4 Jobs That Pay $25 an Hour

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Minimum wage is currently at $7.25 although with its fair share of controversy; McDonald’s and Walmart, after intense pressure from its employees finally raised their base salary to $10 an hour. The reason for the controversy is that the take home salary of a minimum wage worker is $13.926 which is just barely above the poverty line (according to the Institute for Research on Poverty) and barely a livable salary especially in a metropolitan area considering the average rent is about as much as their monthly income (1.099 dollars). Let’s be honest though, even at $10 an hour you are still making around $48,000 which is good but not great money. So, how about jobs that pay you two and a half times that?

If you’re looking to make 25 dollars an hour here are the jobs you should look for.  

1. Carpenter


If you love the smell of cedar in the morning, have an eye for detail and like working with your hands then carpentry might just be your ticket to that $50.000 dollar a year mark. Although this is more or less a freelance gig and comes with ups and downs in regards to incoming work, once trained (either through educational programs, apprenticeships or self-education) you can even work for a DIY store, installing readymade furniture and housewares for them. Of course, you lose the luxury of being your own boss, making your own hours and slowly developing a reputation that would allow you to charge even more money.

2. Retail Sales Manager

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Go into any big box store, franchise supermarket or clothing retailer and you will see one or two individuals that are usually dressed up in a short sleeve button up shirt and a tie that matches the company’s colors. Before you make fun of their mandatory dress code you might want to think about getting their job, because on average, retail sales managers make an average of $61.935 a year according to Glassdoor. Depending on the company, you can actually make more than that and you don’t even need a degree- many retail sales managers get promoted from retail sales associate positions.

3. Writer


If you have a knack for organizing words into coherent sentences then you might want to consider writing. I know, every single stereotype that exists testifies that being a professional writer will leave you destitute but the U.S. national average salary for writers, which is $52.000 a year, proves otherwise. Depending on your specialty it can even pay more, for example, writers for CNN get paid a respectable 64.000 dollars a year. With a 10% yearly growth rate, you’ll also have many options and opportunities to progress.

4. Food Service Directors

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Or otherwise known as Food Service General Managers is yet another job on this list that doesn’t need a degree (it always helps but it isn’t necessary) and usually hires from within. You will be in charge of most administrative tasks within a food preparation environment; you will over-see insuring quality and standards. As a constantly expanding industry with a wide spectrum of jobs (from catering, to special facility food service and to restaurant ownership) the job has many opportunities and pays a very decent 58.402 dollars a year according to Glassdoor.

Are there any other jobs that pay pretty good salaries? Let us know in the comments section below.