15 Delicious Christmas Recipe Ideas for the Office

Illustrated Christmas Cake

The holiday season is always the perfect excuse to bring baked goods to the office. Indeed, treating your colleagues to some festive snacks might just make the holiday countdown a little more bearable for everyone!

Although it won’t make Christmas come any faster, it will certainly make the wait sweeter!

If you want to amaze everyone with your tasty creations, keep reading! Here are some delicious Christmas recipe ideas that will help you spread the holiday cheer around the office!

1. Mince Pies

Mince piesBBC Good Food

Spoil your colleagues with these delicious British treats!

If you’re short on time, you can use store-bought pastry dough, but if you’re set on making everything from scratch, you’ll need butter, plain flour and some caster sugar for your dough.

As for your the mince pie stuffing, you’ll need a combination of dried fruits, nuts, spices and sugar, or you can simply buy a jar of premade mincemeat (not to be confused with minced meat!).

Mince pies are quite easy and fun to make, and this helpful recipe from BBC Good Food will guide you through the process step by step!

2. Cranberry and Brie Puff Pastry Wreath

Cranberry and Brie puff pastry wreathSimply Delicious

If you enjoy the combination of sweet and savoury flavours, then this recipe by Simply Delicious might become one of your Christmas favourites.

The golden baked wreath is filled with sweet cranberry sauce, tangy brie cheese and crispy pistachios, making it a tasteful – and beautiful-looking, might I add – festive treat. All you’ll need is some store-bought puff pastry, cranberry sauce, brie cheese, pistachios and an egg.

To create the wreath, roll out your pastry and mark a circle using a large bowl. Then, cut a star in the middle and start arranging your filling around the star, pulling each of its point over the filling towards the outer edge. Afterwards, gloss over your pastry with egg wash and bake until golden brown.

3. Yule Log

Chocolate Yule log cakeThe Spruce Eats

The Yule log, or bûche de Noël, dates back to 19th Century France and remains a Christmas classic to this day! A heavenly combination of spongy chocolate cake and vanilla-flavoured cream filling, topped with confectioners’ sugar and grated chocolate shavings, this is a rich and decadent dessert.

Although it might require a little more time to make, it will be a scrumptious treat for everyone at the office. Plus, this Yule log recipe by Elaine Lemm doesn’t require any flour, which I bet your gluten-free colleagues will surely appreciate!

4. Chocolate Kiss Cookies

Chocolate Kiss CookiesTwo Peas and Their Pod

If you love Hershey’s Kisses, you’re going to adore this recipe!

These Christmassy chocolate kiss cookies are both delicious and festive-looking. They’re also relatively easy to make!

Once you’ve prepared your cookie dough, pour some sprinkles in a bowl, roll your dough into small balls and place them into the bowl of sprinkles. After your cookies are nicely coated, line them up in a baking tray and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Allow them to cool off for another five minutes, and then place a chocolate kiss on the centre of each cookie!

5. Caramel-Stuffed Soft Gingerbread Cookies

Caramel-stuffed soft gingerbread cookiesBelle Vie

These cookies are bound to be a hit with your coworkers and will undoubtedly make for a great snack for work.

This recipe gives the traditional gingerbread cookies a gooey caramel twist, making them all the more flavourful!

For the cookie dough, you’ll need to combine ingredients such as ground cloves, nutmeg and, of course, ginger, to make your mixture more fragrant. As for the caramel core, roll two balls of dough and stack them on each side of a Kraft caramel. Bake for about 10 minutes and allow the cookies to cool completely before moving them onto a cooling rack.

6. Oreo Truffles

Oreo TrufflesDelish // Parker Feierbach

If you want to make your colleagues swoon, then surprise them with these yummy Oreo truffles. To make these, all you’ll only need is four ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, white chocolate and a topping of your choice (sprinkles, chocolate shavings or Oreo crumbles work great!).

Start by placing the Oreos into a food processor, and then combine them with the cream cheese. Separate the dough into bite-sized balls and move them to the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Once they’re ready, melt the white chocolate and use a fork to roll the truffles in the chocolate sauce. Don’t forget to add your toppings of choice, and then let the truffles sit in the fridge for another ten minutes.

Et voilà! Your Oreo truffles are good to go!

7. Caramelised Red Onion and Goats’ Cheese Tarts

Caramelised Red Onion and Goats’ Cheese TartsDomestic Gothess

These tasty tartlets make the perfect breakfast or lunch idea for work!

The filling contains a mixture of egg, milk, cream, nutmeg and goats’ cheese, as well as caramelised red onions cooked to perfection with a touch of sugar, thyme, star anise and balsamic vinegar.

You’ll need loose-bottomed tart tins to cook your tarts in, and once they’re ready, you can top them off with fresh thyme to add a subtle and delicate flavour to each bite.

