20 Brilliant Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

From bonsai trees to coffee sets, we've got some great leaving gift ideas for you!

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Goodbye leaving gifts for coworkers and colleagues retiring or moving on to a new job

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Searching for a gift for your colleague can be an arduous experience, especially to mark a major life event such as a retirement, a promotion or a new job.  

That said, there are plenty of great presents that will help you mark the occasion and also commemorate their journey in the company.

If you are in need of some leaving gift ideas, take a look at our guide below!

1. Scented candle by Wax & Wit

You can never have too many candles! This particular option comes wrapped and ready to be gifted and is bound to make the receiver laugh thanks to the quirky name of each scent.
Wax & Wit’s products are also made with organic soy, pure cotton wick and free from harmful chemicals. All in all, this is a great option if you want to bid your favorite colleague farewell with a humorous but quality gift.

2. ‘Good Luck’ card by Katie Doodle

Whether your colleague is relocating to a different city, moving to a new department or starting a new role at a different company, this oversized greeting card makes the perfect keepsake for them to remember you by. You can get every person in your team to write down their wishes and favorite memories of the person and pair it with another item from this list to create the perfect farewell present.

3. ‘One Line a Day’ journal by Chronicle Books

This is an ideal present for someone who is embarking on a new chapter in their life; this journal will allow your coworker to write down their thoughts and reflect on past entries over a five-year period. Regardless of if they have been journaling for years or been meaning to get started, this is thoughtful gift that they will definitely appreciate.  

4. Gift set by Burt's Bees

For your skincare-obsessed colleague, this gift set containing all of Burt’s Bees essentials is guaranteed to be a hit. Made with natural and cruelty-free ingredients, the products in this set will also make a great addition to your colleague’s office survival kit at their new company.

5. ‘You are a Badass’ day-to-day calendar by Jen Sincero

Based on the New York Times’ bestselling book, You are a Badass, this calendar will be the perfect addition for your coworker’s new workspace.

The calendar consists of tear-off pages with each page containing a date, any international holidays, as well as daily quotes. Each quote is meant to motivate, inspire and encourage the reader, making it a fitting present for someone who embarking on new career endeavors.

6. ‘Success and Inspiration’ jar by Only Good Vibes

If your coworker loves sharing their favorite quotes and words of affirmation with the rest of your team, then they will love this gift by Only Good Vibes.

Each paper within the jar features a quote that is meant to inspire and motivate the reader. The quotes are printed on high-quality paper and the jar comes in a colorful and uniquely designed box, making it a unique going-away present.

7. Golf pen gift set by NALAKUVARA

Is your colleague known for spending their weekends on the golf course? Then they will definitely appreciate this fun desktop gadget

The set contains three mini golf club gel pens, two mini golf balls and even a flag, all of which come in a mini golf putting green box.

8. ‘Bye Traitor’ mug by YouNique Designs

If you are looking for a funny send-off gift, then this is it.

This mug is bound to put a smile on your coworker’s face and make their morning coffee a little more entertaining for them.

9. Whiskey glass set by Whiskoff

This is the perfect farewell or retirement present for every whiskey drinker.

The set comes with two whiskey glasses, natural granite whiskey stones, tongs and two slate table coasters. Everything comes in a premium crafted wooden box, giving it a beautiful presentation overall.

10. ‘The Legend Has Retired’ pint glass by Beevee

If your coworker isn’t much of a whiskey drinker, then perhaps this pint glass will do instead!

The receiver will be able to enjoy their IPA, pilsner, craft stout, or any other beer of choice in a bar-quality pint glass. After a legendary career, they certainly earned a glass of brew!

11. Spa gift box basket by Sodilly

If you want to show your appreciation to a colleague and thank them for their hard work over the years, then why not pamper them with this ‘thank you’ spa basket?

The box includes an insulated stainless-steel tumbler, two bars of all-natural premium soaps, one bath bomb, one jar of skin lotion and a card where you can write a special note for them.

12. Retirement socks by Cavertin

If your retiring work friend was always known for their funky socks, then why not commemorate the occasion by giving them something to embellish their collection?

The socks come in an elegant and colorful gift box, which will save you from having to wrap them up before gifting them.

13. Specialty coffee gift basket by Bean Box

Was your colleague considered the coffee connoisseur of the office?

This curated package contains 16 coffee varieties from around the world sourced from the world's finest estates and roasted to perfection by award-winning roasters. You can also choose between ground or whole bean packages, depending on the gift-receiver’s preference.

14. Electric wine opener by Moocoo

For the colleague who enjoys a glass of merlot after a hectic workday, this is the perfect gift.

The electric wine opener will open their favorite bottle of red with minimal effort and comes as part of a set that includes a two-in-one aerator and pourer that enhance flavor profiles, vacuum stoppers to preserve wine flavor, a foil cutter, as well as a charging base for the opener.  

15. Bonsai tree seed starter kit by HOME GROWN

This gift idea is a beautiful way to mark someone’s new beginnings — especially if they have green fingers.

This Bonsai tree set comes in a gift box containing four varieties of bonsai tree seeds, soil discs, burlap grow bags, bamboo plant markers, bonsai shears and a planting guide that will walk them through the entire process of growing their own bonsai trees.

16. ‘Donut Ever Forget About Us!’ memory book

If you want your gift to be a little more personal, then consider this memory book.

Within it you can include stories, pictures, anecdotes and notes that will preserve the memories you have with the person. Of course, this is an ideal gift that every team member can contribute to, which will make gifting it all the more special.

17. Tea assortment gift set by VADHAM

This is quite an exquisite gift idea that comes in a beautiful package.

VADHAM’s selection includes 12 masala chai teas and herbal tea tisanes encased in golden tin containers. What’s even more wonderful about this choice is that it is certified climate and plastic neutral and the tea is ethically sourced by the company.

18. Chocolate gold gift box by Godiva

You can never go wrong with a box of fancy gourmet chocolates and if your colleague is known to have a sweet tooth, they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture!

Godiva’s gold gift box is an assortment of 70 chocolate bites with various fillings, including cherry, hazelnut praline and mint. If you want a more budget-friendly option, you could go with the 8, 19 or 36 chocolate count instead.

19. Smart daily planner by smart planner

Does you colleague love organization and extensive planning? This smart planner is the perfect gift.

The planner has everything from daily planning sections to a goal and habit tracker segment to a weekly review space. It is also undated, which will let its owner start utilizing it whenever they want during the year.

20. Gift card by Amazon

If you are out of ideas, then a gift card is always a safe bet! That way, your colleague can purchase something they truly need and which they can make good use of at their new job or at home. This is also a great option if you have a large team, and everyone wants to chip in for the goodbye present.

Final thoughts

Finding the ideal gift for a colleague can be a tricky process.

If you have worked with them for an extensive period, then chances are you know what their interests are, their likes and dislikes and hobbies. But even if that is not the case, there are still numerous options which you can pick from to get the right leaving gift for them.

Hopefully our guide has given you some inspiration!


What goodbye gift did you like the best? Are you still struggling to find inspiration? Check out the comments to see what others bought to say goodbye to their colleagues!