10 Alternative Christmas Party Ideas that Everyone Will Love

Illustration of a group of people having fun at a Christmas party

With the most wonderful time of the year fast approaching, you have been tasked with the not-so-wonderful mission of planning the annual office Christmas party. Indeed, regardless of your company’s size, organising an event that meets everyone’s expectations can be a tricky task.

Before you can dive into the logistics and begin planning, you first need to decide what the actual party theme is going to be. And if a black-tie ball or a fancy dinner party doesn’t sound as appealing for the umpteenth consecutive year, maybe it’s time to switch it up a bit!

If you’re short of ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are some crowd-pleasing alternative Christmas party ideas that will make your office bash a success!

1. Visit the Local Christmas Market

Nothing can get you in the festive spirit quite like a Christmas market. And with little to no organisation required, this is the perfect holiday activity for your team. All you have to do is set a time and date!

Visiting the local Christmas market will give everyone a nice opportunity to do some Christmas shopping from local vendors, enjoy their favourite holiday treats, share a glass of mulled wine (or other beverage of choice) and spend some quality time together as a team.

Plus, everyone can have a good laugh watching their colleagues attempt to skate at the ice rink (if there is one) or try their luck at some funfair games.

2. Throw a Wine-Tasting Party

For the wine lovers out there, a wine-tasting party is an ideal way to celebrate the festive season.

Organising it doesn’t have to be a fussy task, either! Have the wine connoisseur of the office pick up a few bottles of wine for everyone to try, prepare a cheese platter and invite everyone to a night of cheese and wine. This might also be a great opportunity for everyone to exchange their Secret Santa gifts!

If you want to add a fancier touch to your gathering, invite everyone at a local winery and have the experts serve you with their finest products. This will make a nice and intimate alternative to the usual office Christmas bash.

3. Spend the Day at a Theme Park

If your budget allows it, then why not treat your team and their families to a trip to an amusement park? From Christmas shows and breathtaking decorations to festive rides and other great holiday events, it’s the perfect place to spread some holiday cheer.

Plus, many parks offer group deals and packages, meaning that you’ll be able to get tickets at a discounted price. This will no doubt make a fun day out for the entire office, and it’s definitely a great opportunity for your team to bond.

4. Opt for Some Paintballing Madness

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than the usual office Christmas soirée, paintball is the way to go. Not only is it a brilliant team-building activity, but it will also surely give your employees a chance to relieve any work-related stress (just in time for the holidays, too!).

If you want to add some Christmas flair to your team outing, you can also get everyone to dress up in holiday-themed outfits (which can be worn over your protective gear) such as Santa Claus costumes, or the Grinch - for the more cynical members of the group. And to make everything a lot more thrilling, make sure that there’s a prize for the winning team as this will no doubt make the game a lot more exciting and motivate everyone to work as a team.

5. Book an Escape Room

Spice up the office Christmas party by organising a team trip to an escape room.

You and your team will be locked in a room where you’ll have to discover a series of clues that will eventually allow you to ‘escape’. If your employees love mysteries and solving cryptic puzzles, this will definitely be an enjoyable outing for them.

Pick an escape room whose theme is close to your team’s tastes and interests and let the adventure begin! There might even be a Christmas-themed escape room available, so research your options before making your booking.

6. Throw a Christmas Barbecue

Who doesn’t love a barbecue? Better yet, who doesn’t love a Christmas barbecue?

While this is usually a beloved summer activity for many, it’s still a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, regardless of the season. If you work at a smaller company, this is a great way to celebrate the holidays as an office in a more intimate (and slightly quirky) way.

If you live in a rather warm climate, meanwhile, you could have someone volunteer their backyard and host your party outside. But if the weather doesn’t allow it, you can still make good use of your barbecue gear. And you don’t have to worry about the cold – the heat of the grill will at least keep the designated cook quite warm!

7. Organise an Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

Most of us are guilty of owning a despicably festive Christmas jumper that we dare not to wear in public. But why not embrace the ugliness of these Christmassy garments and host a party in their honour instead?

Have everyone wear the ugliest Christmas jumper they own and have a fun (and funny) office holiday blowout. Keep everyone entertained with music, snacks and some fun party games. And if you want to make things a bit more interesting, have everyone vote for their favourite ugly jumper and give the winner a prize (maybe an even uglier sweater to add to their collection?).

8. Throw an Off-the-Wall Christmas Party

When it comes to office Christmas parties, restaurants and bars are a common go-to option. However, if you’d like to splash out this year and try something a little different, then why not opt for an off-the-wall party venue?

Depending on your location and budget, you could host your event in a museum, an aquarium or even an underground railway. Alternatively, you could rent a function room and transform it into the perfect setting to match your Christmas party theme of choice. Without a doubt, your team will be thoroughly impressed and will have an unforgettable time!

9. Dance Away at a Silent Disco Party

Hosting a silent disco Christmas party is bound to be a hit. Unlike conventional parties, people don’t have to be subjected to excessively loud party music with nowhere to escape to! Instead, everyone wears a set of wireless headphones that play the same music, although there are often more channels so people can choose between different songs whenever they want!

The best part about this is that those who don’t feel like dancing or who need a break can simply take off their headsets and enjoy lively conversations while everyone else is dancing away.

10. Throw a Game of Christmas Bingo

Add some good old-fashioned fun to the office Christmas bash by combining it with a game of bingo.

Simply find and hire a party bingo service and host your Christmas bingo night at a function room or an event space. And if you want to add a bit more glam to the event, set a strictly fancy dress code, splurge out on tasty treats and hire a live band or DJ to perform. Everyone will have a fabulous time (especially if there are great prizes for the winners!).

When planning the office Christmas party, there’s a lot to consider. From venues to budget plans and dietary requirements, there’s an endless list of things to get through. But, most importantly, you need to come up with a fun and entertaining theme.

And while you might be tempted to stick to what’s been tried and tested already, don’t be afraid to spice things up with more alternative party ideas like these ones! Undoubtedly, they’ll be a great hit with your team.

Can you think of other alternative Christmas party ideas for the office? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 1 December 2016.