8. Chocolate Bark

Chocolate BarkSugar Salt Magic

Not only is chocolate bark delicious, but it’s also a lot of fun to make. Plus, this is the perfect recipe if you’re short on time.

Assemble a mixture of dark and milk chocolate bars, and your topping of choice – mini pretzels, wine gums, sprinkles, pistachios and dried cranberries, in particular, all work wonderfully!

Simply melt the chocolate bars in a pan or the microwave. Next, line a long baking tray with baking paper, pour the melted chocolate inside and spread it out evenly with a spatula. Then sprinkle your chosen toppings on top and place the tray in the fridge. Once it sets, break your bark into large pieces and serve!

9. Gingerbread Brownies

Gingerbread browniesI Heart Eating

If brownies are your go-to choice for office potlucks, why not add a Christmassy touch to your next batch? This flavourful recipe incorporates cinnamon, molasses and ginger into the mix, adding a decadent and festive flavour into the chewy goodness of these brownies.

Simply mix your ingredients together, bake for 20 to 30 minutes and then top your brownies with some powdered sugar!

10. Bailey’s Fudge

BaileyWine & Glue

If you want to bring happy hour a bit earlier to your office, then give everyone a taste of Bailey’s fudge! (If you’re hesitant about serving these boozy treats to your colleagues while on the clock, though, they also make a great idea for this year’s office Christmas Santa!)

All you’ll need is some chocolate chips, Bailey’s liquor, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract and Andes baking chips. Once the mixture is ready, pour into a pan and store it in the refrigerator for at least four hours.

11. Greek Honey Cookies with Walnuts

MelomakaronaThe Spruce Eats

If you want to wow everyone at the Christmas office potluck this year, then these honey cookies should be your dessert of choice. A traditional Greek Christmas treat, these honey cookies (locally known as melomakarona) are flavoured with orange, cinnamon, brandy and honey. Once the cookies are cooked, they’re dipped into a mouth-watering honey syrup and later topped with crushed walnuts.

While melomakarona are not too difficult to make, there are certain steps that need to be followed. Luckily, this recipe breaks everything into digestible sections that will make this even easier for you!

12. Melted Snowman Cupcakes

Melted Snowman CupcakesOlive

These melted snowman cupcakes are the perfect Christmas-themed treat.

To make the frosting, you’ll need white marshmallows, milk, cream cheese, vanilla extract and double cream. Start by melting the marshmallows in milk over low heat – just make sure to stir often so that the mixture doesn’t stick to the pan! Then, whip the cream cheese with the vanilla extract, and combine the marshmallow mix once it’s completely cooled down.

Top this off with the double cream and chill for an hour. Once the frosting is ready, and the cupcakes are made, you can start creating your melting snowmen!

13. Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake

Chocolate Peppermint CheesecakeDelish

It doesn’t get better than a decadent, creamy cheesecake! Well, other than a chocolate peppermint cheesecake, perhaps!

Lindsay Funston combines her cheesecake with an Oreo cookie crust, a delicious chocolate ganache and crushed candy canes to top it all off. What makes all the Christmassy difference, however, is the peppermint extract that is added to the creamy mixture.

After the cheesecake is baked to perfection, let it cool for an hour before placing it into the fridge for another four hours or overnight. Then top it off with the chocolate ganache and the rest of the garnish.

Although this recipe might require a little more dedication, it will be love at first bite!

14.  Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate crinklesSimply Recipes

From cakes, cookies and hot cocoa drinks, chocolate plays a leading role during the holiday season. Chocolate crinkles are yet another perfect way to indulge in your favourite snack!

These cookies will make the perfect companion to your morning coffee and will surely put a smile on everyone’s face at the office. Due to their cakey texture, the dough will be slightly stickier than the usual cookie mix, so be sure to let it sit in the fridge for three to four hours before rolling out the cookies.

If you want, you can also add additional flavour by combining them with extra ingredients like dried cherries or cranberries, nuts, or orange zest.

15. Sweet Potato and Chickpea Sausage Rolls


Sweet Potato and Chickpea Sausage RollsCupful of Kale

These vegan-friendly sausage rolls are the perfect finger food guaranteed to make your colleagues’ day a little bit brighter.

The tangy, slow-roasted sweet potato adds tons of flavour to the filling of chickpeas, harissa spices, tomato purée, flax egg, cumin and coriander, forming a flavourful base for the rolls. As for the pastry, this recipe works great with store-bought puff pastry sheets, but you can also make yours from scratch if you’re eager!

Bringing some Christmas treats to the office will undoubtedly put a smile on everyone’s face. After all, the holiday season is all about sharing! And sharing your culinary talents with your colleagues will certainly be much appreciated!

Have you got any Christmas recipes to share? Let us know in the comments section below!