The 30 Weirdest Jobs in the World

Here are 30 of the weirdest, most bizarre jobs you probably never even thought of! Be prepared, they're odd.

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Across the globe, there are many weird jobs being performed. Some of them keep a significant number of folks employed, while other strange jobs are helping many people add some more money to their wallets.

But what are some of the most bizarre jobs around? Does it involve attending a funeral? What about milking snakes? Being a mermaid? And, most importantly, do they pay well? Let's just say that the next major job will be doing nothing and still getting paid!

We have compiled a guide of the 30 weirdest jobs in the world that could help tide you over until you’ve completed your job search.

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1. Paranormal guide

Paranormal Guide strange job

Earning potential: $40 (£30) per hour

Believe it or not, there are jobs for paranormal guides in the United States and all over Europe. Essentially, you take a short course for about four to six weeks and become a guide. Then you lead tours through haunted homes, castles and mansions. You can make around $30–$40 (£22–£30) an hour exploring the unusual.

2. Milking snakes

Earning potential: $5,000 (£3,800) per month

There are jobs for milking snake venom in zoos, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutions. The reason for milking snake venom is to develop an anti-venom because thousands of people in Africa and India die from poisonous snake bites. The job pays anywhere from $2,000–$5,000 (£1,500–£3,800) a month.

3. Detecting landmines with rodents

Earning potential: $10 (£7.50) per day

During the Vietnam war, there were millions of landmines planted in the jungles of Laos and Cambodia, and some are still lurking underground. Cambodia imports large African rats with an extraordinary sense of smell. They can sniff out TNT better than any other animal. The rodent gets his favourite meal as a reward, and the handler makes $10 (£7.50) a day.

4. Dog food taster

Weird dog food testing job

Earning potential: $40,000 (£30,200) per year

There are approximately 90 million pet dogs in America. Since dogs cannot tell us what their food tastes like, dog food tasters are used to ensure the food that’s prepared for dogs is of high quality and taste. Dog food tasters work with all types of dog foods and treats. On average, they can make about $40,000 (£30,200) a year.

5. Feng Shui consultant

Earning potential: $1,000 (£750) per consult

The Chinese art of Feng Shui focuses on energy flow or Chi, and the right flow of energy is important for wellness, beauty, health and good fortune. People utilise Feng Shui experts to arrange their home, office, garden or condo. The Feng Shui consultant offers advice on lights, colour, and direction of energy flow. You can easily make $500–$1,000 (£380–£750) per consult.

6. Odour sniffer

Earning potential: $25 (£19) per hour

There is a multibillion-dollar fragrance industry making all types of perfume, deodorants, and cosmetic products. They employ odour sniffers who make sure that the product smells nice and also determine and confirm how long the fragrance lasts. Odour sniffers can make anywhere from $20–$25 (£15–£19) an hour.

7. Professional snuggler

Earning potential: $40 (£30) per hour

Professional snugglers offer comfort to people who feel lonely, depressed, have medical problems or have suffered severe past traumatic events. Becoming a professional cuddler is not difficult, but you have to have empathy, good ethics and morals. Cuddlers often advertise their business online and get paid anywhere from $20–$40 (£15–£30) per hour.

8. Intimacy coordinator

Strange Intimacy Coordinator job

Earning potential: Unknown

If you’ve ever watched a motion picture that contained a love scene, you may have wondered how it was planned. Were the actions noted in the screenplay? Well, it was put together by an intimacy coordinator, someone who advises on the best scene and what is best for the actors in the event of simulated sexual intercourse or even a kiss.

9. Movie watcher

Earning potential: $15 (£11) per hour

Many streaming companies hire people to watch and rate TV shows and movies. They only release them if they are highly rated. You do not need any experience to be a movie watcher but must be able to tell the difference between a good movie and a bad one. The pay scale is not high and varies from $12–$15 (£9–£11) an hour. Whatever the case, it is safe to say that this is a dream job for most people.

10. Professional mourner

Earning potential: $100 (£75) per session

In some cultures, hiring professional mourners is not unusual. When an important person dies but has no friends, the family will hire professional mourners to participate in the funeral ceremony. The goal is to enhance the reputation of the deceased. These folks can make anywhere from $40–$100 (£30–£75) per session and also participate in the post-funeral eating ceremony.

11. Professional bridesmaid

Earning potential: $7,000 (£5,300) per month

The professional bridesmaid works for the bride. The work involves dress selection, fitting, shopping, arranging the bachelorette party, creating a registry for gifts and many other wedding-related things. While it requires no training, the person must know all the ins and outs of what goes on before a wedding. Professional bridesmaids can easily make up to $7,000 (£5,300) a month.

12. Iceberg mover

Earning potential: $20,000 (£15,000) per year

They track the location of icebergs and provide safe routes around them. They may also have to tow the iceberg out of a particular area. The idea came about after the Titanic tragedy in 1911 and has no doubt stopped many other tragedies from happening. The salary estimate? Your typical iceberg mover earns about $20,000 (£15,000) a year.

13. Dog surfing instructor

Weird dog surfing instructor job

Earning potential: $13 (£10) per hour

Believe it or not, there is a demand to teach dogs to surf. Professionals are paid to teach dogs — and their owners — to surf. There are also instructors who teach dogs exclusively that can earn roughly $13 (£10) an hour.

14. Professional mermaid

Earning potential: $300 (£230) per hour

Wait a minute. Mermaids really exist? Well, perhaps professionally. These are licensed mermaids who perform at parties and teach others to swim like a mermaid. They can make around $300 (£230) per hour at birthday parties.

