8 Jobs for People Who Love Organizing

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Is everything in your house colour coded and ordered from A to Z? Do you love making to-do lists, making tables in Excel and getting to plan your day down to the minute in your diary? If you answered yes then you are probably a bit of a fan of being organised. Some call this kind of people Type A personalities or OCD, but I assure you the world needs people like you. There are those of us in society who are your complete opposites and seem to find it impossible to get anything in our lives in order. That is where you come in. We have put together a list of some of the jobs out there that can put your OCD traits to good use and help those who struggle to even plan their meal for the morning.

1. Wedding Planner

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This is one for the all the real OCD organisers out there. Weddings are a stressful time for everyone involved because everyone wants their special day to be absolutely perfect. As people move away from traditional church weddings and start looking for extravagant and adventurous locations things are only getting harder. Your job is to plan and organise everything down to the smallest detail to try and avoid any bridezillas popping up on the big day. Challenge accepted. No doubt it can be stressful trying to please a raging bride’s every whim and want, but the financial reward and accomplished feeling you will get afterwards will make it worth it.

2. Merchandiser

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You know when you walk into a store and you see all those pretty displays set out nice and neat in a way that just makes you want to buy everything on the shelves? That was put together by a merchandiser. As a merchandiser you will be able to please that OCD spirit in you because a major part of the job is making sure the displays are straight and neat. No doubt, you will also have to go around the store and put items back in their place from time to time which helps scratch that organisational itch as well. Merchandisers also tend to work over a number of different stores which is perfect for those time management nerds out there.

3. Real Estate Agent

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Everyone loves to have a little sticky beak into other people’s houses. If your favourite type of house is the one where every object has its place and sits perfectly straight then this could be a job for you. You will get the chance to fulfill your inner snoop as you get to look around the houses of those wishing to sell. On showing days you can let your OCD take control even more so when making sure the place looks just like a display home. There is also plenty of other information to keep organised such as showing times, contact information and locations. This gives you plenty of chances to organise your diary to perfection.

4. Moving Planner

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Most people do not think to hire a planner for moving until after they have gone through the stressful experience. It is something you do not think you would need help with. However you would be surprised how much easier this task can be with a Type A personality on board to help you every step of the way. It can be particularly helpful if the move is a commercial one. You need boxes, then you have to pack all those boxes and then you need something to move all those boxes. For full-time workers this can be a hard thing to fit into their lives. That is where you come in. You take care of absolutely everything so that people can leave work from their old house in the morning and head home to their new place in the afternoon. You will organise to get everything out of the old place, packed up and driven over to the new pad. You might even need to arrange backup moving trucks in case of emergencies, though we know the OCD in you will always have that covered.

5. Travel Agent


If you are an organiser who has been bitten by the travel bug then this might not be for you. The envy of having to plan other people’s trips while you have to sit at home might not go down to well. But if you don’t think you will have this problem, then this could be the perfect job for you. Depending on what someone is after you could be putting together their entire itinerary. This would include flights, accommodation, transfers and site-seeing adventures. Even if there are things you do not need to organise there is no reason you can’t lend some helpful advice to the travellers that can fulfill your organisational urges.

6. Event Planner

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This is similar to the wedding planner expect you will not be confined to just organising the biggest day of someone’s life. You could be organising parties, functions and all other types of low-key or extravagant events. You will get to be in charge of every detail including guest lists, any accommodation if needed and keeping track of costs. The best part for all our OCD organised friends out there is, depending on the event, you might even get to plan the entire night’s itinerary down to the minute. Did your heart just start racing a little with excitement? If nothing pleases you more than getting to stand back and see the result of your hard work and awesome organisational skills then you will probably love this one.

7. Archivist


All the history buff Type A people out there will love this one. History is an important part of our society and it needs to be kept organised to make sure it is easy for people to learn about it. This is where you would come in. You will keep important documents and records in order. With things becoming more technologically advanced these days, you will also get to organise digital databases. You will also need to help others find what they are looking for, which gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your organisational skills while giving them the lowdown on your exceptional history knowledge.

8. Project Manager

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Want to get paid the big dollars for fulfilling your OCD needs? Then why not consider becoming a project manager. This is a career that will put your organisational skills to the test. The name of the job pretty much says it all but as the project manager you will be overseeing all parts of a project right from the beginning to the very end. You will organise the budget, the schedule of when everything will get done and others in the team. Projects take place in all fields of work so the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind though that it can get stressful, especially if you are heading an expensive project run by a major company. You are going to want to draw all your power from your Type A personality to take on this one.

Sometimes just organising the daily life of you and everyone around you is not enough to satisfy the need to be in control. If that sounds like you then consider trying out one of these career options to help. We have a feeling you will do well.