100 Funny Work Memes to Share with Your Coworkers

Need some LOLs? You’ve come to the right place.

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

Funny Work Memes

Heard of the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”? Though we may associate it with the tons of research that’s gone into the health benefits of humor in recent decades, as a notion it dates back thousands of years. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”, says the Book of Proverbs.

So, at a time of stress aplenty among adults, we could all use some extra laughter in our day-to-day. Where stress can be the predecessor of mental and physical health issues, laughter can be the tonic that keeps us sane and well.

Without delay, let’s get into our compilation of the top 100 work-related memes on the internet.

May the giggles be with you!

1. Existential crisis

Driving to work memeReader’s Digest

Do you know this feeling? We know this feeling. The Monday blues feel incurable sometimes!

2. Mental resignation

Then vs now work memeBored Panda

If your boss isn’t trying to impress you, why should you do it for them?

3. My webcam broke

Bathroom camera memeThe Interview Guys via Pinterest

“Sorry, I really can’t get this darned thing to work. Yes, I did try turning it off and on again.”

4. Um… Thanks?

Pizza party memeartoriasabyswalker via Reddit

Pizza once a month isn’t “benefits”. How about healthcare?

5. Dear work gods…

Report work gods memeReader’s Digest

“I know I should have worked on the report instead of scrolling on my phone, but please do me this one favor. I’ll never ask for anything again.”

6. Commuter at heart

Subway memeTechnicalStruggle7 via Reddit

Working from home is awesome, but it does get lonely. So lonely you start missing getting sandwiched between sweaty strangers.

7. Don’t talk to me

Work besties memeReader

You forgot your headphones at home. Again. And now this is what you have to endure. Good luck, child.

8. Gifted

Sleeping interview memeThe Interview Guys via Pinterest

Know your strengths and don’t let anyone give you less than what you’re worth. You hear?

9. Margaritas, anyone?

Feel like getting drunk memeDG K via Pinterest

In your defense, 9am is only 3 hours away from 12pm, which is midday, which is close to… Oh, forget it. It’s nighttime in Australia.

10. Why so slow?

Work for 7 hours memeBored Panda

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. And you don’t look like you’re having any fun.

11. Hobbyist

Hobbies outside work memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Some people go on hikes, do yoga, play chess, knit hats, brew beer, lift weights… Others whine and drink wine.

12. Who said you could speak?

Long meeting memeBored Panda

Seriously. Some people are so inconsiderate! Now you’re going to be late to lying-on-the-couch- hugging-a-bag-of-Flamin’-Hot-Cheetos-watching-TikToks.

13. Unamused

Relaxing weekend memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

If by “relaxing” they mean “recovering from work”, then sure you are!

14. Right in the feels

Afford a vacation memeBored Panda

The truth hurts. But your savings account hurts even more.

15. Farewell

Start a new life memeBored Panda

New day, same old debate. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign you should go for it.

16. Eye twitch

Burning rage memeThe Interview Guys via Pinterest

“Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know!”

17. Busy day

Busy day memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Disclaimer: We do not endorse work gossip. (But we won’t tell anyone that you do it, either.)

18. Mental breakdown who?

Mental breakdown memeThe Interview Guys via Pinterest

Compose yourself. We heard that bosses can smell fear.

19. Just do it

Devil on your shoulder memeReader’s Digest

Sometimes, the devil on your shoulder just wants what’s best for you.

20. Five more minutes

Alarm clock memeThe Interview Guys via Pinterest

Honestly, how much more can a person take? Just know you’re not alone.

21. Barbenheimer

Barbenheimer memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

An accurate representation of how everyone’s 2023 is going.

22. Hit the floor

Falling off chair memeBest Life

Newton’s law says that, although gravity is meant to be the same everywhere, it’s somehow stronger at work.

23. Millennials

Retirement age memeAmanda Stratton via Pinterest

Indeed, we second that. Fingers crossed!

24. Escape

Escape key memeBored Panda

Maybe you should take that keyboard back to the shop and ask for a refund.

25. Oh, the horror!

Wednesday not Friday memeYellow Octopus

Why does time start to move so peculiarly every time you set your foot through the office door?

26. Guilty

Sharing secrets with your bestie memeReader’s Digest

You hit “Send” and then you sit there waiting for your work buddy to notice.

27. Well, both

Annoying memeAmanda Stratton via Pinterest

If you had a penny for every time someone annoyed you at work, what faraway resort would you be holidaying in right now?

