35 Ridiculously Funny Resignation Letters

If you feel like quitting, maybe you shouldn't follow these resignation examples...

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Person holding a large, funny resignation letter

Have you ever been on the brink of saying “enough is enough!” and walking out of work? Everyone has those days. However, for some, quitting their job wasn’t just a daydream.

These 35 employees were pushed to the point of no return. The result? A hilarious assortment of resignation letters.

If you’re having a bad day at work, these resignation letters will certainly cheer you up!

1. A colorful freelancer

You’d think that this multi-colored letter was written by a five-year-old, but this magnificent crayon creation is actually Cat Sacdalen’s genuine resignation letter.

I’m not so confident she managed to get some freelance work, though!

Colourful Resignation LetterChannel 42

2. Aye, aye, captain!

This email seems like a regular sample resignation letter, until it suddenly takes an unexpected turn, with the employee announcing that they’ve decided to become a full-time pirate. They even mention that they’re currently accepting job applications for a first mate!

I’m not sure if this is genuine or a practical joke, but it definitely deserves a place on our list of funny resignation letters!

Aye aye, captain!Comedy Central

3. Flushed out

Luke’s rude but amusing resignation letter was clearly planned during his time on the toilet. He even makes a clever pun in his letter — written on a sheet of toilet paper — and announces he’s flushing his boss out of his life!

Flushing you out of my lifeImgur

4. The sweetest resignation letter

Chris Holmes, aka Mr Cake, may have written the tastiest resignation letter in history when he quit his job at Stansted Airport to pursue his dream of opening his own bakery. His smart farewell letter was not only a sweet touch but also a great way to promote his business.

Cake resignation letterComedy Central

5. An angry note

This employee obviously had enough of his boss Frank standing around talking all the time that he ended up scribbling his thoughts down in a handwritten note.

Angry resignation letterDakotacorns

6. Sorry for your loss

Todd was thoughtful enough to get his boss a card and wish them his condolences. The occasion? His resignation. That is definitely a great alternative use for a greeting card!

Sorry for your loss greeting cardReddit

7. A vicious cycle

This employee decided to quit their job because they didn’t have time to blog and went on to explain the negative effects this would have on the company.

This must be one of the most bizarre resignation letters you’ll ever come across.

Vicious cycle resignation letterChannel 42

8. The worst receipt ever

Who needs paper when you have a receipt to scribble your resignation on? Andrew here certainly didn’t! The rude letter even calls his boss a “drunk pig” and includes a custom checkbox asking his boss not to contact him.

Receipt resignation letterrealclear

9. Jurassic work

The artist behind this masterpiece used the back of a receipt to pen out their resignation letter accompanied by a picture of a dinosaur.

Is normal paper going extinct?

Dinosaur drawing resignation letterImgur

10. One pint of resignation, please!

This self-proclaimed “socially awkward” employee broke the news to his boss in the best way possible: with beer.

I guess you could say he made his resignation a little more beer-able!

Beer bottle resignation letterSchoolinu via Instagram

11. Rock ‘n’ roll out of work

Eric’s resignation letter might be messy, but it certainly gets the job done. And I bet his boss indeed never has seen a resignation letter with a Van Halen logo on it before!

Van Halen resignation letterGuff

12. Gonna hafta resign

Tom’s resignation letter isn’t exactly what you’d expect from an ex-employee of Bank of America. I bet Doug wasn’t very impressed with his messy penmanship and wobbly vocabulary, either.

Gonna hafta resign resignation lettersweetroundhousekick via Imgur

13. Have a swell day

This employee wasn’t having a good day. First, a drunk coworker attacked them and then the boss refused to fire them because they didn’t want to cover their shift. So, this disgruntled employee took matters into their own hands.

Seems like their boss will have to cover that shift after all!

Drunk employee resignation letterReddit

14. A symbolic message

There was definitely some thought put into this resignation letter. Indeed, the symbolic use of toilet paper perfectly captures the person’s feelings about their ex-employer and definitely gets their message across.

Toilet paper resignation letterImgur

15. That’s life, eh?

This anonymous employee decided to give their boss some feedback after receiving some unfair remarks. Their unapologetic letter is topped off with an even funnier yet rude final remark, which adds even more salt to the wound.

Inconsistent resignation letterPleated Jeans

16. Mic drop

Elizabeth wanted to drop the mic after quitting her job, and although you can’t really do a mic drop in a handwritten letter, she definitely found a creative way around it.

Mic drop drawing resignation letterAbsolutely Connected

17. Loud and clear

This audacious resignation letter gets the message across loud and clear. But just because this employee quit their job, it doesn’t mean that they’re missing out on the office Christmas party!

Christmas party resignation letterReddit

18. The last hurrah

The writer of this resignation letter seems to be channelling their inner Shakespeare. Their intentions behind the letter only become clear with the phrase “the end of all ends to my employment”, cutting his eloquent prose short, and bringing the reader back to reality.

