45 Secret Santa Gifts that Your Coworkers Will Want to Keep

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Reviewed by Chris Leitch

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworker

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Secret Santa can be both fun and stressful. Draw your work bestie, and you’ve probably got a list of gift ideas already prepared, but if you land on someone you only met yesterday in the office kitchen, you’ll be scratching your head trying to find a suitable present.

To save you the hassle, we’ve put together the ultimate list of affordable Secret Santa gifts that anyone would love — from super cool gadgets to personalised items, there’s bound to be something here that will be perfect for your Secret Santa recipient.

Without further ado, here are 45 gift ideas that will bring a smile to your coworker’s face!

Books and stationery

1. Ticket stub diary by Eric Epstein

This thoughtful gift is ideal for the music lovers that are always going to concerts. Complete with acid-free pages and clear sleeves, this diary will help them saviour memories for a lifetime.

2. The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges by Rosanna Casper

This awesome book is a great way to start living a fuller life and includes 60 ideas to help your recipient achieve their personal and career goals and improve their relationships.

3. Adult Coloring Book by Pat Woods

Adult colouring books are a great way to take your mind off the day’s challenges and help you destress. Help your coworker relax after work with this thoughtful gift!

4. Office desk organiser by FEMELI

This neat desk organiser will work perfectly for your messy cubicle mate by adding a bit of organisation into their life.

5. Handmade wooden bookmark by Melyaxu

A suitable gift for the bookworms out there, these unique designs will ensure they never lose their page again!

6. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by The Oatmeal

A cat lover with a good sense of humour will appreciate this book. It also gives great insight into the feline mind.

Clothing, accessories and jewellery

7. Friends T-shirt by Popfunk

This gift is perfect for the coworker that knows all the Friends episodes off by heart. If you have a higher budget, you could even get the lyrics from the show’s theme song  printed on the back!

8. Jewellery dish tray by Simple Shine

Who doesn’t need a trinket dish to place their belongings in when they’re too lazy to put them away? This unisex design is ideal for anyone!

9. Slipper fuzzy socks by EBMORE

Nothing beats a great pair of fleece-lined socks to keep your feet warm in the winter. These super cute socks keep the Christmas spirit alive, too, and are perfect for evenings snuggled up on the couch!

10. Unisex texting gloves by TRENDOUX

These gloves are a great match for the person that can’t put their phone down, even during a snowstorm.

11. Unisex adults watch by Casio

Every office has someone who’s always running late. Help your work friend be on time by giving them this watch that also acts as an alarm clock.

12 Plaid scarf blanket by Neal LINK

This tartan scarf wrap is ideal for the person that’s always complaining about the cold. It’s not only warm, but it also goes with (almost) every outfit!

Beauty and personal care

13. Plush eye mask by Ariel EDGE

This gift is perfect for a new parent who needs to get rid of the puffiness under their eyes. It not only features soothing properties but also helps to block out the light if they manage to have a quick catnap.

14. Nail dryer by SUNUV

This nail dryer is perfect for the colleague who’s always painting her nails at her desk every Friday! Help her speed up the process with this portable nail dryer.

15. Beard kit by FULLLIGHT TECH

Help the beard lover in the office maintain his facial hair with this grooming kit. It includes a conditioning balm that promotes stronger-looking hair.

16. SkinActive sheet mask by Garnier

If there’s a beauty queen in your workplace, they’ll definitely enjoy these sheet masks! As the winter months are among us, their skin will crave some TLC.

17. Bath bombs gift set by BELLISSO

There’s nothing better than a bubble bath on a cold winter’s evening, which is why these bath bombs are an essential toiletry staple this year.

18. Luxury spa bath pillow by Viventine

A bath pillow is something we all need but isn’t necessarily an item that we’d purchase for ourselves. Help improve someone’s bath game with this comfortable pillow.

Home and kitchen

19. Christmas cookie cutter set by Gizhonme

This cookie cutter set is perfect for the baking connoisseurs. It features 20 stainless-steel Christmas shapes and symbols to add a little holiday spirit to their cooking trials.

20. Personalised coffee mug by USA Custom Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a mug, especially a personalised one! The cute design will also stand out among the array of mugs that will be exchanged during your Secret Santa reveal!

21. Hogwarts glitter cup by Spoontiques

This travel mug is perfect for the Harry Potter fans out there — it will definitely transform their morning coffee into an extra special potion!

22. Personalised custom wooden spoon by Hat Shark

You aren’t truly a chef until you have a spoon with your name on it. Honour your culinary colleague with this personalised wooden spoon to help spruce up their kitchen.

