20 Bad Boss Memes that Will Make Your Day

Take a break and have a giggle at these bad boss memes!

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Funny angry bass yelling at a employees meme

Bad bosses can make life at work a living nightmare.

Fortunately, their antics — from setting ridiculously high expectations and making the most irrational demands — often make great material for funny work memes.

After all, sometimes the best way to deal with a bad boss is with a little bit of humor.

Here are 30 of the most relatable bad boss memes to lighten up the situation.

1. The hypocritical boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Welcome to our happy, closely knit family. Please be sure to call me “Sir”.’quickmeme

You got lured into this job with the promise of a flat hierarchy. It seems your boss thinks otherwise — apologies, I mean Mr Boss!

2. The selfish boss

Bad boss meme: ‘I see you’re hard at work on that project I gave you. Here’s more work. I’m leaving for the day.’FAIL Blog / Cheezburger

You start your day early with the promise of getting all your tasks done and leaving on time, but it turns out your boss has other plans for you. Meanwhile, off they go two hours before closing time!

3. The micromanager

Bad boss meme: ‘Yeah, if you could go ahead and not tell me how to do my job, that’d be great.’Meme Guy

Being told how to do your job really isn’t fun. If your boss is a serial micromanager, then you’ll definitely know what we’re talking about. You probably find yourself wondering: “Was I hired to do this job or to be told how to do this job?”. Don’t ask your boss for the answer — they’ll probably tell you anyway.

4. The inconsiderate boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Beautiful day, huh? Meeting at 5.’quickmeme

Who doesn’t want their day to end with a 5pm meeting? Shockingly, a lot of people who don’t want to stay confined within four walls for an extra hour! Mr Boss, it seems, didn’t get the memo on the whole work-life balance thing.

5. The ungrateful boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Thank you for all of your hard work. We are going to reward you by giving other people’s work to finish.’Someecards

Ah, yes. You would love to help by doing other people’s tasks and wasting your time in the process! A simple “Good job!” would have also sufficed. Is that too much to ask?

6. The evil boss

Bad boss meme: ‘We’ll ask for estimates and then treat them as deadlines.’quickmeme

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Just when you think your boss is flexible with your workflow, they tower over your cubicle demanding that unfinished report. In your boss’s mind, it turns out that “estimate” and “deadline” are synonymous. Lesson learned.

7. The demanding boss

Bad boss meme: ‘I would let you leave early but I just though up 20 random tasks I need you to complete.’quickmeme

Nothing can send you running to the hills like when your boss gives you more tasks just as you’re about to call it a day. Especially on days when you’re counting down the minutes until you get off work, the last thing you need is a pile of paperwork that, according to your boss, simply cannot wait until tomorrow!

8. The incompetent boss

Bad boss meme: ‘I’d tell my boss to go jump in a lake, but he’d probably just delegate that to me too.’Bored Panda

For some reason, your boss thinks it’s okay to micromanage you while not doing any of their own tasks. To make matters even worse, they think it’s okay to micromanage you while you’re doing their tasks and they do zero work. The irony seems to be truly lost in them.

9. The dishonest boss

Bad boss meme: ‘I know it was your idea… But it was my idea to use your idea.’Bored Panda

While we’re on the subject, as you complete your boss’s tasks for them, they will probably be busy stealing your ideas and presenting them as their own. Some bosses truly are the worst, aren’t they?

10. The useless boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Shows you how to do your job “right”. Doesn’t even know how to do their job “right”.’Imgflip

It truly is frustrating when your incompetent boss is under the impression that they can do your job better than you, a trained professional in the field. What makes this situation even more irritating, however, is their complete obliviousness and conviction that they can, in fact, do your tasks!

11. The perfectionist

Bad boss meme: ‘We value independence in our employees. Now… Please justify everything you do every second that you’re here while we tell you that you did it wrong.’Me.Me

Constructive feedback is one thing, but strict guidelines are quite another. If your boss is a perfectionist who has a habit of controlling your work and monitoring your every move, then it explains why you’re here looking at bad boss memes.

12. The ignorant boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Hires nine women. Expects them to deliver nine babies in one month.’quickmeme

Women often face tremendous discrimination in the workplace, especially when it comes to taking maternity leave. Superiors often treat their female employees as liabilities and place unrealistic demands on them. Sorry, boss, but there’s no “Click and Collect” option for this one!

13. The proud boss

Bad boss meme: ‘One of us is wrong! And, since I’m the boss, it’s you!’Who’s Your Villain?

If your boss has a fragile ego, then you’ve probably found yourself in this familiar situation. Even if logic and evidence are on your side, being the boss, apparently, is enough validation to debunk any other arguments.

