10 Careers That Pay $50 an Hour

Although pursuing one’s passion and finding one’s purpose are common goals within the career world, we all go to work for one reason. That reason, of course, is to pay the bills. You never hear anyone turn down a raise or promotion, do you? Money drives our careers and is often the leading motivating factor when it comes to choosing our careers.

Whether you are on a salary-based income or an hourly wage, you end up making x-amount based on the time worked. Although the minimum wage within the United States is $7.25 an hour, some people are making far more for their time.

Let’s quickly compare the gap between the federal minimum wage and $50/hour. Someone who makes minimum wage needs to work almost seven hours to make the equivalent of $50. At the end of a 40-hour work week, someone with a minimum wage job would make $290 before taxes. The person making $50/hour, on the other hand, would make $2,000 before taxes – in one week.

If you weren’t motivated before, you may be now. The following ten jobs will allow you to potentially earn $8,000+ a month.

10. Sales Manager

Sealing a deal

As a sales manager, you would:

  • Organize and lead an organization’s sales team
  • Analyze data while continually setting new, aggressive goals based on sales
  • Develop training programs

In order to become a sales manager, you will most likely need to first work as a sales representative, where you’ll gain the necessary experience and critical knowledge. Since you’ll be responsible for the team’s ability to meet sales goals, it’s crucial that you know how to make a sale and close a deal.

For most organizations, they’ll be looking for a mix of experience and education. Typically, a minimum of five years’ sales experience is required. Although not necessary, potential employers will like to see you obtain a degree in business, advertising, or in another similar field.

At the end of the day, if your track record shows a high rate of closes and great numbers, there will always be exceptions. Some individuals are naturals when it comes to sales. If this is you, becoming a sales manager is something that you should consider, and you could make a little over $50 per hour, according to BLS.

9. Human Resources Manager

HR manager

On average, HR managers earn well over $100,000 a year, and about $54.88 per hour, according to the BLS. Within this position, you would:

  • Hire and train individuals within various settings such as corporations, schools, hospitals, factories, government facilities, etc.
  • Be responsible for training programs
  • Ensure all required paperwork is filled out by employees
  • Develop new policies

Although all these duties are important, the greatest portion of your time would be spent addressing the needs and concerns of employees. This is why it’s critical to be a people’s person and have strong social skills in this position. Depending on the size of the company you would work for, you may be the sole HR manager or work within a team of other managers. For the most part, HR managers have a degree in business, education, or finance.

8. Optometrist

Optometry patient

There will be plenty of work for optometrists in the future as baby boomers age and require optical care. As an optometrist, you would:

  • Perform eye examinations, identifying vision issues and eye diseases.
  • Prescribe contact lenses and glasses.
  • Treat various eye diseases or complications.

In order to become an optometrist, you will need to attend an optometry school for a minimum of four years. Once again, these programs are highly competitive. Most individuals who take the Doctor of Optometry program also complete a bachelor’s degree prior to applying from one of the 21 accredited schools and colleges of optometry throughout the U.S.

Salary reports that optometrists in the U.S. earn an average $56 per hour.

7. Pharmacist

Pharmacist with client

As a pharmacist, you would:

  • Fill prescriptions written for patients by doctors
  • Instruct customers on how to take their prescriptions
  • Warn customers of potential side effects and the dangers of mixing doses
  • Supervise and monitor the medical supply

You need to be knowledgeable and friendly, as you will interact with a wide range of people. In order to become a pharmacist, you’ll need to complete a minimum of three years in undergraduate studies, focusing on science-based courses. You will then need to complete four years of pharmacy school, earning a Doctor of Pharmacy. This is another job which is expected to increase in terms of availability within the next decade or so, and you can expect to make a little over $56 per hour, according to the BLS.

6. Computer Systems Manager

Computer systems managers

If you’re good with computers and are able to solve complex problems, this is the perfect career for you. As a computer systems manager, you will need to:

  • Organize the computer-based needs of a company
  • Offer possible solutions to various problems relating to IT
  • Oversee installations
  • Backup important data
  • Purchase both hardware and software

Many computer systems managers are paid top dollar because most are required to have an MBA in order to qualify. With that being said, many find work with a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science. In addition to your education, you will need some formal experience in order to experience the highest paying opportunities.