23. Wine tumbler glass by MEWAY

There’s likely to be at least a few winos in your workplace. Help put a smile on their face with this portable, insulated wine glass.

24. Reusable toaster bags by YOOCOOL

Let’s face it: we’ve all at some point craved a hot toastie for lunch, but the office microwave just doesn’t cut it for sandwich-making. These toaster bags can up your work pal’s lunch game by allowing them to make a piping hot cheese toastie in a few minutes.

25. Organic dessert tea sampler by Tea Drops

These on-the-go tea bags are ideal for the tea lovers out there — you simply drop them in hot water, and you’re good to go.

26. Chambord French press coffee and tea maker by Bodum

Help your coworker save money and give them this French press; it will be just as good as their morning Starbucks coffee run!

27. Gourmet coffee sampler gift box by Cooper’s Cask Coffee

Speaking of coffee, here’s a gift that every coffee lover will appreciate. This gift set gives you a chance to try single origin coffees from Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopian and Rwanda — ideal for espresso, auto drip, French press or pour over.

28. Microwave popcorn popper by Ecolution

This popcorn popper will take your coworker’s movie marathons and game nights to the next level. The heat-resistant glass is free of harmful BPA chemicals, and no oil or butter is required in the process!

Gadgets and games

29. Selfie ring light by GH Dynamics

Did you pick the name of your social media manager out of the hat? Give them this attachable selfie light that will work on their phone, tablet and laptop.

30. Phone grip and phone stand by PopSockets

This little gadget is great for the tech geek; it grips onto the back of a mobile device, and it can be used as a stand as well as a handy selfie-taking tool.

31. Magic 8 ball by Mattel Games

If you’re really stuck for ideas, a Magic 8 ball can be a fun gift. It can bring some humour into a boring day when your coworker just needs a time-out.

32. Green Box 300-card expansion by Cards Against Humanity

This game has probably been the topic of discussion in the office break room, so why not share the humour with your witty coworker?

33. Desktop punching bag by Tech Tools

This desk punching ball is perfect for the person that’s always a little too tense! Help them relieve some stress with this useful gift.

34. Keys finder by Tile

Is your colleague renowned for misplacing their keys all the time? Give them this key finder so they never have that problem again!

35. Noise-cancelling headphones by Soundcore

There’s always one person that tells the rest of the team to keep it down; if you happen to pull their name out the hat this holiday season, give them these noise-cancelling headphones.

36. White noise machine by Magicteam

A white noise machine is an ideal gift option for the colleague who always complains that they can never get a good night’s sleep.

37. Echo Dot by Amazon

Amazon’s voice-controlled smart speaker makes a great all-round present. Not only can you play music, ask questions, set reminders and check the weather with the help of Alexa, but you can also sync your Echo Dot with other smart home devices.

38. Portable charger by INIU

A powerbank is ideal for your coworker who’s always asking to borrow your phone charger. Help them save their battery with this gadget.

39. Leather cord organiser by CAILLU

Is your cubicle mate always untangling their headphones or charging cable? Help them save time by gifting them this useful cord organiser!

40. Monopoly Fortnite Collector's Edition by Hasbro

Does your colleague love anything video games? This Monopoly Fortnite Collector’s Edition makes the perfect Secret Santa gift.

Other suggestions

41. Gold Ballotin chocolate box by Godiva Chocolatier

Who doesn't love chocolate? Better yet, who doesn't love receiving fancy chocolates as a gift?

42. Passport cover case by Eccolo World Traveler

This passport cover case is ideal for the frequent flyer — it will keep their passport intact, and it also has space to store other important documents.

43. Exercise ball by URBNFit

This exercise ball is perfect for the health fanatic office worker. It helps them work on their core, and it also helps with posture when used as a desk chair.

44. ‘You've Been Naughty’ bag with lump of coal by Roman

This bag of coal is ideal for a practical joke (if you’re that close with your Secret Santa) or for the person that you openly dislike (although isn’t Christmas supposed to be a time of forgiving and forgetting?).

45. eGift card by Amazon

If you’re really stuck for ideas, why not give someone an Amazon.com eGift Card? They can use the funds to put towards something that’s been on their wish list for a while.

Final thoughts

Getting the perfect Secret Santa gift while staying in budget can be tricky. Luckily, you have this extensive list to look back to if you ever need some affordable gift options that everyone will love.

And if all else fails, you can always ask people to create a wish list, so you can be sure that your Secret Santa mission is successful!

    Join the discussion! Have you got any other Secret Santa gift suggestions? Share them with us in the comments section below!


    This article is an update of an earlier version published on 19 December 2018 and contains contributions by staff writer Melina Theodorou.