15 Easiest and Highest Paying Jobs

As humans, we are programmed to be lazy. We don’t want to make an effort, take the initiative or go above and beyond the call of duty and prefer to keep things simple. But we expect to get paid well even if we hardly do anything. Is it possible to get the best of both worlds - an easy job that pays well?  Yes it is! Before you choose a career take a look at this list.

The easiest and highest paying jobs:

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1. Tourist Guide - £30,000

tourist finding their way

Becoming a tour guide isn’t difficult, but you probably will need to have a pleasant and funny personality that helps you relate to a crowd effectively. Tour guides need to be able to transmit the excitement and the energy they have to tourists and travellers and tell stories effectively.

Tour guides are required to know and talk a lot, but if you love to talk, you could work as a tour guide and earn as much as £20,000 per year or £30,000 as a regional tour manager. If you work independently you can charge up to £140 per person for a half day.

2. Optometrist - £82,434

optometrist examining a woman

Being an optometrist is a relatively easy job. These professionals perform eye exams to find vision problems and treat eye diseases using expert machinery and get to work in a clean and low-stress work environment. They also often give prescriptions and offer eyeglasses and contact lenses to clients.

In private practice, they earn between £28,000 and £60,000 a year. But, NHS consultant optometrists can earn up to £82,434 in Band 8. If you want to work as an optometrist, you will need a medicine degree and government licence. So, it's not an easy, or cheap, career to break into.

3. Video Game Player - £30,000

men playing video games

Did you know that playing video games could be your full-time job? If you consider yourself a computer nerd or geek, this could be right up your alley. As a video game tester, you get to play video games all day long. But it's not all roses; it often requires you to work long hours, sometimes up to 16 hours a day. Not to mention, you will hardly speak to anyone during that time.

One of the perks of this jobs is that you get to play games that haven’t been released to the public yet which is pretty cool. Besides, getting paid £30,000 to do what you love doesn’t sound too bad, right?

4. Artist - £2,000 Per Hour

woman painting

You can create anything you want and get tonnes of money for it as long as you are excellent at it. Artists make their living using their artistic talent, and as such, they get paid for the quality of work they produce. But since art means different things to different people,  the best artists usually choose to create a piece in their own unique way.

They earn money based on what they present and manage to bring out in people through their work. Pursuing a career as an artist might be a struggle at first, but once you start selling and manage to build a strong network you can earn a lot. Salary is variable, but a fine artist displaying at degree shows can expect to get £1,000 for a BA level piece of work and £2,000 for MA work.

5. Massage Therapist - £40,000

Massage therapist massaging beautiful brunette

There is no doubt massage therapists work in one of the best and most relaxing work environments possible. Just think about it; the soothing music playing in the background and the sweet fragrance of those aromatic candles, create the ideal atmosphere you need to relieve all of your tension and anxiety.

Massage therapists get into the profession by getting a license from a recognised authority and are responsible for helping their clients relax and forget all about their worries. The starting salary may be low, but once you have established yourself and built your network, you can earn as much as £40,000 per year.

6. Songwriter - £36,400

man writing a song

If you manage to become successful as a songwriter, you can start earning millions. Songwriting may require musical talent, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be a musician per se. Many songwriters don’t know how to read a musical note, and they just improvise with a couple of words and chords here and there, but they are also still good at it. It isn't badly paid either; you could earn an average salary of £36,400 if you are good at it.

7. Personal Trainer - £20,000

personal trainer working

Being a personal trainer is one of the easiest jobs in the world. In fact, the only thing they are required to do is listen to their clients’ needs and come up with an exercise schedule that helps them achieve their goals. They might need to play the role of the motivational coach, but that doesn’t happen every time because not every client needs it.

Regardless of whether their customers are doing any work or not, personal trainers still get paid at the end of the week or month. As a full-time personal trainer you could earn roughly £20,000, and if you have high profile clients, you can charge up to £100 an hour.



8. Flight Attendant - £25,000

cabin crew plane

Have you ever wondered what flight attendants actually do all day? Not only do they get to travel around the world for free and spend most of their day in luxurious planes, but they also get to meet some very interesting people. The best part is that the only thing they need to do is serve food and drinks to the passengers on board the plane. Well OK, they will probably have to deal with rude or demanding people too, but that happens quite a lot in other industries as well. Salaries for flight attendants can reach up to £25,000.

9. Freelance Writer - £40,000

freelance writer working

If you think you're a creative person and enjoy writing, then why not become a freelance writer. Freelance writers can work in their pyjamas all day long without having to leave home and get to have greater control over the hours they work and how much they make.

What they do is take on a range of different projects or ‘gigs’ for which they have deadlines, and they get to build their career according to their lifestyle. A freelance writer’s salary varies depending on the number of projects they are working on, though you can expect to earn up to £40,000 per year.

10. Librarian - £29,500

librarian working

Do you like being around…books? Perhaps you might want to be a librarian. As a librarian, you will have to help other people find the book(s) they need or direct them around the library. You will also be in charge of cataloguing books and keeping a record of the people using them, but this process is simplified with computers.

Even though it is an easy job to do, librarians often need to complete some training, and most of them have masters degrees. Annual salaries for a librarian range from £23,500 to £29,500.

11. Photographer - £50,000

photographer working

Being a photographer is one of the most fun and easiest jobs in the world. If you are a person who loves capturing life through the lens of a camera, this is the job for you. Whereas in the past being a photographer meant that you have to develop film and actually print photographs, today you don’t need to do it because of the use of digital cameras.

The only thing that you need to do is choose the right camera and learn how to use it. Currently, there are many workshops and tutorials on how to develop your photography skills, and that’s a good place to start. As a full-time photographer, you can earn up to £50,000 per year.

12. Software Developer - £50,000

software developer working

This is a job that will always be trending because of the fast pace technology advances and the need for professionals to ‘work online’ and produce faster and better results. Software developer jobs can be easy if you are skilled and the best part is that you get paid quite a lot.

Average salaries range from £28,000 to £45,000 per year, and with some management experience this can reach up to £50,000. While a software developer’s job is often office-based, at some companies there are opportunities to work from home and in a less stressful environment.

13. Power Plant Operator - £34,000

electricians working

Even though being a power plant operator sounds complicated, people working in the field will tell you otherwise. While there is a lot of responsibility, the only thing power plant operators are required to do every day is touch some switches and send power to a million of households and businesses. You can earn more than £35,000 per year, and the only requirements are that you have a vocational diploma and be good at maths and science.

OK, although these jobs aren’t based in the UK and perhaps aren’t as popular as the others in this list 'real professions' they are the two easiest jobs on the list.

14. Paper Towel Sniffer - $50,000

paper towels Shutterstock  

It might not be the highest paying job on this list, but hey, it’s the easiest. Paper towel companies employ these professionals to sniff their products to make sure they are odourless. Being a paper towel sniffer literally requires no effort or diploma.

All you have to do is sniff towels and be great at it. Sounds good, right? While the starting salary may be low at just over $19,000, you can potentially earn more than $50,000 per year.

15. Professional Snuggler - $124,000

two young women snuggling Shutterstock

How hard can it be to hug strangers? These professionals are hired by the hour to help other people relax or keep them company when they are sad and lonely. In our increasingly isolated society, professional snugglers help to reduce depression and stress, and it can be quite useful to have them around.

The price they charge for their services ranges from $60 to $100 per hour if working for an agency. Professional snugglers can make an astonishing $124,000 per year for basically doing nothing but lying next to someone all day.

Sure, it must be fun doing an easy job and getting tonnes of money for it. Out of these jobs which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below…

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This article was first published in August 2016.

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