50 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Are you short on gift ideas for your workmates? Here’s a list to help you pick the perfect present for every occasion.

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

giving thoughtful gift to coworker

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Finding a gift for your workmate isn’t an easy task – what do you get the person that has your back Monday to Friday or that colleague in corporate you don’t know well enough to be making vital gift decisions?

You want to make sure the present is personal and shows that you’ve put some thought into it but also that it doesn’t come off as offensive. Whoever and whatever the occasion, these inexpensive gifts will brighten up your colleague’s day and won’t break the bank, either.

We’ve rounded up the coolest, funniest and most personal gifts for your office pals to fit every budget.

1. Personalised slate coasters by The Personal Exchange

These personalised coasters are perfect for a leaving gift – they can be used in their next office or at home and won’t take up too much room, either.

2. Wine-infused coffee by JumpinGoat Coffee

There’s finally a way for your work wife or office bro to get their wine fix during working hours. This wine-infused coffee will give them the taste, without jeopardising their job.

3. Cork cactus office memo holder by Suck UK

This cactus memo holder is more than suitable for those that lack the organisational gene – you can help your cubicle pal get his desk in shape (and benefit from it, too).

4. Picture pillow by YMGifts

This pillow is perfect for the dog lover in the office that is always complaining of a bad back; it’ll make them more comfortable and keep them from missing their pet during office hours.

5. Darth Vader apron by ICUP

There’s bound to be a Star Wars fanatic in your workplace that could use this machine-washable apron for when he’s saving the world, or maybe just cooking.

6. Glass cup bottle by Lifefactory

This BPA-free water bottle is everything a gym-goer dreams of. It comes with an attractive silicon sleeve which will remind them to stay hydrated during their lunch break workouts.

7. ‘Lean in 15’ recipe book by Joe Wicks

For the gym-goers that need a little inspiration in the kitchen, the Lean in 15 recipe book will inspire them to cook up a storm in the kitchen in less than 15 minutes – yes, it’s the real-deal; they’ve been personally tried and tested.

8. iPhone charger by YUNSONG

This 10-foot-long charging cable (which comes in a pack of three) is perfect for your colleague that spends endless hours scrolling through Instagram, drains their iPhone’s battery every hour.

9. Rustic cotton blanket by DII

This is the best gift for that one person who asks ‘Is it cold in here?’ on a daily basis. You’ll not only help them but will no longer be battling to keep the windows open, too – sounds like a win-win situation to me.

10. Mini humidifier by UODBUYO

This cute, little humidifier is perfect for your work pal who thinks the office air is ‘too dry’.

11. Donkey desktop notepad by Monkey Business

Is your coworker always forgetting to do certain tasks? This amusing notepad will make sure nothing goes amiss anymore!

12. Facial spray by Mario Badescu

This refreshing facial spray is perfect for the beauty queen that loves sharing her skincare routine. It’ll give her a little afternoon pick-me-up and keep her skin looking flawless all day.

13. Office supply station desk accessory holder by RICSB

This desk accessory will neatly hold a lot of stationery and will make your cubicle mate chuckle, too.

14. Airtight glass canisters by Godinger

Give your favourite office pal a pretty jar to keep their sweet treats near them on their desk. You’ll definitely put a smile on their face, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

15. Phone lens and tripod kit by Apexel

This four-piece tripod and phone lens kit is perfect for the aspiring photographers in the office, offering a clearer and more detailed photo each time.

16. ClearGuard keyboard protector by Moshi

This is perfect for the clumsy clocks in the office that tend to feed half of their lunch to their keyboard instead of their mouth.

17. 2022 bubble wrap calendar by Bubble Calendar

This bubble-bursting calendar is great for the office and will give your stress-head colleague an outlet to relieve their tension.

18. On-the-go coffee brewer by Bobble

Every office has a coffee snob that will drink nothing other than a Starbucks – help them save a few pennies with this on-the-go French press that will spruce up their morning routine.

19. Day planner 2022 by CAGIE

Suitable for the coworker that loves organising every minute of every day, this planner is the perfect gift to help them stay on top of their work tasks!

20. Osito Etip glove by The North Face

It’s so annoying trying to send a message with freezing fingertips, right? These etip-technology, cosy gloves will allow your coworker to fire off a text in bitterly cold weather.

21. Wireless earbuds by Donerton

These Bluetooth earbuds are discreet and will help anyone block out the office noise when they are trying to concentrate.

22. Ceramic black teapot set by Taimei Teatime

This beautiful and modern tea set is embellished with a golden marble design – very suitable for the tea critic in the office that can’t go an hour without a fresh brew.

