The 15 Coolest Office Gadgets Everyone Must Have

Every workplace should be a diverse one. And we’re not just talking about racial, gender and cultural diversity; we’re talking about the different personalities that make up the workforce in almost every company.

You’ve got the football fanatic and the office gossip. You’ve got the fashionista and the crazy cat lady. You’ve got the slacker and the overly excited intern.

And every office also has that one person that everyone wants to hang around with, that everyone wants to be. The ‘it’ person. The cool guy (or gal).

Well, the cool person in your office could be you. And it’s quite simple: all you have to do is fill your desk with the 15 coolest office gadgets and bam! Hello, Your Awesomeness!

1. USB Powered Cup Warmer

usb powered cup warmer

Don’t you just hate it when as soon you make yourself a nice cup of coffee, you immediately get called into an urgent meeting, only to return to your desk 30 minutes later to a stone-cold cup of coffee? Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon. Thankfully, this cookie-shaped USB Powered Cup Warmer is here to save the day. Simply plug this awesome little gadget into your USB port and keep your cup of Joe nice and warm!

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2. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

floppy disk sticky notes

If you remember Cassette Singles, you also probably remember floppy disks.

While you won’t be able to store 1.44 MB worth of data on these particular Floppy Disk Sticky Notes (yes, kids, there was once a time when the largest external storage device we had was 1.44 MB), you’ll still be able to take some pretty cool notes. And you can use both sides, too!

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3. Newton’s Cradle

newton's cradle

Admit it: you’ve always wanted one of these bad boys, especially after seeing them on the desk of countless of badass characters in movies and now’s your chance. This particular Newton’s Cradle by Ailiebhaus is an awesome take on the classic desktop toy and makes a great conversation piece.

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4. Ostrichpillow


We’ve all been there. Sometimes there are just days when you can’t stop yawning at work and simply want to crawl under your desk and, well, take a nap. The Ostrichpillow was made for those days.

If you feel the need to snooze, simply slip on the Ostrichpillow and escape to dreamland wherever and whenever you want! (Disclaimer: We take no responsibility whatsoever for any disciplinary action brought against you or loss of job when your boss finds you taking a power nap on company time.)

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5. MoMA Perpetual Calendar

moma perpetual calendar

Throw out your One Direction and cute kitten calendars, and make room for this beauty. This unique perpetual calendar was originally designed in 1998 by Gideon Dagan for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and, 19 years later, is just as awesome as ever.

Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the appropriate date and month, et voilà! You’ve easily got yourself the best desktop calendar in the office! (You can also mount it on your office wall to show it off better!)

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6. DeskCycle


When you’re juggling work and home life, you rarely have any time, let alone energy, to keep fit. Enter the DeskCycle, the mini exercise bike that helps you burn calories and improve your overall health, mood, productivity, brain power and creativity – all from the comfort of your desk!

Simply slip the DeskCycle under your desk and start pedalling your way to fitness. This great investment will also help you save money on gym memberships (which will typically set you back £50 to £60 a month, or £100 or more if you choose to sign up to a swanky gym). But that’s not all: the DeskCycle is built with a magnetic resistance mechanism that ensures a smooth and quiet operation, allowing you to get on with your work and exercise without disturbing your co-workers!

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7. Desktop Punching Ball

desktop punching ball

While punching that annoying co-worker in the face might make you feel good, it will most likely get you fired, so why not keep your job and pretend this Desktop Punching Ball is your co-worker’s face instead? This cool office gadget is great for stress relief and always bounces back for more punishment – it’s a win-win.

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8. Lego Upscaled Mug

lego upscaled mug

Let’s face it: everyone in the office has their own coffee mug, specially brought from home either to avoid a nasty flu ripping through the office when using communal mugs or to simply have a little piece of home with them at all times. But with this Lego Upscaled Mug, you’ll have the coolest mug in the entire office. It’s microwave and dishwasher-safe, so the only thing you’ll really have to worry about is someone stealing it.

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9. iStick Desktop Organiser

istick desktop organiser

This is, quite easily, the best desktop organiser we’ve ever seen. The iStick Desktop Organiser by Cyanics keeps everything in one place for you, reducing the number of things you need on your desk.

This multi-function desktop organiser features a cup holder, pen holder, letter opener, slot for your favourite photos, memo pad box, business card box, multi-storage box, mobile phone slot, multi-card reader (Micro SD, SD/MMC, XD, MS/MS PRO DUO), 3-port USB hub and a paper holder.

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10. Monitor Rear-View Mirror

monitor rear view mirror

Nosey co-workers? Micromanaging boss? No problem! Simply attach this rear-view mirror to your monitor and keep an eye out for anyone trying to sneak up on you at work!

This cool little gadget lets you kill time at work and get away with it (we’ve even put together a whole list of awesome websites for your reference; No 6 is a personal favourite and highly recommended). Of course, it’s important that you remember to delete your browser history and that, whatever happens, we did not put you up to it!

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11. Bonsai Trio Kit

bonsai trio kit

If you’ve got green fingers and your hero is Mr Miyagi from The Karate Kid, then this bonsai trio kit from Plant Theatre is no doubt the ultimate gadget for you. The kit comes with everything you need to grow three distinctive bonsai trees (Red Maple, Silver Birch and Mountain Pine), including growing pots, plant markers, sealable propagator bags, peat blocks, and sowing and growing tips.

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12. Flower USB Port

flower USB port

If your company has banned pot plants from the office (much like the BBC did when refurbishing their London headquarters back in 2013), there’s a way around it. Although not a real plant, the Flower USB Port features four flexible ports in red, green, blue and orange, designed to resemble a flower. It helps to keep your USB wires organised and to (literally) brighten up your desk as the ‘stems’ light up when you connect the hub.

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13. Moby Stapler

moby stapler

Do you find yourself daydreaming at work about one day going on a whale watching tour? Well, you can now do it from the comfort of your desk with this cool Moby Stapler!

The whale-shaped stapler’s head can be used to store extra staples and its tail can be used to remove incorrectly positioned staples. The best part is that it stays in one place, unlike real whales which tend to breach and then return to the depths of the ocean!

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14. Henry Desk Vacuum

henry desk vacuum cleaner

This miniature version of the original Henry vacuum cleaner by Numatic is, quite simply, one of the best toys desk accessories we’ve ever seen. The battery-operated desk vacuum is great for sucking up dust and crumbs – which makes the perfect little gift for a messy co-worker.

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15. USB Mini Fridge

usb mini fridge

Is your office home to a food and drink thief? Do you need somewhere safe to store your can of Coke? GreatGadgets has answered your prayers with the awesome USB mini fridge!

Simply connect your mini fridge to your PC or Mac’s available USB port, and chill your drink right where you need it the most: your desk. The mini fridge is designed to look like a classic vending machine and is capable of cooling down to about 8.5C within 5 minutes.

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Did we forget to mention any ultimate office gadgets or unique accessories you think deserve a place on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article was originally published in May 2015