14. The sexist boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Your idea repeated by a guy. Your boss. You when you said your idea.’PowerToFly

This is a tale as old as time, and probably one that a lot of women can relate to. Dealing with sexism in the workplace is nothing new, and while it should not be tolerated, the least we can do is make a good meme out of it.

15. The egotistic boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Sorry, there’s no money for raises this year. Brags about his bonus.’Imgflip

While keeping employee morale up is a big priority for many companies, this doesn’t quite seem like a priority at your workplace. Well, unless you count the only person who got a bonus for the year.

16. The irrational boss

Bad boss meme: ‘You want instructions? Fired!’quickmeme

The main idea behind superior roles at the workplace is so that there’s someone who can guide, advise and instruct employees. If only this was true in most cases. Apparently, seeking help is a big no-no for your (ex) boss!

17. The arrogant boss

Bad boss meme: ‘My boss arrived at work in a brand new Lamborghini. I said, “Wow, that’s an amazing car!” He replied, “If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for excellence, I’ll get another one next year”.’Bored Panda

It truly is a slap in the face when your boss is reaping the benefits from your hard work. Meanwhile, you haven’t received a bonus or a “thank you”! The least they could do is give you a ride!

18. The absurd boss

Bad boss meme: ‘Tells you to do something. Next day – why did you do that?’quickmeme

One of the perks of being the boss is that you can blame other people for your mistakes. If you’re at the other end of this situation, however, that’s another story. It’s during these moments that you find yourself practising mindfulness and going to your happy place.

19. The uncharitable boss

Bad boss meme: ‘We’d love to promote you… but it’d be too hard to find a replacement.’Me.Me

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion for such a ludicrous reason? If so, you have the right to be upset. So, the problem of being too good at your job is that your boss doesn’t believe someone else can do it that well. The irony is strong with this one.

20. The worst boss of all

Bad boss meme: ‘Bosses be like: “You’re still coming to work, right?”’Funnyism

Some bosses have truly unrealistic expectations. Come rain or shine, they expect you to be at work ready for your shift, no matter the circumstances. But sometimes you can’t just move mountains to fulfil their wishes, especially if you’re in a full-body cast.

21. The overeager boss

Morning coffee - bad boss memeCareerAddict - Instagram

You slept through your alarm, stumbled out of bed, and pulled an inside-out T-shirt over your head. A virtual meeting invite certainly wasn’t the first notification you were hoping to receive.

22. The nonsensical boss

Html work memeCareerAddict - Instagram

Have you ever come across an entry-level job ad requiring 2–3 years of relevant work experience? We have, too. Make it make sense!

23. The willfully blind boss

Blindfold bad boss meme99memes

You type at the speed of light, respond to emails within minutes, and never miss your deadlines. But the moment you sneak a look at your social media, your boss appears out of thin air.

24. The spoiled boss

Boss email memeSomeecards

Typing out that task description and sending it over was more time-consuming than the task itself. Your boss claims to be all about efficiency, but this bit of evidence suggests otherwise!

25. The self-unaware boss

Flawed boss memeQuickmeme

A boss who’s unwilling to do a bit of self-reflection is a really, really bad boss. But if pinpointing other people’s flaws had a national championship, they would make it to the finals.

26. The crafty boss

Flexible job - bad boss memeBeMorePanda

You saw the words “flexible schedule” and decided to apply, dreaming of hybrid work and freedom. Yet during your first interview you’re told you can clock in any time — between 9:00 and 9:30am, that is.

27. The uninterested boss

Bad boss memeImgflip

This is one of the best boss memes we’ve seen, because it’s so true! How many times has your boss walked out on you faster than you could mumble “great, thank you”?

28. The indecisive boss

Bad boss - funny work memeImgflip

They ask for one thing, wait until you’re nearly done, then ask for something else. If you’re expecting that this time they’ll require no changes, your bad day at work is about to get worse.

29. The forever-late boss

Late boss - funny office memesImgflip

It’s been half an hour and your boss still has you waiting. You’re tired, you have a deadline, and your annoying coworker won’t stop talking about their favorite period drama… Just another day in that working life!

30. The totally unfunny boss

Bad boss - funny memesWork and Money

Ever heard your boss make a condescending remark and try to pass it off as a joke? The worst part is you can’t even call them out without risking it all.

Final thoughts

If your boss’s bad behavior is bringing you down, then take condolence in that you’re not alone and that, at the least, you can fight evil with the humorous power of memes!

Which meme reminds you of your boss the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published in May 2016 and contains contributions by Electra Michaelidou.