28. WDYM?

One more thing memeReader

What do they mean “one more thing”? Do they not know you mentally clocked out six hours ago?

29. Generational differences

Fax memeBored Panda

Why don’t we smoke-signal each other from the rooftops?

30. Priorities

BuzzFeed quiz memeBored Panda

When you told the hiring manager you were good at prioritizing, this is what you meant.

31. Too bad

Calling for help on vacation memeCoworkers Memes via Pinterest

“I said you could reach out to me any time. Not that I would respond.”

32. Job title: Memelord

Quitting our jobs memeJob Memes via Pinterest

Is it just us, or do the best workplace memes all seem to involve Kim Kardashian?

33. Uncurable case of boredom

Bored at work memeBored Panda

Do you ever get so bored of being bored that this is what you resort to?

34. Double standards

5 minutes late memeBored Panda

We suppose nobody said that life was fair…

35. Well done

Made it memeReader

You deserve a raise for that as far as we’re concerned.

36. Wednesday

Wednesday memeFriday

Lucky for you, sarcasm isn’t a criminal offense.

37. Where’s the “skip” button?

Come home from work memeBored Panda

When you’re in a codependent relationship with your bed.

38. Wow, so funny, bro

Funny manager memeReader’s Digest

So, your boss thinks they’re hilarious. Except they aren’t. But you can’t show them that, because money and stuff.

39. The circle of life

Emotionally prepare for work memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

You need a job to financially afford therapy to emotionally afford a job.

40. Not again

Get paid enough memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Did you know that the signs of an unhealthy work environment include chronic facepalming?

41. Up in flames

World burning memeFriday

Do you ever look at your manager and think “Why on Earth would anyone put this person in charge”?

42. Life hack

Avoid stress at work meme9 to 5 Life via Facebook

This is the type of content that makes us grateful that the internet exists.

43. Brutally honest

Afford food meme9 to 5 Life via Facebook

“I find that having a roof over my head really motivates me.”

44. Send help

OK memeBored Panda via Pinterest

When someone emails you and says “I hope this email finds you well!”

45. I’m fine

Work is slowly breaking you memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

“Yeah, all good here, thanks! Just dandy!”

46. Heck, no

Don’t cry memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

What to do… Not all coworkers are created equal.

47. No, thanks

Hang after work memeReader

“No offense, Ben, but I really would rather we didn’t.”

48. How exciting

Team drama memeReader’s Digest

You keep saying you’re not interested in drama, but you’re not fooling anyone.

49. I’m out

Leave work early memeBeauty Alley via Pinterest

Oh, how simpler life would be if you could just say “I don’t like it here, that’s all”!

50. Bad vibes

Negative thoughts memeBored Panda via Pinterest

It’s amazing how some work environments are so toxic that they drain all positive emotions right out of you.

51. Run!

Friday at work memeReader’s Digest

When the only form of exercise you do is running away from the office as fast as possible.

52. Ew

Zoom meeting memeReader

“Can you, like, slow down? I haven’t even had my Venti Caramel Crunch Frappuccino yet.”

53. RIP

Wish I was dead memeBored Panda

Okay, so it just got dark, but you’ll have to excuse us. This meme really made us laugh!

54. Math problem

One hour from now memeBored Panda

The real reason we’re taught arithmetic when we’re young.

55. Where is the chaos?

That’s suspicious memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

When things at work are a little too good and you can’t trust that.

56. Surprise!

Pumped up for work memeRicotta

“Remember me? I’m that super urgent thing you were supposed to submit last week.”

57. The return

Hurt again memeRicotta

Who decided that vacations can’t last forever? And how do we file a complaint?

58. Kermit said it

Kermit memeBROSIX

Thank you, Kermit, for putting into words what the rest of us were too scared to.

59. Need a minute

Need a minute memeBROSIX

You know you do it. We know you do it. You know we do it!

60. Please calm down

Relax memeBROSIX

Hustle culture really isn’t for everyone.

61. Day ruined

Beautiful day memeRicotta

Time to request a new manager, don’t you think?

62. Can you read?

Original email memeRicotta

“If you don’t know what ‘to read’ means, it’s that magic thing your brain does when your eyes look at words.”

63. It never ends

Tomorrow memeReader’s Digest

Remind us who set the retirement age so high again?

64. It’s me, Clown!

Clown memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Well… It’s funny ’cause it’s true. (Seriously though: if you’re not appreciated despite your best efforts, you may want to hand in your resignation and find a better boss.)

65. I need answers

Who hired you memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Seriously, you can spot poor leadership from a mile away.