15. Face feelers

Earning potential: $25 (£19) per hour

These are sensory scientists who use their hands to judge the effectiveness of skin products like lotions, facial cleaners and razors. It requires some training, but these sensory scientists can make up to $25 (£19) per hour feeling different faces.

16. Professional foreigner

Earning potential: $1,000 (£750) per week

These are professionals who are paid to put on a suit and shake hands with important businessmen. They are sometimes paid to attend real-estate events and pose as foreigners and celebrities. Many of these individuals can make $1,000 (£750) a week for a particular assignment or event.

17. Professional line stander

Professional line stander strange work

Earning potential: $1,000 (£750) per week

A professional line stander will do exactly what the job title states: wait in line for other people. A job that’s useful during major events like Black Friday or new product launches, such as an iPhone release. They can make around $1,000 (£750) a week.

18. Fortune cookie writer

Earning potential: $40,000 (£30,200) per year

Perhaps your next lucrative career was right in front of you all along: a fortune cookie writer. They are freelancers or in-house writers who come up with creative and interesting fortunes for fortune cookies. These people can make around $40,000 (£30,200) a year.

19. Soap boiler

Earning potential: $20 (£15) per hour

What is a soap boiler? This is an occupation involves turning fat into neat soap, which is used for bars and powders. Soap boilers can make $20 (£15) per hour.

20. Human statue

Earning potential: $100 (£75) per hour

A human statue is a unique job that pays quite well if you find the right employment opportunity. The position is as the title states: you are a live mannequin draped in paint or clothes. Some retailers will hire a human statue to model apparel or add some uniqueness to their business, and some will pay handsomely for it! A human statue can earn roughly $100 (£75) per hour by simply standing still.

21. Aeroplane painter

Earning potential: $20 per hour

An aeroplane painter is responsible for refreshing the paintwork of old airplanes with fresh designs. People can make around $20 (£15) per hour doing this.

22. Dinkey operator

Earning potential: $24 (£18) per hour

What in the blue moon is a dinkey operator? Well, they work with dinkey engines — mostly within the rail industry — operating power controls and levels to transport timber, coal and rock. Dinkey operators can make around $24 (£18) per hour.

23. Golf ball diver

Golf ball diver weird job

Earning potential: $200 (£150) per day

Have you ever wondered where all the golf balls go when they land in the water? Golf ball divers are hired to retrieve these balls and return them to the grounds to be cleaned and used again at a later date. So if you enjoy diving, this is a weird job that would be great for you, and you could earn around $200 (£150) per day.

24. Thief hunter

Earning potential: $50,000 (£37,100) per year

When the police cannot solve a crime, who are you going to call? A thief hunter. That's right. If you are a victim of petty crime or a pick-pocketer, a thief hunter will be sure to catch the culprit by utilising a broad array of tricks and tools to ensure they return your property. If you have an interest in working with criminals, you could earn around $50,000 (£37,100) per year.

25. Pet food tester

Earning potential: $27,000 per year

Sure, a human food tester is a common job. But a pet food tester? Indeed, eating dog kibble or a cat's salmon entrée may not sound delicious for most people, but the main role of a pet food tester is to test the pet food’s nutritional value, write reports and find ways of enhancing the food for our furry friends. Evidently, without too many candidates, the pay is generous. So, grab a bacon-wrapped chicken-flavoured puppy treat and start applying! If you’re successful, you could earn around $27,000 (£20,000) per year.

26. Online dating ghostwriter

Earning potential: $900 (£670) per month

Many people are desperate for love, which is clear by the wide variety of online dating websites and the millions of profiles. But not everyone can sell themselves to the hunk or the beauty, so some will outsource their online dating profile writing to a professional. Enter: the online dating ghostwriter. The salary will vary depending on your writing skills, but you can average around $900 (£670) a month.

27. Professional paint-dry watcher

Earning Potential: $40,000 (£29,700) per year

Have you ever had a job that was about as fun as watching paint dry? There is a professional occupation that actually involves watching paint dry. The crux of the position is to paint sheets of cardboard and determine how the new paint mixes and the length of time it takes to dry.

28. Paper towel sniffer

Earning potential: $52,000 (£38,600) per year

Let's be honest: the most important thing for you when purchasing six rolls of paper towel is their aroma. But there are new heroes out there who will ensure that paper towel manufacturers produce high-quality products without a putrid smell — the paper towel sniffer. Not all heroes wear capes, but if you enjoy sniffing pieces of paper, then you could earn $52,000 (£38,600) for the privilege.

29. Adult toy tester

Earning potential: $25 (£19) per hour

Adult toy testers are hired to test prototypes or new sex toy products to determine whether they are fun, visually appealing and useful. Sex toy testers can make around $25 (£19) per hour.

30. Fake wedding guest

Fake Wedding Guest strange job

Earning potential: $2,500 (£1,900) per wedding

They are people who are paid to attend a wedding so that the event seems populated and the bride or groom — or both — can project a good reputation and popularity within their social circle. Some couples will go as far as filling their entire wedding party with fake wedding guests.

Final thoughts

So, are you interested in making a career change or earning a few extra dollars a month? These may not be the most glamourous employment opportunities, but some of these weird jobs either remain in demand or are beginning to become lucrative endeavours, particularly for lazy people! Be it feeling faces or standing in line, there is always some avenue to explore to earn a living.

Have you ever considered changing careers to something quite bizarre? Let’s see who has the weirdest job!


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