35 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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As Christmas is fast-approaching it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift for your work-wives, office-bros and your favourite bosses. What are you supposed to get the people that you spend most of your lives with and within budget too? Sure booze is always a good gift- but it sounds a little boring to me. With so many people to buy for, it can be hard to think of the ideal gift for each individual.

You don’t need to panic; we’ve arranged a list of creative and affordable holiday gifts for your office clique below:

When you're on a budget

If you’re on a tight budget this year, these nifty little gifts are perfect. They won’t even guess the price as they are great value for money – bonus!

1. Fidget spinner

This present is so on-trend at the moment. A stylish fidget spinner will help relieve your colleague’s stress and are just super-fun to play with (I mean we all have an inner-child).

Buy the Fidget Spinner

Fidget SpinnerAmazon

2. Card bottle opener

This awesome bottle-opener is handy for the impromptu Friday in-office happy hours! It can be stored safely in a desk or is discreet enough to slip into a wallet or purse.

Buy the Card Bottle Opener

Bottle Card opener Amazon

3. The Little Black Book of Cocktails

Whether your co-workers love books or cocktails, or even both! This little black book is suitable for the festive season and will help liven up any Christmas party.

Buy the Little Black Book of Cocktails

Little black book of cocktails Amazon

4. Fancy tea

Every office has a tea snob; it’s just a given. If your work wife is one, she’ll love you forever if you buy her these posh tea leaves that are definitely a step up from the standard PG Tips offered in the office kitchen.

Buy some Fancy Tea

Tea Amazon

5. Glasses holder

Most of us have succumbed to wearing anti-reflecting glasses for the computer these days and often take them off to pop to the kitchen only to return to our desks and go on a search hunt for our glasses under piles of paper. This funny gift will not only bring a little humour but will also help resolve that annoying problem.

Buy the Glasses Holder

wooden nose spectacles holderAmazon

6. Mug warmer

We’ve all been there when we’ve just made a cup of coffee and got called into an impromptu meeting or got so busy that by the time we get round to it, our drink has gone cold. This unique idea will combat cold-cups of tea or coffee for any office worker.

Buy the Mug Warmer

Mug warmerAmazon

7. Avocado slicer

This smart gadget will save your avocado-obsessed friends from kitchen injuries and make their lunch preparation super speedy.

Buy the Avocado Slicer

avocado slicerAmazon

8. Conversion spoon rest

This useful gift is ideal for the aspiring Jamie Oliver’s in the workplace. It kills two birds with one stone with the measurement references.

Buy the Conversion Spoon Rest

Kitchen Conversions Spoon RestAmazon

9. Red wine stain remover

This is perfect for your friend who loves her Malbec but is maybe a little clumsy. Her white blouse will thank you later.

Buy the Red Wine Stain Remover

Red wine stain remover Amazon

10. Birchbox

A Birchbox is like a little ray of sunshine for the beauty queens. This cute gift box comes with samples of popular products on the market at the moment.

Buy the Birchbox


11. Cat sign

This is a top gift for the cat lovers. The high-quality sign will definitely put a smile on your coworker’s face- purrrrrfect!

Buy the Cat Sign

cat signAmazon

12. Mouse pad

If your work buddy is sometimes a bit grumpy (and can also take a joke) then this funny mouse mat is a great gift, and inexpensive too.

Buy the Mouse Pad

Cat Mouse Pad Amazon

13. Wallet-size multi-tool

This gift is perfect for a man that loves a gadget; you can up their pocket utility with a wallet-size multi-tool that has 11 functions, including a bottle opener and screwdriver.

Buy the Wallet Size Multi-Tool

credit card survival pocket toolsAmazon

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When you want a mid-ranged present

If you have a bit more money to spare, these inexpensive options can be right up your alley:

14. Sticky note set

This cute sticky note set is perfect for the super-organised amongst the office. They’ll love getting all their stuff in gear before the New Year.

Buy the Sticky Note Set

Sticky Note set Amazon

15. Desk calendar

Super Type-A coworkers will love this desk planner, they can use it as an email backup or at home for their house duties.

