10 Office Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Workplace

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Believe it or not, but a company’s interior design can be a determining factor to its success and performance. Indeed, a monotonous and uninspiring work environment not only lacks character but can also have detrimental effects on employees’ motivation and productivity. It’s not surprising, then, that some companies put so much effort into creating the coolest offices in the world!

You don’t have to go extreme lengths to design nicer office interiors, though. A dash of colour and some leafy plants can go a long way in creating a more inspiring and welcoming environment. But why stop there?

If you’re looking for inspiring décor ideas and ways to give the office a little spruce, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Plant it Up

Interior of WeWork officeDan Gold via Pexels

If you need simple décor ideas, plants are a great way to spruce up any office interior. They create a livelier atmosphere and make any space or surface feel cosier.

But their function isn’t merely decorative. Studies show that plants can be widely beneficial for productivity, stress reduction and creativity. An additional benefit: they filter out toxins and create cleaner air.

In other words, not only will they add a dash of style to your workspace, but they will also create a better environment for everyone. Even within a small office, a few plants can dramatically change its layout and design.

And there’s a wide variety of indoor plants that would be suitable for your office, too; a Boston fern, some succulents or an English ivy could just do the trick.

2. Make it Artsy

Two wooden frames hanging on a grey wallrawpixel.com via Pexels

Enriching your office with art is another brilliant office design idea.

A conventional office setup often omits any elements of distraction from the interior design. Art, unfortunately, often falls into that category.

That said, art can dramatically improve any space and environment that it’s placed in, with Alex Heath describing aesthetics as an energy-giving source – a vital element in any workspace. In other words, an aesthetically pleasing work of art will not only beautify a space but also nurture people’s creativity and encourage intellectual engagement.

So, why not adorn the walls of your office with some art and turn your office interior into the masterpiece it can be?

3. Ditch the Cubicles

A man working in an officerawpixel.com via Pexels

Cubicles are an outdated office design that often generates an isolating atmosphere. However, while they’re a dull setup, open space layouts have also been proven to be bad for employee productivity and morale.

The modern solution to this dilemma is a flexible workspace, a setup that can accommodate different environments in which employees can work. This office design idea includes silent spaces, private areas for business calls and meetings, and flexible workstations.

Another useful design idea would be a demountable wall system for an adaptable office layout. This will lead to an open, connected space and a flexible office design.

4. Use Natural Light

A man working in a brightly lit officebruce mars via Pexels

No one wants to work in a dimly lit, gloomy office.

Natural light is a fundamental attribute to your office’s interior design, and its effective use can create tranquillity and ambience. Not only does it make your office more attractive, but it also creates a positive atmosphere, and it improves employees’ wellbeing.

Indeed, natural light has been found to increase creativity, decrease stress levels and even reduce sick leaves. By removing walls, fitting interior glass partitions and installing skylights, you can use natural lighting to enhance your office’s design in no time.

5. Add Books and Bookcases

A tall wooden bookcase with booksNguyen Nguyen via Pexels

For any bibliophile, the presence of books in a room immediately offers a sense of familiarity and comfort. Using books as décor in the workplace can create the same kind of ambience. Not only will they create a homely feel, but they will also make your office feel more welcoming.

The colours of the books will give the space a warm look, and the bookshelves can even be used to separate two rooms. Even if you aren’t much of a reader yourself, you can’t deny the lavish and classy feeling an elegant book-wall can give to a room!

6. Create Relaxation Areas

A modern office with a light blue corner sofaK2 Space via Flickr

Interior design is not solely tasked with making office spaces aesthetically attractive. Indeed, an office interior should also create environments that benefit the employees’ wellbeing. Creating a space where people can recharge, zone out and relax would be a great idea for your office design.

Introducing an area that can accommodate these functions will not only improve productivity and satisfaction but will also create a more mindful interior space for your office. Who said the office couldn’t be relaxing?

7. Choose Minimalist Aesthetics

A minimalist office with white chairs and a wooden table in the foregroundfredericomeyer via Pixabay

On a scale of messy to Marie Kondo emergency intervention, how cluttered is your office? Piled up and forgotten files, messy desks, and cardboard boxes are just a few things causing your workplace to feel stuffy and chaotic.

A minimalist office décor will not only get rid of the clutter but also create a slick and stylish feel to your office’s interior.

The idea behind minimalism is to keep the essentials and eliminate unnecessary items. Remove visual clutter like posters and guides, store away items like stationery and notepads, use neutral colours, and strive for a clean, ergonomic design.

The KonMari method will have nothing on you once you’re done!

8. Splurge on Colours

A modern break room with colourful furnitureK2 Space via Flickr

Choosing a colour scheme for your office design will help you brighten up and harmonise your workspace, improve productivity and even enhance visitors’ impressions of your company.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m a big fan of colour schemes myself. There is actual science behind my claim!

Office colour psychology analyses how our subconscious reacts to different colours in the office environment. Colours can affect behaviour, mood and emotional state of mind. White, green and blue are usually recommended as the safest options for creating a peaceful and clean office. Black, yellow and red, meanwhile, should be used to accent spaces.

Even if you don’t want to go wild on colour coordination, a pop of colourful walls and furniture will still make a difference!

9. Apply Zen Principles

A man sitting in a contemporary office with tall windowsEunice Lui via Pexels

Zen design embodies minimalist philosophy. It is mindful of the way space, light and natural material work in unison to produce a tranquil and visually balanced environment.

Simplicity is a key element that needs to be considered when building an interior with the Zen design principles as its core objective is to remove clutter.

To do this, you need to consider how to make your workspace flow. Use natural light, store away unnecessary items and create a versatile space where you can multitask.

Zen décor is associated with neutral colours, simple furniture, and features with clean lines. The main idea is to remove obstacles and let the energy flow positively around the office space.

10. Invest in Cool Gadgets

A small red robot standing on a deskrawpixel.com via Pexels

A high-tech office is an impressive and creative way to design an office interior. By installing innovative gadgets such as digital picture frames, robot speakers like Amazon Echo and even inventive office lamps, you’ll give your office a cool and techy vibe. If you don’t want to spend your budget on expensive décor, though, you could opt for smaller and equally cool office gadgets.

Either way, investing in fun devices will create a more enjoyable and modern office design, and it will excite employees. Who said it should be all work and no play, anyway?

There are plenty of ways to design and create a warm and welcoming workspace. The key is to settle on an idea which complements your company’s objectives and matches its character and ideals.

Refreshing the office’s interior design will make it look more professional, stylish and chic. And it will improve everyone’s morale – it’s a win-win situation!

Which design idea was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!