The last hurrah resignation letterImgur

19. Mass exodus

The owners of this store were left scratching their heads after their entire team decided to quit. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson!

Mass exodus resignation letterOctopussSevenTwo via Imgur

20. A star is gone

Despite calling herself a “quitter”, Bella seems to be pretty confident about her decision, as her self-portrait also illustrates.

Gringo’s resignation letter@issbss1 via Twitter

21. Less is more

In order to get their last paycheck, this employee had to deliver an official resignation letter to their ex-manager. The empty page speaks volumes of how they felt about their job…

Untitled resignation letterReddit

22. Groundhog Day

What starts off as a seemingly serious resignation letter progressively turns into an entertaining account of Simon’s experiences at his company. His criticism isn’t short of colorful similes and metaphors, which make his points both hilarious but also brutally honest. Meanwhile, his final remarks are the cherry on top of this funny letter!

Groundhog Day resignation letterImgur

23. Farewell to the reader

Much like the other employee’s “last hurrah”, this resignation letter sounds like it was written in an alternate universe. But despite the cheeky tone, it seems like the writer behind it had good intentions and probably gave their boss a laugh.

Farewell resignation letterReddit

24. A poetic resignation

This employee wanted their resignation to have a poetic ending — quite literally. With a simple series of rhyming couplets, they explain their reasons for leaving to their boss, in the hope that they won’t be cross (see what I did there?).

I’m sure that this resignation poem softened the blow.

Poetic resignation letterImgur

25. Stunningly honest

Spencer’s resignation letter is as honest as it is entertaining. Indeed, he doesn’t hold back as he describes his bad experience at the job, calling his ex-manager a “devil in disguise” whose sole purpose was to make his life difficult.

I can’t say that I blame him walking out.

Honest resignation letterImgur

26. Master of metaphors

Judging by the pen strokes in the signature that convey the same sense of freedom as the V-shaped birds, Scott is feeling good after resigning.

Funny resignation letterBuzzfeed

27. Have you ever not bothered so hard?

This is one of the best resignation letters we’ve seen. This company’s “one and only copywriter” didn’t even hint at the reasons behind their resignation. They let a paragraph of placeholder text do the talking instead, and, despite revealing nothing about the quitting situation, it speaks volumes.

Lorem Ipsum funny resignationBoredPanda

28. Pun will fix it

Though spelling errors make funny resignation letters even more amusing, we suggest carefully checking your own resignation letter for mistakes when the time comes. Having said that, this e-commerce manager’s “two weeks” pun more than makes up for it, as far as we’re concerned.

Funny resignation - "twix" noticeBoredPanda

29. Light the way

Aromatherapy candles can help lower stress levels, improve sleep quality, and treat headaches. We imagine that all these benefits will come in handy for the recipient of this gift — possibly a manager or boss left with yet another gap in their team.

Candle resignationBoredPanda

30. Doctor’s orders

It’s never wise to argue with your doctor. Especially when they prescribe a high dose of “quit your job”, a remedy that’s become incredibly popular around the world during the “Great Resignation”. The top reasons for this include a lack of work-life balance, low pay, and unhealthy work environments.

Or, as this person has put it, millions of workers globally are “tired as s––”.


31. The cheeky one

Have you been wanting to write a resignation letter but not gotten around to it yet? Well, you can keep it short and sweet, like this one. It’s by no means the most eloquent resignation letter we’ve seen, but it gets the message across.

Funny resignation Reddit

32. Contemporary art

They say one picture is worth a thousand words, and Tom’s is a pretty epic picture. So, what should we comment on first? The flying vacuum cleaner? The rainbow trail it leaves behind? The celestial background implying he is traveling to the other side of the galaxy just to get away from this company?

Funny resignation pictureBuzzfeed

33. Bye, hun!

Uh-oh, it looks like Jordan messed up. However, we admire this person’s persevering enthusiasm and positivity, indicated by all those exclamation points and the little smiley face. They deserve better and they know it.

Funny resignation letterBouncy Mustard

34. Simply tee-rrific

Though more of a visual representation than a letter, this employee handed in their notice in a very creative way. The imagery is powerful, unambiguous, and relatable — many of us have dreamed of golf-swinging our meaningless jobs or bad bosses away at one point or other.

Funny golf resignationBoredPanda

35. Sir Learned-a-lot

In a list of brutally honest and sarcastic resignation letters (in their varying forms), this one takes the prize. This employee sounds fed up beyond redemption — and for good reason, it seems. The faster they walk out that door, the better!

Funny resignation letterBoredPanda

Final thoughts

You might be tempted to take a page out of these employees’ books, but it would probably be more sensible to keep your sentiments to yourself.

Making a grand exit from work might sound like a good idea, but it’s crucial to quit your job gracefully with a professional resignation letter. After all, you never know when you’ll need a reference!

What did you think of these funny letters? Do you have any other humorous work stories of your own? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published in August 2015. Updated by Electra Michaelidou.