pay better than average compensation.

Apple is present all over the world, from its headquarters in Cupertino, just outside San Francisco, to its engineering hub in San Diego. If you’re looking for a rewarding and high-paying job at Apple, then look no further.

This article discusses the 10 best-paying jobs at Apple. We’ll cover what goes on behind each job title, what you’ll need to get hired, and the average base salary.

10. Solutions consultant

What they do: Apple solutions consultants are essentially expected to troubleshoot ways to drive the business forward, but with a specific focus on retail opportunities. They’re based in one of Apple’s many retail arms and are tasked with finding new ways to generate revenue or expand existing business operations.

How to become: Sales and product marketing experience is essential to become an Apple solutions consultant. You’ll ideally have some experience in Apple already (to understand their business ethos), as well as a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field.

What they earn: $142,170 a year

9. Software development engineer

What they do: A critical role in any technology company, software development engineers are responsible for the functionality of Apple’s systems, programs and software. Their role is to maintain these systems as well as develop them further, create new software processes and diagnose future issues or errors. The role is very much focused on the back end of the systems, such as their code and interface.

How to become: Software development engineers must be fluent in multiple coding languages, such as C++, JavaScript, Python and Swift — the latter being developed by Apple themselves. An undergraduate degree in software development is also required.

What they earn: $147,400 a year

8. Data scientist

What they do: In a data- and analytics-lead organization like Apple, data scientists are important to have in place. In this role, you will be tasked to compile, track and communicate data and metrics pertaining to various Apple divisions or projects. You’ll be expected to analyze this data thoroughly and help those with a lesser understanding of data make sense of what it means.

How to become: This role relies heavily on machine learning, mathematics, logic and statistics, and therefore higher education in one or more of these fields is essential. Apple will typically look for data scientists with experience, so job exposure in another technology-related company is preferable.

What they earn: $147,480 a year

7. System software developer

What they do: System software developers are responsible for the development and maintenance of Apple’s signature operating systems, like iOS or macOS. Given that most users’ experience of Apple is managed through the smooth functioning of these systems, their developers have an important role, and if something goes wrong, the downtime can cost Apple millions of dollars in lost revenue.

How to become: Given the importance of this role, system software developers need to have advanced coding skills in multiple languages (including Apple’s Swift language), honed through many years’ education and experience as a software engineer before moving into Apple itself.

What they earn: $148,450 a year

6. ASIC design engineer

What they do: ASIC (short for application-specific integrated circuit) drives the functionality of every Apple product. ASIC design engineers need to focus on register-transfer level design, which is how these digital circuits transit information between the user and the program. They set up these digital circuits, simulate how they function and troubleshoot them accordingly.

How to become: ASIC design engineers need extensive experience in digital design and RTL experience, experience in setting up digital circuits, and coding skills. The role will require higher education in design or coding, and experience in auditing and quality control.

What they earn: $152,030 a year

5. Purchasing manager

What they do: Purchasing managers are employed all over Apple, and their role is to ensure the procurement and supply of all the composites and materials that Apple needs to manufacture their devices and function as a company. They might specialize in raw materials needed to manufacture hi-tech equipment, or simply procure stationery and furniture used in Apple stores.

How to become: Purchasing managers will need specific experience in the division of Apple they are purchasing for. If they’re specializing in raw materials for hi-tech equipment, then specific expertise will certainly be needed. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, procurement or supply chain management, as well as experience as a purchasing associate, will be essential in this role.

What they earn: $152,740 a year

4. Team leader

What they do: For each of Apple’s high-performing teams, there is a team leader. Their role is to ensure the success of the teams that they manage, in terms of KPIs and general communication. The role might include determining the strategy of the team as well as recruitment of new team members.

How to become: Team leaders will need several years of experience in the technical area of the team they are managing, but alongside this, leadership knowledge is essential. They will therefore have plenty of management training and higher education in business management or a related field.

What they earn: $152,780 a year

3. Apple at Home Advisor

What they do: Apple at Home Advisors are on the frontline in terms of providing comprehensive support and advice for Apple users. Although they often specialize in one Apple product or system, some Home Advisors might be able to assist across many different platforms. The roles require consummate expertise in Apple products, as well as the ability to handle upset or angry callers.

How to become: A willingness to help people is more important than higher education for this role. Knowledge of Apple products is essential, although you would be given plenty of training. Experience as a call center agent as well as exposure to high-pressure and stressful environments is also important. You must be able to cope with quotas and targets, and be able to articulate support and advice clearly to people.

What they earn: $154,330 a year

2. Apple Expert

What they do: As the name suggests, Apple Experts share their knowledge of all things Apple. They’re usually employed in Apple Stores, such as its flagship location on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and are expected to use advanced sales techniques, enhanced product knowledge and a willingness to help with solutions to drive Apple’s revenue and increase customer satisfaction. The role is an instrumental part of Apple’s culture.

How to become: You’ll need a solid background in sales to become an Apple Expert, as well as have advanced knowledge of Apple products and services and be able to articulate this to clients and would-be customers.  Higher education is preferred, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration being one of the most aligned degrees for the role.

What they earn: $155,950 a year

1. Project engineering manager

What they do: Project engineering manager roles might vary depending on where they’re placed by Apple, but in whatever form it takes, the role is focused on bringing together various areas of Apple’s technology and products to create greater security and synergy. The project engineering manager role is responsible for seeing these plans come together, as well as handling the leadership and heading the technical expertise of these software-focused projects.

How to become: Project engineering managers need to be qualified in project management and business administration, and have experience leading teams as well as projects. You’ll need to have experience as a product manager or project manager, as well as some exposure to software engineering and other areas of IT.

What they earn: $167,090 a year

Check out this infographic for a rundown of the 10 highest-paying jobs at Apple:

Highest-paying jobs at Apple

Final thoughts

The highest-paying jobs at Apple will require plenty of education and experience to ready you for what they entail. All roles at Apple attract serious competition when they’re posted, so not only will you need to ensure you meet their strict requirements but also check that your application is spot on — this includes creating a polished résumé and honing your interview skills, as in the process you might be screened by senior directors or other leaders.

Apple likes to hire talent from the ground up, so a good way to get selected for one of these roles is to start with the company early — for example, through an internship. If you’re applying externally, it will always help to have prior experience in the field you’re targeting, as well as a professional network that includes someone at Apple who might be able to recommend you for a job there.

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