The Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication is a fundamental concept for any organization to meet its intended goals. The various departments are interrelated and interdependent and have their links facilitated by communication. Poor communication compromises efficiency, quality of production, customer relations and many other dynamics that an organization depends on to thrive. Effective communication should trickle down from managers to those under their supervision and to other units and departments. An effective manager therefore needs very good communication skills.


Good Workplace Culture

Employees are the foremost asset for any organization, and effective communication plays a very important role in keeping them motivated. A manager can develop a culture of writing personalized emails to employees especially when they are being recognized and commended. Calling for one-on-one interactions when expressing concern makes them feel appreciated. With an effective communication culture developed, there will be clear understanding of the common direction everyone needs to be moving in and goals will be met with minimal challenges. 


Highlight Communication Barriers in the Workplace

Managers should be able to identify and remove barriers that interfere with effective communication. They may seem insignificant and non-consequential but when there are interruptions, lack of attentiveness, premature conclusions, there will be a hindrance in communication. To observe good communication, one needs to be conscious about how they present themselves in the workplace.



Non-Verbal Communication

Using body language is the most natural thing for any human being and takes a big part of effective communication in the workplace. Facial expressions and gestures made tell a listener what your opinion is in spite of what you are verbally communicating. For instance when an employee is asked to give their opinion on something they don’t approve of; their body language will say what they feel as much as their lips say otherwise. Employees should be encouraged to communicate such that their actions are in harmony with their words and tone.


Communication and Observing Time

Time management is an aspect that needs to be observed for success to be realized at any workplace. Effective communication directly influences proper time management, keeping everyone focused on their targets and the time frame they need to realize them in.


Participating Actively

The workplace should have a communication environment such that conversations flow with ease. The culture developed should ensure that people allow each other to speak and make their opinions heard, ask questions or make observations. There should be amity and coworkers should be able to get into discussions besides those that are work-related. Effective communication does not end at listening, it also means being interesting and informed and sharing these opinions in the workplace.


Socialising in the Workplace

Employees should be encouraged to get off their desks and visit other departments. This good gesture creates a relationship between departments; the employee learns a new aspect of the company, widening their scope and, most importantly, fostering a more collaborative attitude between the departments - which in turn affects productivity. The attitude employees harbor should be one of being courteous and polite to fellow workers. When one is polite; it communicates that they care and respect the relationship with the fellow colleague and this promotes good rapport, clarity and consistency.


There has been tremendous technological advancement and most communication has now become non-personal. This curtails on effective communication removing the interpersonal and professional relationship in coworkers. There needs to be an endeavor for every workplace to understand their communication and create a balance between embracing technology and maintaining personalized communication. This will ensure consistent and improved productivity.

Image source: Denniscummins