Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World for 2017

While some people are seeking jobs that are exciting, challenging and rewarding, others are looking for the highest paying jobs in the world, and landing such a job, is a life dream for many. Well, as much as these jobs are lucrative, they require skills that are hard to acquire, or take years of training to master. In this article, I outline the highest paid jobs in the world based on our ‘Highest Paid Jobs’ series of articles.

Some of the professions that are high on the list are in medicine and management – especially executive roles. If you are looking for a rewarding job around the world that comes with a high salary, make sure you pursue one of these roles:

(Salaries displayed are annual)



10. Australia - Neurosurgeon - £186,717 ($247,264)

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What they do: Neurosurgeons are some of the best and most skilled surgeons in the world. They operate on peoples brains and the slightest mistake could cause catastrophic damage.

Education: Due to the sensitive nature of their work they receive a very high salary, in fact, they are the highest paid professionals in Australia. But to become a neurosurgeon requires years of time and dedication. It can be take 15 years of training before you are considered a fully-fledged neurosurgeon capable of working on your own.


9. France - Member of Board of Directors - £214,000 ($283,386.78)

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What they do: Directors ensure the smooth and strategic operation of a company and that it’s making a profit. They represent the shareholders and make sure that management are doing everything right.

Education: The members of the board are don’t require any formal education. The most important thing is that you need are experience, usually industry related, good strategic, problem-solving, interpersonal and communication skills. A university degree in Business Administration or Finance, or an MBA is a plus.


8. United States - Anesthesiologists - £222,469 ($294,646)

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What they do: The best-paid doctors in the United States are Anesthesiologists. They are responsible for administering anaesthesia before, during and after surgery and other medical procedures. One of these reasons they are paid so well is that if they make mistakes then it has a very real chance of killing the patient, so they need to be vigilant and make sure that they are constantly monitoring the patient.

Education: Like any other doctor they get paid very well, but have to spend many years training to get that large paycheck. Once they finish their initial training, they then need to spend at least 4 years of specialist training learning how to become an anesthesiologist in the US.


7. New Zealand - Judge - £251,315 ($332,616)

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What they do: Judges are the highest level of Justice in any country and as such they get paid more money than Lawyers. They preside over trials and make the final ruling according to the law and not on their personal feelings.

Education: To become a judge you have to have extensive experience as a lawyer and also be very good at your job. So naturally as a bare minimum you’ll need a Bachelors of Law (LLB) and the completion of a Professional Legal Studies course. You'll also need a minimum of seven years’ experience as a solicitor and/or barrister.


6. UAE - CEO - £252,878 ($334,921)

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What they do: The job description of a CEO varies by organization. But, main duties involve directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company, developing and successfully implementing company policy, closely monitoring the operating and financial results against plans and budgets.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management or any other relevant field is required, while an MBA relevant to the industry in which you work is a plus.


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5. Ireland - Actuary - £262,500 ($347,474)

What they do: Actuaries are responsible for calculating the risk that businesses (mainly insurance and financial institutions) face and how they need to adjust to mitigate their losses. They primarily use mathematics, statistics and financial market analysis tools to try and project all the potential profit and loss a company may face. Projecting the profit and loss of a company means that they fill a very important place in a company and as such command a very high salary.

Education: The educational requirements for actuaries in Ireland are very demanding not just because you have to be exceptionally good with statistics and maths to become an actuary, but also because of the high paycheck there are a lot of people competing for a small number of places. Actuarial sciences or statistics degrees are the best options if you want to become an actuary, but any related degree such as maths or engineering can also get you a job if you have a knack for statistics.


4. Switzerland - Chief Investment Officer - £320,434 ($424,312)

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What they do: CIO’s advise the company and guide them on how to make strategic long term and short-term investments using their extensive knowledge of commercial investment trends and opportunities.

Education: Having an MBA in Accounting and a background working in Business and investment management are usually the main requirements required for this occupation.


3. Hong Kong - CIO/CTO - £351,841 ($465,406)

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What they do: Chief Information or Chief Technology Officers are the responsible for making sure that the IT systems of a company meet the requirements. They are responsible for solving any problems within their power by adapting current technology or purchasing new equipment. The vital role that they play our now computer-centric business world means that they get a good salary.

Education: The most common requirement is a degree in Computer Science, Network Engineering or a related area. Of course, if you have a lot of experience and have worked your way up the career ladder then the qualifications will not be necessary.


2. Germany - Managing Director - £320,077 ($423,844)

What they do: Managing directors provide high-level management such as monitoring the performance of other managers and department heads. They also train and guide other managers and staff members as required, creating revising and reviewing schedules for various departments, etc.

Education: A BSc in business administration and an MBA are essential for this job.


1. Dubai - Consultant - £479,871 ($635,336)

What they do: Specialist physicians work in clinical medicine, laboratory medicine and as surgeons. Those in clinical medicine, diagnose and treat diseases and physiological or psychiatric disorders. Specialists in laboratory medicine conduct microscopic and chemical analyses of laboratory samples and specimens to determine the nature, cause and development of human diseases. Specialist surgeons perform and supervise surgical procedures.

Education: For this job, degree in medicine is required from an approved medical school, and specific speciality training is required. Specialist physicians also need to make sure their qualifications are recognized by the Dubai Health Authority.



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This post was first published in Februry 2015.