The BLS reports that computer systems managers earn $58.15 per hour on average.

5. Lawyer

Boston Legal
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Regardless of your view on lawyers, they will always have work and tend to make a pretty penny. Whether someone needs to settle a divorce, sue a company, or build a new office building, lawyers are required for all kinds of personal and professional endeavors. As a lawyer, you can generally expect to:

  • Advise and protect your clients
  • Gather evidence and continually research
  • Represent clients in court
  • Draw up legal documents

As a lawyer, you can focus on a specialized area that supports your strengths, skills, and values. Some specialize in family cases while others focus on technology, and everything else in between. In order to become a lawyer, you’ll need to complete an undergraduate degree, go to law school, and then pass your state bar exam. If you want to go to law school, this is the year to apply because fewer people are applying to law schools and admission tests are less competitive than they have been in the past, according to Bloomberg.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average hourly wage for lawyers is $64.17.

4. Dentist

As a dentist, you’ll need to:

  • Diagnose/treat gum diseases and tooth decay
  • Repair fractures
  • Clean and polish teeth
  • Fill or extract teeth
  • Perform minor surgeries

In order to become a dentist, you will first need to earn your bachelor’s degree and then complete four years of dental school. After your schooling is complete, you will be a doctor within dental medicine and/or dental surgery. According to the BLS, dentist jobs are expected to increase by 16 percent between now and 2022, and you can expect to earn an average $71.79 per hour.

3. Judge

As a judge, you would have various roles relating to law. You would not only need to interpret the law within the courtroom but also:

  • Review evidence
  • Control how trials operate
  • Make decisions based on the law and the evidence presented

Most judges are appointed their position after working as a lawyer for many years. Others become judges after teaching as a professor of law. As mentioned, to become a lawyer, you will need to attend a recognized law school and pass the bar exam.

There are both federal judges who appointed federally, as well as provincial and family judges who are appointed provincially. In order to become a federally appointed judge, you’ll need to be a member of the bar for a minimum of ten years. Provincially appointed judges vary in terms of the minimum requirements; however, all judges must be thoughtful, impartial, and fair.

Sokanu reports that judges earn about $61.03 per hour in New Jersey, but can make as much as $80.94 in California.

2. Clinical Psychologist

pinch the face godfather

As a clinical psychologist, you could work in a variety of settings. Some work from home, others own private offices while some work within hospitals or prisons. Since clinical psychology is fairly broad, you will mainly focus on:

  • Diagnosing mental health conditions, including emotional and behavioral issues
  • Treating mental health conditions through various therapy options and medications
  • Conducting and publishing related research

If you find human behavior and a fat wallet interesting, then psychology may be the area you’ve been looking for. Clinical psychologists earn a hefty income, but they also dramatically impact the lives of so many. Considering you require a Ph.D. to make top dollar, you may have some student loans that will need tending to. The competition can be fierce to get into a doctoral program, so you will deserve every penny you make at the end of your studies – anywhere between $50 and $100, according to AOL Jobs.

1. Top Executive

If you can picture yourself rising to the top of the corporate ladder, then becoming a top executive will be right up your alley. You would need to create strategies and develop policies that help a company meet their goals. There’s a lot of planning and directing involved so you need to be a strong leader. You will need to:

  • Continually ensure that the company is operating based on current goals
  • Supervise budgets and resources
  • Manage risks and daily tasks

Since you will be in charge of everything from finances to technology, you’ll be earning as much $120 per hour, according to Salary. Most executives hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or in a related field. Although education tends to vary, executives will need a considerable amount of work experience to be considered for this top position.

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There’s a reason why individuals within these positions are paid so much for their time. In order to reach these careers, you need to be highly motivated and driven. For the most part, extensive experience and education is required. If you have what it takes to land one of these careers, you will have no problem making a satisfying $50 per hour.