25 Ridiculously Funny Resignation Letters

illustrated man handing resignation letter to boss

Have you ever been that angry and fed up with your current employer that you just want to say 'stuff it' and quit on the spot? Most of the working population bypass the urge as they have bills to pay, a family to support and generally need their wage to survive. Yet some employees were pushed to the point of no return when it came to their position and created these hilarious resignation letters.

I’m not advising you to follow suit, but if you want to have a real giggle, look through the following funny resignation letters:



1. There’s Nothing Like a Colourful Letter

You’d think that this multi-coloured letter was written by a five-year-old, but no the crayon creation was indeed Mr Sacdalen’s genuine resignation letter. I’m not so confident that this childish behaviour actually got him some freelance work, though.

Colourful Resignation LetterChannel 42

2. Aye Aye, Captain!

This email initially seemed like a regular sample resignation letter, until it takes a quick left turn with the employer announcing that he’s decided to become a full-time pirate. It gets even more comical when he says that he will be accepting applications for his First Mate soon. I’m not sure if this is genuine or a practical joke, but it definitely deserves to be on the list of the funniest resignation examples.

Aye aye, captain!comedy central

3. Flushing You Out of My Life

Luke’s rude but amusing resignation letter was clearly planned during his time in the bathroom where he decided to flush his employer out of his life (what a clever pun).

Flushing you out of my lifeimgur

4. Even the Printer Wants Out..

This entertaining resignation letter from the Laser Jet 4050 is so amusing- it’s not the standard “out of service” sign you expect to see on a broken printer. Kudos to the mastermind behind it.

Even the printer wants outPinterest

5. The Sweetest Resignation Letter

Chris Holmes aka Mr Cake may have written the tastiest resignation letter in history when he quit his job at Stansted Airport to pursue his dream job of owning his own bakery. His smart farewell letter was not only a sweet touch but also great advertisement for his new adventure.

The sweetest resignation lettercomedy central

6. An Angry Note

This employee was obviously fuming about something that his colleague Frank did and decided to frantically scribble his feelings on a piece of paper. With major typos and messy writing, it looks like this rude worker didn’t give themselves a second to consider their options.

 An angry noteDakotacorns

7. What’s on the Menu?

Oh, that’s right – a resignation letter to manager Greg! This Wendy’s employee was so fed up that they went to the effort to change the sign of the fast food restaurant just to make a point- they gets an A for effort!

What’s on the menuGrabberwocky

 8. Sweet and Simple 

This employee kept it so simple with the words 'I quit' and a smiley face next to it! What's a better way than to quit with cake that sweetens the bitter taste of your loss in your boss’ mouth? Despite the irony, this action might even make you the most caring employee in the office.

I Quit  Cake



9. When You’re Moving to the World of Warcraft

This gamer is moving on to bigger and better things in the imaginary world of Roaming Legion.

moving to the World of Warcraftatchuup

10. A Note to the Late Boss

Joe had enough of sticking to the rules when his tardy boss never turned up on time. He decided to leave this hand-written note on the storefront; the joke is that the longer it took his boss to turn up, the longer customer knew exactly why the doors were locked.

A note to a late bossinfotainworld

11. The Perfect Gift

Tom “T-Bone” Amellino gave his boss this gift and bid his company farewell to move on to bigger and brighter things. I hope he finds it at the end of that rainbow.

The perfect giftcanyouactually

12. Seen as She’s Already Been Labelled Ms. Inconsistent

Living up to their title, this anonymous employee decides to give her boss a little feedback after she received some unfair remarks herself. The sub-quote adds salt to an already open wound but is super funny.

Ms. InconsistentChannel 42

13. A Vicious Circle 

This blogger is clearly unhappy in her position and is resigning for her bosses “own good”. This has to be one of the most bizarre resignation letters you’ll ever come across.

vicious circleChannel 42

14. The Worst Receipt Ever

Who needs paper when you have a receipt? Andrew wastes no time and writes his angry letter to his 'drunk boss' on a receipt before he walks out of his job for good.

worst receipt everrealclear

15. Take it to Twitter

Although Twitter has been popular for getting people fired, the most creative have actually used it the other way around. Sun Microsystems’ CEO Jonathan Schwartz took to Twitter to explain why he was leaving. Norwegian opinion editor Heidi Lunde also used Twitter to announce her resignation, stating that she was cleaning out her desk and preparing for new challenges. Way to go guys!

Take it to Twitterthugvirals

16. The Apologetic Employee

This worker was clearly going through a rough time and pushed to the brink by an unsympathetic employer. He/she decided to write their passive aggressive resignation letter with immediate effect.

apologetic employeeImgur

17. Dance It Out

Moe’s Grill’s manager decided that it was time to quit his demanding job by dancing it off to “Ice, Ice, Baby” on the restaurant’s counter. The way he did this was by ripping his shirt off to reveal the message, ‘I quit’. Along with his two buddies, he managed to pull off an awesome dance routine and comedy show that all the diners clearly enjoyed.

18. The Quitting Game

This computer programmer went to the effort of creating his own version of Super Mario and turned it into a resignation letter. Every time Super Mario grabbed a mushroom, the message ‘I Quit’ appeared on screen. Genius or what?

quitting gameThe Mirror

19. A Sliding Exit

After 20 years as a flight attendant, Steve Slater has had enough. His fuse blew after dealing with an unruly passenger who refused to apologise. This left Steve in a frazzled state announcing his early retirement on the intercom before grabbing some beers and peacing out down the evacuation chute. The authorities were not amused with Steve's stunt and he was arrested not long after arriving home and presumably drinking those beers.

20. The Ultimate Hacker

If you are known for your hacking skills, then why not put them to use creating something meaningful like a resignation error-window? This smart tech-guy even gave his boss a choice between renegotiating terms for a better offer, talking to HR, learning more about his dissatisfaction, and completely ignoring the message and forever parting ways.

  ultimate hackerThe Mirror

21. She’s a Goner

When a sleep-deprived employee found herself still at work at 4.30 am, something inside her snapped. Marina Shifrin decided to set up cameras all over the office and create her personal video to Kanye West’s “gone” song. The scrolling text that accompanied was brilliant. That’s definitely one way to make an exit.

22. Marching to the Beat of His Own Drum

Joey DeFrancesco put on a real show to quit his job at the Renaissance Providence Hotel due to poor working conditions. I think everyone was impressed,apart from his boss.

23. The Accapella Way

This personal assistant had so much dirt on her boss, she couldn’t wait to call him out in front of the whole office in this clever and creative video. It must have helped the rest of her colleagues combat the Monday blues!

24. Do What You Love

Kevin Nalty, a consumer product director at Merck Pharmaceuticals, quit his job to become a comedian. He did it by producing a funny video to send to his boss – seems like good practice to me.

25. Who Needs a Piece of Paper?

This guy wrote his short resignation on a tissue and then decided to post it on his personal Instagram account. I guess he was super proud of his lack of creativity…

who needs paperInstagram

Although these letters are hilarious, they might not be remembered for the right reason. You should quit your job gracefully and write a professional resignation letter and always keep a good relationship with your previous employer – you never know when you’ll need a good reference!



What did you think of these funny letters? Have you come across any others that you would like to share in the comment section below…

This article was originally published in August 2015.