How to Become a Professional Sleeper

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Most people would be fired if they were caught sleeping on the job, or at least given a stern warning. But what if you could sleep on the job and not get fired? Does that sound good to you? I thought so! Maybe you should get a job as a professional sleeper.

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Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Believe it or not, some people make a huge amount of money by simply sleeping.

Let’s take a look at the how you become a professional sleeper.

1. What the Job Entails

It involves numerous different roles, so it really depends on the role:

  • Being hooked up to a lot of machines to check your heart rate and brain activity while you sleep.
  • Spending the night at a hotel and filling in a form about the experience.
  • Test beds, mattresses and duvets for companies.
  • Taking sleeping pills to be an art exhibit.
  • Working long hours as a Doctor and sleeping at a hospital.
  • Taking 20-minute long power naps in Energy pods at companies like Google.

Most Common Jobs For Professional Sleepers:

  • Scientific Research Subject
  • Bed and Mattress Tester
  • Medical Consultants Working for the NHS
  • Exhibitionist Sleeper
  • Working for Companies That Offer Nap-Time

It is not a common career, but we have more information about jobs where you get paid to sleep here.

2. Salary

There is no fixed salary for professional sleeper as it is such a varied role, but we can give you a good idea of what you could expect to get paid in the careers mentioned above:

  • If you are participating in a scientific experiment, you can be paid as much as $2730 – $10,125 for two or 4weeks work.
  • Bed and mattress testers can be paid as much as £1000 a month.
  • Medical consultants working the night shift can earn £144 an hour or £1,800 on top of their already impressive salary of roughly £90,000 per year.
  • Exhibitionists sleepers can be paid any amount, but the only one we can verify is $10 per hour.
  • Working for a forward thinking company like Google will give you a huge paycheck and lots of benefits. There are so many roles it is hard to give a number, but a software developer could make anything from $49,316 - $131,519 per year.



3. Meet the Basic Requirements and Qualifications

To be a professional sleeper there are no actual basic requirements or qualifications.  You just have be qualified for each of the jobs mentioned above. One or two of which require a lot of training. A degree in textile management could help you become a bed and mattress tester, but as far as I am aware it’s not mandatory.

Google has lots of different positions you can apply for, but it only takes the best of the best. If you want to get a job there, you don’t just have to have great college grades; the most important thing for developers is to be incredibly talented and impress the interviewers.

To become a doctor, you need to get really high grades at school, spend 5 years at medical school, take a two-year Foundation Programme and then spend either 3 years training as a GP or 5 – 8 years training in another speciality.

But for the other positions such as research subject you just have to be a human capable of sleeping, not particularly hard to meet those requirements.

4. Future Career Opportunities

Of course, professional sleeping itself does not have any kind of future career opportunities. It is the careers that require professional sleepers that have some great career opportunities.

The best career opportunities are for Doctors and Google employees. Doctors are never out of work unless they lose their licenses. You can always get very well paid work as a doctor especially consultants who can be fortune in some countries.

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Google gives its employees excellent professional development opportunities. Apart from the benefits the company provides, just having Google on your CV makes you a great target for other companies. Former Google employees can command excellent salaries.

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Have you ever thought of becoming a professional sleeper? If you haven’t why not? It’s surely every employees dream job.

Do you work in one of the careers mentioned above? Let us know…

This article was originally posted in March 2014.



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