The 30 Funniest Résumés and Job Applications We’ve Ever Seen

We can’t stop laughing at these résumés!

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

Funniest résumés

When looking for a job, you want to make sure you have a powerful résumé that grabs the hiring manager’s attention. Some jobseekers, though, take it a little too far and end up standing out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons.

We jumped down the internet rabbit hole in search of some of those résumés and job applications that — whether intentionally or not — had hiring managers (and us) rolling on the floor laughing.

There were hundreds of candidates for this list, but we narrowed it down to 30. So, without further ado, here are the funniest résumés and job applications you might not want to replicate.

1. The excellent communicator

I mean, kudos to his sky-high ego, but apart from being a comedian, he hasn’t demonstrated any transferable skills that will get him hired.

Funny and excellent communicator resumedavewaughtattoos

2. The drug dealer

This applicant is brutally honest… maybe too honest! It goes from bad to worse from no education to running a “marijuana delivery service”. It’s clear he has some sales skills, but not the type you’d want in a professional establishment!

Drug dealer funny résuméNethernoir

3. The self-loving actor

Is this really a résumé, a hilarious joke or a meme even? If one picture wasn’t enough, Daryl decided to share three. The fact that he was cast as a rapist is slightly alarming too!

The Self-loving Actor hilarious résumésomeecards

4. A teen with a good sense of humor

This funny teen actually bagged himself a job at McDonald’s with his awesome and honest answers.

Good sense of humour résuméredstarresume

5. Simply the best

This devilishly handsome candidate thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. He’s definitely brave for responding to a job application like this.

Funny brave résumédorkly

6. Or, you know… Whatever

I mean, who else wouldn’t be impressed by an applicant with cat-like reflexes, a horse-like laugh and a large appetite?!

Funniest real résuméworldwideinterweb

7. The boss

A self-proclaimed boss who is good at nearly everything, but has no work experience or education — who wouldn’t want to take the risk and hire this stud muffin?

The Boss funny résuméworldwideinterweb

8. What an interesting hobby!

Brad had been sending out his résumé with this interesting hobby listed on it for a while before he realized that his friend had written it as a joke. Brad, my friend… you got punked!

Masturbation on résuméaccolo

9. The zero f*cks guy

Although many of us give zero f*cks from time to time, it’s probably not the best idea to list it on your résumé…

Swearing funny résumécanyouactually

10. Is he for real?

It has to be a practical joke; from the bad picture to the jail time story. I’m a little scared just reading his résumé, let alone meeting Mr Santangelo.

Scary but funny résuméPinterest

11. Ms Desperation

Besides the poorly written résumé full of typos, nothing screams “desperate” more than “HIRE ME” written all over the bottom of this ridiculous résumé.

Hire me desperation funny résuméworldwideinterweb

12. Job for the summer

Despite the obvious punctuation and typographical issues, this young teen “with a good soul” only wants a job for the summer. What a real go-getter!

Funny summer job résuméBuzzFeed

13. Simplicity is key

I’m not quite sure that the direct approach here will get this candidate the job. Any thoughts?

Simple but funny CVaccolo

14. Nicolas Cage

So cringe! This candidate attached a funny picture of Nicolas Cage instead of her actual résumé! Always remember to proofread and ensure your attachments are the correct ones!

Nicolas Cage funny résumé mistakenews.avclub

15. The c*ck

What a funny c*ck-up of a résumé. It’s safe to say that this is one way you shouldn’t apply for a catering position.

Funny Major Typo on Résumésf.eater

16. Rude!

Someone teach this applicant some manners, please! I’m all for a bit of light banter, but this is the worst résumé I have ever seen. It’s outright rude and obnoxious.

rude and funny CVsomeecards

17. The devil wears what?

If you’re going to reference a film, it’s probably best that you double-check the title first. I’ve never heard of Devil Wears Prague — have you?

Funny movie typos on résuméworldwideinterweb

18. The distraction

Clearly, this candidate’s filter from brain to paper sucks. Although hilarious, his ego will clearly be a distraction to his personal work.

Funny ego résumébusinessinsider

19. References unavailable

Funny how this résumé wasn’t burnt in the fire too…

Funny References on RésuméBuzzFeed

20. Monkey business

Was this made by a 10-year-old with WordArt? This example will leave an outstanding impression, but maybe not the best one.

Silly word art font on résuméHuffington Post

21. Google autocomplete

We’ve all had situations with predictive text in the past, right? Well, this person decided to let Google write his résumé for him. Don’t get us wrong: it’s a funny résumé, but it doesn’t really show many skills other than creativity and a sense of humor.

Google Autocomplete funny résuméMy Modern Met

22. The death certificate

Wow. This guy really wanted the job. So much so that he kept an eye on the obituary and sent the deceased person’s death certificate in with his application as proof there was an open position. I can’t see him getting the job, as it’s a bit callous, if you ask me.

Death certificate funny résuméPinterest

23. The GoT and Stranger Things expert

This isn’t a great example of a graduate résumé, so try not to take inspiration from it. Clearly, this person is a TV connoisseur, though, because they’re both great shows.

Game of Thrones and Stranger Things expert funny résuméCheezburger

24. Pandemic résumé

I think we can all relate to certain things on this résumé (for me, it was the “staring into the void” listed in the skills section). The pandemic was a weird time, but at least this person has thoughtfully gathered examples of things they did and learned during it (and created the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!).

Pandemic funny résuméyankeedime via Reddit

25. Batman

It seems that Bruce Wayne applied for a hospitality position, and even noted his desired salary as “justice”. I think this is a joke, but if it wasn’t, I don’t think his application will have gone far.

Batman funny job applicationHosweyStizo via Reddit

26. Insert text here

If you’re using a template when writing your résumé, make sure you delete any placeholder text like “text here”. While it might not be detrimental, it shows a complete lack of attention to detail.

Insert text here funny résuméImgur

27. The race and sex change

This is one résumé mistake that Marissa won’t ever forget. In a similar fashion to the entry above, this person decided to use a résumé template. If your template has a picture, make sure you update the stock photo to a picture of yourself, or it could lead to some confusion when you’re invited to an interview. Can you imagine their faces when she walked in?!

Race and sex change funny résuméMetro

28. The wild bear fighter

If the company is wanting someone brave and courageous, then this person gets a big fat tick. Who else do you know who is willing to fight a bear?

Wild bear fighter funny résuméHuffPost

29. A typical teenager

Well, this would definitely stand out on the résumé pile — if it was real, that is. This girl’s father decided to create a résumé for her and let’s just say it didn’t highlight many positive skills — including “giving out all clients [sic] information to fraudsters” and “chopping colleagues [sic] toes off with a spade”. Ouch!

Typical teenager funny résuméDaily Mail Online

30. Dungeons and Dragons

If you’re an avid gamer, you might wonder how you can use these skills to get a job. Well, here’s a great (and funny) example of how you can show the skills you learned from playing D&D. You’re welcome.

Dungeons and dragons funny résuméCosmicPeach via Imgur

Final thoughts

While some of these résumés might be inadvertently (or even intentionally) funny, they definitely wouldn’t make it to the next stage of the hiring process. With a little under 30 seconds to impress hiring managers, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward — if, that is, you’re serious about your job search. So, whatever you do, don’t take a page out of these jobseekers’ book!

Have you come across any other funny résumés on the internet, or have you ever submitted an application that hilariously went wrong? We want to hear from you in the comments section below!

Originally published on September 30, 2015. Updated by Hayley Ramsey.