The 23 Best Gift Ideas for Your Boss

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Buying a gift for your boss can be a complete minefield – do you go for something funny (because you share that kind of ‘banter’), something personal or opt for a useful gadget? Whether it’s for a birthday, life event, the holidays or just because you want to say ‘thank you’, you’ll need a gift with the perfect hint of individuality and quality. After all, it is for the person that makes all the important decisions for your career progression.

We’ve pulled together a range of gifts that are sure to impress your boss – no matter how tricky he or she is to shop for. If you’re buying a personal gift, there are super affordable options, but if your whole team is chipping in, there are some fancy gifts you won’t want to skip.



1. Posture Corrector Cushion

Cheap desk chairs do no favours for our postures. If your boss slumps over their desk all day, get them this posture-correcting cushion that forces you to sit better throughout the day.

Posture Corrector Cushion Amazon

$39.93 (£36.99) | Buy the Posture Corrector Cushion

2. Phone Sanitiser and Charger

This cool, little device zaps the germs lurking on your touchscreen while simultaneously charging your phone – perfect for your OCD manager that’s always spraying antibacterial and stinking out the office!

Phone Sanitiser and Charger Amazon

$59.96 (£43.00) | Buy the Phone Sanitiser and Charger

3. ‘Reason You Drink’ Wine Label Set

If your boss has a good sense of humour, this funny wine label will surely get them chuckling. Stick it on their favourite bottle of wine and you’re on to a winner!

Reason you drink wine label Amazon

$14.99 (£10.75) | Buy ‘Reason You Drink’ Wine Label Set

4. Personalised Black Leather Business Card Holder

This unique present is the ideal business gift without getting too personal – your boss can store all their business cards in one neat case.

Business Card Holder Amazon

$7.99 (£5.73) | Buy the Personalised Black Leather Business Card Holder

5. World’s Best Boss Mug

If your boss is a fan of a hot cuppa and the office, this funny mug will make a great addition to their desk.

World's best boss mug Amazon

$13.25 (£9.50) | Buy the World’s Best Boss Mug

6. Hot Cocoa Drink Mix Gift Set

There’s nothing better than a steaming cup of hot cocoa during the Christmas period. Filled with six packets, this set is both festive and delicious! If you want to really impress, throw in a mug, as well!

Hot Cocoa Amazon

$16.99 (£12.18) | Buy the Hot Cocoa Drink Mix Gift Set

7. Coffee Sampler Set

There’s nothing more appropriate than this sampler set if your boss is a coffee addict. Help them kiss the morning grogginess ‘goodbye’ with six different types of flavoured coffee.

Coffee sampler Amazon

$23.55 (£16.90) | Buy the Coffee Sampler Set

8. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

This practical gift is suitable for the bosses that are always on the go. Give their phone some juice with this handy portable charger.

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger Amazon

$25.99 (£18.65) | Buy the Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

9. Productivity Planner

This smart gift is great for those that have hundreds of post-it notes flying around. Help your manager put their thoughts in one tidy place with this productivity planner- it’s even filled with inspirational quotes!

Productivity planner Amazon

$24.95 (£17.90) | Buy the Productivity Planner

10. MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station & Device Organiser

This all-in-one device organiser and charger is perfect for the OCD boss – it won’t take up too much room and it will even keep their phone charged throughout the day.

Bamboo Charging Station & Device Organiser Amazon

$39.95 (£28.65) | Buy the MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station & Device Organiser

11. Amazon Kindle

If your boss is a bookworm and always on the go, what’s better than a Kindle that allows them to read anywhere, anytime?

Amazon Kindle Amazon

$119.99 (£109.99) | Buy the Amazon Kindle



12. Rifle Paper Co Recipe Box

Does your boss like to cook up a storm in the kitchen and always gathering recipes from your coworkers? If so, gift them this cute recipe box where she can store all her ideas in one place!

Recipe box Amazon

$34.00 (£24.00) | Buy the Rifle Paper Co Recipe Box

13. Silk Sleep Mask

If your boss travels a lot, this silk sleep mask will save their day. It’ll prevent her eyes from drying out too much on the plane and allow her to get that all too-important beauty sleep.

Silk sleep mask Amazon

$45.00 (£32.20) | Buy the Silk Sleep Mask

14. Bamboo Cheese Board

This fancy cheese and cracker serving board is perfect for those that like to entertain. If your manager is a wino, this gift will be right up their alley.

Bamboo cheese board Amazon

$59.95 (£43.00) | Buy the Bamboo Cheese Board

15. Scratch-Off World Map Poster

If your boss likes to travel and explore different cultures, give them this scratch-off map poster to show where they have been. It’ll encourage them to go to more places to uncover more on their map.

Scratch map Amazon

$32.97 (£23.64) | Buy the Scratch-Off World Map Poster

16. LED Message Board and Alarm Clock

This clever clock allows you to write reminders and have them light up when the alarm goes off – ideal for the forgetful bosses!

Message board clock Amazon

$57.99 (£41.58) | Buy the LED Message Board and Alarm Clock

17. DocuPen Scanner

This smart little gadget allows you to scan a piece of text or take a photo and stores it for later reading, which means you don’t have to carry around heaps of books, newspapers or magazines.

DocuPen Amazon

$95.00 (£68.10) | Buy the DocuPen Scanner

18. Post-It Note Holder with Photo Frame

If your boss uses a lot of post-it notes, get them this unique holder with a frame to keep them happy throughout the day.

Post-it holder frame Amazon

$19.69 (£14.11) | Buy the Post-It Note Holder with Photo Frame

19. Portable Wireless Speaker with Desktop Cradle

If you share your boss’s taste in music, gift them this modern speaker block to pump up the volume in the office.

Speaker stand Amazon

$25.99 (£18.64) | Buy the Portable Wireless Speaker with Desktop Cradle

20. Timex Weekender Watch

If your boss is always running late, gift them this trendy watch to improve their timekeeping.

Timex watch Amazon

$49.99 (£35.85) | Buy the Timex Weekender Watch

21. Fitbit Charge 2

This step counter is perfect for the triathletes; it is waterproof and it monitors your sleep patterns, too!

Fitbit Charge 2 Amazon

$147.00 (£105.41) | Buy the Fitbit Charger 2

22. Caitlins Home Scented Soy Wax Candle Gift Set

If your manager needs some me-time to relax, get them these calming aromatherapy candles – they smell great, too!

Soy Wax Candle Gift Set Amazon

$24.95 (£17.90) | Buy the Caitlins Home Scented Soy Wax Candle Gift Set

23. Cupcake Gift Card

If you are really stuck with a gift idea, an gift card is always suitable. You can choose cute cases, like this cupcake one which is ideal for a birthday.

Amazon gift card cupcake Amazon

From $25.00 (£20.00) | Buy the Cupcake Gift Card



There’s no doubt that selecting a gift for your not-so-easy boss is an overwhelming task. There really is nothing to stress about, though – just pick an item off this list and you’ll have a gift that shows you’re a thoughtful and impressive employee!

Have you gifted your boss any other items that aren’t on this list but are super cool? Let us know your comments in the section below…

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