The 12 Best Résumé Templates to Help You Land the Job

Want to secure a job? Make your CV or résumé shine by following these well structured templates.

Best Résumé Templates

Crafting an impressive résumé can be quite a long process. Not only do you have to write up and organise all the relevant and necessary information, but you also need to make it look visually appealing.

The content of your résumé can be a determining factor for your job application’s success. However, the way you present that content could set your application apart from the rest of the competition. And that’s where résumé templates come in!

Not only are they an easy way to structure your résumé, but they can also help you stand out from the crowd. Convinced? The only thing that’s left to do is find a template that fits the part.

There’s an endless list of options but, lucky for you, this guide will help you find the best résumé template for your career!

1. Creative

Creative résumé templateAlessia Curcio via Behance

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There isn’t a specific format that can fit everyone’s needs. While traditional résumé formats dictate a straightforward and simple style, there are many jobs where you can get away with a much more creative résumé.

The visual elements of this template make it ideal for jobs in the creative sector. Its captivating colour tones and smart graphics are a perfect way to emphasise your skills, interests and experience while grabbing the reader’s attention.

If you want your résumé to capture your personality and brand, a creative template such as this one is the way to go about it!

2. Clean

Clean résumé templateCreativeLandStudio via Etsy

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If you’re looking for a subtle and elegant résumé idea, this template might be better suited for your needs. A key feature in this template is the side column which highlights important information in a neat, organised manner.

Its minimalist résume design will bring attention to your experience section, and its clean-cut spacing encapsulates each paragraph neatly. This allows you to include a detailed work history without it looking too crowded.

3. Timeline

Timeline CV and résumé templateZohan Habib via Behance

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A timeline résumé is definitely a fun and alternative structure. Employers must often go through a lot of applications for a single role. By presenting all the information that makes you an ideal candidate in an easily digestible format, you will be able to stand out from a sea of long-winded résumés.

This free template will give your résumé a clean and concise look. Its simple layout and linear structure not only make it unusual and attractive but also extremely memorable!

4. Modern

Modern résumé templateResumeAngels via Etsy

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If you want to give your CV or résumé a modern look, this template perfect to get you started. While some might not consider presentation to be a determining factor for a successful application, a visually aesthetic résumé could leave a lasting impression on recruiters.

The template’s layout allows plenty of room to include your work experience and exhibit your skills. Meanwhile, its subtle colour palette gives it a pop of colour, while its elegant fonts tie everything together.

5. Infographic

Infographic CV and résumé templateFernando Báez via Behance

Using graphics to illustrate your skills is a smart move. The résumé’s vertical design, bright colour palette and clean visuals give it an attractive layout that can neatly sum up your skills and achievements.

If you’re looking for jobs in graphic design, programming or web development, for example, using an infographic résumé can be particularly useful – but be cautious about it. As it is a graphics-based résumé, a company’s applicant tracking system might not pick up on important keywords and, as a result, discard your application. However, if you’ll be emailing your résumé directly to the hiring team, you’re good to go.

6. Medical

Medical résumé templateCareerAddict

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As a medical professional, your résumé will have to encompass a range of different information. It’s important, then, that you present everything in a systemised way.

This résumé template is ideal for displaying your qualifications and experience in an orderly fashion. Plus, the dash of colour makes the layout much livelier, while the colour blocks help to visually organise information in neat segments.

7. Student

Student résumé templateCreateer Team via Behance

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At first glance, this might seem like a bold choice, but if you’re in the hunt for a job in a creative industry, this shouldn’t stop you. Indeed, what better way to get a creative job than with a creative résumé? This poster-style template is definitely up for the task.

Even if you have limited experience, especially as a student, this template’s tilted layout optimises the available space. Plus, its dual colour tone makes the information pop and draws the reader’s attention, while its bold headings emphasise each section. Undoubtedly, you’ll be a memorable candidate in a pool of standardised résumés.

8. Playful

Playful résumé templateMartina Cavalieri via Behance

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This wonderfully creative (and free!) template is ideal if you want to add more visual elements in your résumé. The blue frame makes the contents pop, while the illustrations make the résumé all the more interesting.

A résumé template such as this one will not only showcase your skills and experience but also capture your personality and character. So, if you think this is the one, go ahead!

9. Entry Level

Entry-level résumé templateJoblessDesigns via Etsy

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If you’re just beginning your professional career, a well-crafted résumé is your golden ticket. So, as a newcomer to the professional world, you’ll have to create a balanced first résumé that can highlight your educational background and relevant experience.

This template has a clean and professional look that’s ideal for professionals of any level. The vertical line that runs down the page helps separate the information neatly, while the icons next to the personal information and the purple banner add a more playful element.

10. Professional

Professional résumé templateCareerAddict

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As a professional in any industry, your résumé will have to illustrate your experience and skills in detail. The simplicity and finesse of this great résumé template is a perfect match for professionals.

Its black and white colour palette is modest yet elegant, and the neat spacing will help to highlight your professional milestones and achievements. Plus, the neat layout will make reading through your résumé (and getting you hired!) a breeze for recruiters.

11. Executive

Executive résumé

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If you’re an experienced professional, it’s important to fit relevant skills and experience in your executive résumé and emphasise your professional journey. This design is the perfect template if you’re an executive on the lookout for a corporate job.

The template’s use of blocks to separate each section results in an attractive visual arrangement, which gives it a sleek look. Meanwhile, the ample space available to include an extensive list of previous experiences is suitable for an executive-level professional.

12. Academic

Academic résumé templateCareerAddict

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As a professional in academia, your résumé needs to be focused on your teaching and research experience and include other vital information. It’s essential, then, that your résumé is arranged into specific segments like the ones in this template.

The light blue borders add a subtle creative touch and organise the contents of the page effectively. Meanwhile, by aligning the text at the centre, your experience and details will stand out for each section.


There are many elements needed to create an impressive résumé. Undoubtedly, your experience in the industry is an important factor. However, the way that you choose to present this information will not only enhance your résumé but also make a lasting impression on recruiters. So, if you want to make your résumé stand out, using an impressive template is an excellent idea.

All you need to do, then, is find the one that fits both the role you have your eyes on and your personal brand. Before you know it, you’ll be sifting through exciting job offers, all thanks to your incredible résumé!

Which of these templates was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 1 March 2017.