Buy the Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar  May 2021

16. Funny coffee mug

If your work friend can’t live without their “morning medicine”, this mug will be a great addition to their desk and used a lot – who doesn’t love a new mug?

Buy the Funny Coffee Mug

glass coffee mugAmazon

17. Desk golf

This is ideal for the golf-fanatics. They can have the pleasure of playing a little golf all-year round and combat the withdrawal symptoms.

Buy the Desk Golf

Desk golfAmazon

18. Braided USB

If your desk mate is always asking to use your Lightning cable to charge their phone, gift them their very own that can live conveniently at the office!

Buy the Braided USB

cooper charging cablesAmazon

19. Mini vacuum

We all spend endless hours at our dust infected desks and some co-workers simply can’t take it. Help them tackle their OCD tendencies with this cute, one-touch, AA-battery operated desk vacuum.

Buy the Mini Vacuum

Desk VacuumAmazon

20. Portable charger

Is your colleague always complaining about their phone running out of battery? Help them give it some extra juice with this Grade A, Li-ion polymer high-quality portable charger that is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

Buy the Portable Charger

blue lipstick shaped powerbankAmazon

21. Mood cards

Moodycards allow you to express yourself in over 15 ways. Help your co-workers express themselves with this playful gift.

Buy the Mood Cards

Funny Office Mood Cards For Business Workplace

22. Scalp massager

Help your work pal relieve some built-up tension with this scalp massager; it’s certainly speedier than a lunch-time stop at the salon.

Buy the Scalp Massager

Scalp massagerAmazon

23. Screen cleaner

I know this isn’t the most thoughtful gift. But if your friend’s a germophobe they’re bound to appreciate a bit of disinfectant – right?

Buy the Screen Cleaner

Lens WipesAmazon

24. Chocolate truffle box

What’s Christmas without some boozy chocolates? This little gift is perfect for any chocolate lover!

Buy the Chocolate Truffle Box

Chocolate trufflesHotel Chocolat

When you can splash out

If you want to splash some extra cash, choose some of these unique gifts:

25. Tea infuser

This gift will be any coworker’s cup of tea! Made of BPA silicone, one mitten detaches to hold loose tea leaves, while the other anchors it from the outside.

Buy the Tea Infuser

Tea infuserAmazon

26. Office emergency kit

Help your work wife be prepared for any emergency with this ‘minimergency’ kit to combat headaches, chipped nails, stains and anything that the universe throws their way. Don’t worry – there are men versions too.

Buy the Minimergency Kit

Minimergency kitAmazon

27. Card holder

Upgrade their current business card holder (aka their coat pocket) to this sleek silver-plated pick.

Buy the Card Holder

Card holderAmazon

28. Umbrella

Okay- so this initially might come off as boring. But, trust me, it’s a practical gift that your colleague will thank you for later when it’s raining and they left their usual umbrella in the car.

Buy the Umbrella

black umbrellaAmazon

29. Desk fan

If your tired of hearing your desk neighbour complain about the temperature in the office, take matters into your own hands and invest in a thoughtful gift like this cute desk fan.

Buy the Desk Fan

Desk fanAmazon

30. Book light

A suitable gift for the book-worms that tend to travel all the time; you can now help them light up their journey.

Buy the Book Light

Book lightAmazon

31. Paperweight

Are your boss’s papers flying all over the place every time the windows are opened? If so, it’s about time someone bought him this cool paperweight.

Buy the Paperweight

Paperweight Amazon

32. Candle

This Yankee Candle will make anyone’s home smell of Christmas and is definitely a mood-changer.

Buy the Yankee Candle

Yankee candle Amazon

33. Personalised make-up bag

If your work bestie is a glam-queen, help spice up her kit with this trendy personalised make-up bag.

Buy the Personalized Make-up Bag

Make-up bag Amazon

34. Retro alarm clock

There’s always one person that has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Why not help them with this old-school alarm clock?

Buy the Retro Alarm Clock

Alarm ClockAmazon

35. Travel cup

If your colleague is always on-the-go, help them stay hydrated with this super-practical travel cup.

Buy the Travel Cup

Travel cupAmazon

If you have any other suggestions to help fellow workers out, leave a comment in the section box below…