23. Desk bike cycle by Vive

There’s always someone who worries about being sat at their desk for too long and not doing any exercise – help them get over their fears with this discreet desk bike.

24. Assorted chocolate truffles gift box by Godiva Chocolatier

This fancy box of chocolate truffles is a good way to say farewell to a coworker or to simply say ‘thank you’ for picking up the slack this quarter.

25. Kate Spade lunch tote

Is your work wife super organised and brings in packed lunches every day? Spruce up her attire with this on-trend Kate Spade lunch tote.

26. Holiday set by Benefit

Give your work bestie this fun set to get them through the Monday blues.

27. Taste of Italy gift box

This little taster basket is perfect for those that are a fan of the Italian cuisine – and who isn’t, right?

28. Soundcore bluetooth speaker by Anker

This portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the person in the workplace who has taken on the role of the official DJ.

29. Duo phone case by LuMee

There’s probably a few selfie queens and kings lurking around your office floor – brighten up their life with this popular LuMee phone case.

30. Mini 9 instant camera by Fujifilm

Is someone getting married in the office or going on a trip of a lifetime? Gift them this super cool instant camera for their guestbook photos or personal memoirs.

31. Alarm clock on wheels by Clocky

This genius gift is perfect for that one colleague that always rocks up late to work. The Clocky alarm clock runs around the room, meaning that you have to chase it to switch it off!

32. Neck and back massager by Shiatsu

Does your colleague always complain about their neck and shoulders always hurting? This massager is like having your own personal masseuse on call.

33. Echo Dot by Amazon

An Amazon Echo is an ideal gift for the tech-savvy amongst the office – it tells you the weather, plays music, reads the news and much more!

34. Fire TV stick by Amazon

Give a binge-watcher access to Netflix, HBO, Amazon video and much more with this TV stick where they can watch any TV show that they desire.

35. Unicorn talkie by Toymail

This is a modern-day walkie-talkie between the user and someone at home – it could be the perfect gift for someone who is missing their kids during the day. They can record a message for them and receive a reply.

36. Daily planner notepad by Sweetzer & Orange

This A4 pad is perfect for your organised bestie! With tailored sections, they can keep track of their most important tasks along with their water and food intake!

37. Noise cancelling headphones by Sony

These noise-cancelling headphones are ideal for any remote worker - not only do they block out sound, but they are great for Zoom meetings, too.

38. Coffee mug warmer by VOBAGA

If you know someone who always forgets to drink their hot beverage until it’s stone cold, then this nifty mug warmer is just for them.

39. Autoseal travel mug by Contigo

This insulated mug is ideal for someone who is always on the go. In warmer months it keeps drinks cool and in colder months, it keeps beverages nice and warm!

40. Stainless steel wine glasses by CANTONG

Does your coworker love wine but also has butterfingers? If so, they’ll love these unbreakable wine glasses!

41. 3 in 1 Apple charging station by elago

Is your coworker Apple obsessed? Gift them this cool charging hub for all their essential electronics!

42. Women’s slippers by Donpapa

If you know someone who is working remotely, give them these cosy slippers to keep their feet warm throughout the day.

43. Doze sound machine and sleep therapy light by Pure Enrichment

Does your coworker always complain of sleepless nights? Gift them this machine that plays soothing sounds to get them to snooze faster!

44. Wireless mobile photo mini printer by KODAK

This tiny photo printer is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, making it a perfect gift for your sentimental colleague who loves capturing moments on their phone.

45. Laptop shoulder bag by Lenovo

This waterproof laptop bag is a great choice for a regular commuter, and its classic design is a safe option for anybody!

46. Large jar Christmas cookie candle by Yankee Candle

This Christmas cookie scented candle is a great gift during the holiday period and will leave your coworker’s house smelling divine.

47. Cotton bath robe by Pinzon

If you’re really stuck on ideas, you can’t go wrong with a towel cotton bathrobe! A perfect gift for someone who enjoys a good pampering.

48. Programmable slow cooker by Hamilton Beach

Does your coworker like to cook up a storm but often complains about finding the time? Make their lives easier with this Hamilton Beach slow cooker.

49. Wellbeing pod by Neom

Splash out on this luxurious diffuser for your work bestie to help lift their mood and maintain a calm environment.

50. Fountain pen by Dryden Designs

Help your coworker embellish their desk essentials with this impressive fountain pen. An ideal option for a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Final thoughts

With this nifty gift guide, you shouldn’t have to spend hours deliberating over gift ideas for your coworkers anymore – and you might even get sucked into buying a few for yourself!

Join the conversation! Can you think of any other awesome gift ideas for coworkers? What’s the coolest gift you’ve ever received from colleagues? Tell us in the comments section below!

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 23 January 2018.