66. Ingenious

Short meetings memeRicotta

Can someone make this a rule? Please?

67. White lies

Excuse not to go to work memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

What’s your go-to excuse for getting out of work? (Go on, we know you have one.)

68. WFH

Working from home footage memeReader

Be honest: is this the real reason you wanted to work remotely?

69. Not to sound dramatic…

Worst 8 hours of my life memeRicotta

Go on, send this to your work buddy. You know you want to!

70. Patience

Email memeRicotta

“I have not! But I will be faster next time! My bad!”

71. Me again!

Annoy coworkers memeBROSIX

“My one and only aspiration in life? To irritate everyone around me.”

72. For my next trick…

Annoying coworker memeRicotta

“Now you see me… And now you don’t!”

73. Going down

Same boat memeRicotta

Some leaders really seem to forget that their job is to steer the boat.

74. Keep it together!

Last email memeRicotta

Some days, it requires extra effort not to throw your email etiquette out the window.

75. The final straw

Today’s the day memeBored Panda via Pinterest

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

76. Red-handed

Breakroom memeLeukostrek via Pinterest

“I can neither confirm nor deny rumors about me drinking on the job.”

77. Naps are sacred

Nap memeCheezburger via Pinterest

Why is it that animated shows for kids are always so relatable for adults?

78. When you need a raise

Raise memeCheezburger via Pinterest

Asking for a raise can be quite uncomfortable. But if you’re long overdue one, you must try!

79. Telepathy

Lunch memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

You’re not true friends unless you can read each other’s poker faces perfectly.

80. Please come back

I miss you memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Not a day goes by where you don’t think about the one who got away.

81. No!

Never say no to a task memeBuzzFeed

That moment you realize that saying yes to everything can actually work against you and not in your favor…

82. Ain’t that the truth?

How many people work memeBuzzFeed

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one getting any work done? What’s that? All the time?

83. Who’s with us?

Modern seances memeBuzzFeed

Virtual meetings are the bane of modern workers’ existence.

84. Unsung heroes

Customer service memeOfficialworkmemes via Facebook

Customer-facing positions are hard. Some people seem to be on a mission to make them harder!

85. It’s happening!

Work limits memeCheezburger

You have been quiet too long. There’s no turning back.

86. Expectations

Lower your expectations memeCheezburger

“Lower your expectations or increase my salary, then.”

87. Evil Queen

Disney evil queens memeCheezburger

The best conspiracy theory we’ve heard in a long time. Disney must know something!

88. YOLO

Late once memeBored Panda

You’re Only Late Once. Might as well go grab that coffee anyway! Just try not to sleep through your alarm again tomorrow.

89. Let it out

Hardest adjustment memeBored Panda

Technically speaking, Andrew, you could still scream.

90. It’s too much

Positive attitude memeBored Panda

Maintaining a positive attitude sure isn’t easy when you’re surrounded by rude, nosy or bossy colleagues!

91. Fun!

Office culture memeCheezburger

If you ask us, some companies could use a little help redefining that “great company culture” of theirs.

92. Be yourself…

Be yourself memeBored Panda

…But not too much. Please answer the phone when the hiring manager calls.

93. Mind the gap

Employment gap memeBored Panda

Maybe not the best way to discuss gaps in employment, but we like it.

94. Important questions

Big table memeBored Panda

When the meeting drags on a little too long and your brain gives up listening.

95. Goodbye, everyone

Extended lunch break memeBored Panda

“I’m taking a longer break today.”

“How long?”


96. We need to talk

Discussion memeBored Panda

If you’re having problems at work, we suggest you speak up. Before your list reaches the floor!

97. Error

No motivation memeCheezburger

Motivation not found! Does anyone have some to spare?

98. Poof, gone!

Saving money memeCheezburger

Okay, so maybe personal finance has never been your strong suit. But you could at least try!

99. Seen it all before

First time memeCheezburger

And you’re just dying to say: “Oh, hello! You must be new here!”

100. Blink of an eye

Weekends memeBored Panda

We don’t know about you, but we think three-day workweeks should be the standard. Let AI take care of the rest!

Final thoughts

There we have it: the 100 funniest work memes we could find. If this list tells us anything, it’s that employees need good leaders, fair compensation, a healthy work–life balance and a big support system to thrive in the workplace. (And that if you’re not careful as a boss, you will get turned into a meme.)

We hope you have enjoyed our little meme collection. Do you have any more work-related memes to share with us? Feel free to do so in the comments section below.