Top 10 Most Boring Jobs in the World

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Have you ever had a job that literally drains every last bit of energy you have? As much as we are trained to believe that our interest determines the level of boredom at work, this is not correct. Some jobs are outright annoying. No matter the amount of positive energy and interest you have, you will still find yourself complaining and whining about the lack of thrill in your job. Here is a list of the world’s ten most boring jobs, which you might want to consider when choosing a career, unless you actually like being bored.

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10. Teacher

Throughout the year, a teacher is expected to teach the same things every day. Teachers often follow a syllabus, making this experience less creative and involving. The teacher also has the daunting task of assessing the children’s understanding through tests. Doing this, every year leaves you bored. Teachers need a lot of motivation to stay focused on the goal

9. Garbage collection

Going around collecting garbage at pickup points on a weekly basis sounds disgusting, but not interesting. Garbage collection is humiliating and annoying. It takes one a lot of courage to love the job they do and get used to the mistreatment of others.

8. Cleaning and housekeeping

Cleanliness is good, but having a job as a housekeeper or a cleaner can be one of the most frustrating jobs in the world. Using the same cleaning equipment, cleaning the same place every single day may not be one of the best experiences in the world.

7. Truck driver

Travelling is not the same as driving. Using the same routes every day to deliver and collect goods can be quite tedious. Truck drivers spend hours staring at the road while firmly holding the steering wheel. As such, they have few interesting things to keep them motivated.

6. Dishwasher

As a dishwasher, your hands are never dry. All day long, you are left battling with cutlery and crockery in the kitchen. Dishwashers have the tragedy of dealing with sick pay, too; this makes the job even more frustrating. Utensils keep piling up with every new order, and the work seems endless. It is one of those jobs that many people just wish didn’t exist.

5. Nanny

Taking care of kids is one of the most frustrating jobs in the world. Kids have a way of insulting even the most intelligent people in the world. It is a little bit easier when taking care of your own child, but being a nanny is twice as hard. The endless wails, tantrums and restlessness can easily leave even the most interested persons bored and tired of the task. Being a nanny is not only boring, but also exhausting. The whole task of looking after children can become a nightmare.

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4. Accountant

Playing with numbers may be easy. But when numbers are all you are going to work on day in and day out, it becomes as boring as hell. Accountants lack spark at work and dealing with numbers all day, all week, all month, and year in and year out sounds like hell. Accounting jobs often require you to be self-driven and optimistic to get through the day.

3. Data entry

Feeding data into the computer sounds easy and enjoyable until the figures and numbers start looking similar and confusing. The work is brain draining and a tedious rigmarole. It provides little room for creativity and offers few thrills. The mind naturally loses interest in doing systematic tasks. The only thing that could probably keep a person interested in the job is the fact that it has a good pay check.

2. Bank branch manager

As lucrative as it is, being a bank branch manager is also one of the most boring jobs in the world. The job is demanding and the stress to balance so many accounts is often overwhelming. Playing with figures all day long does not sound attractive at all, especially in the event of problem. Any slight mistake may mess up the whole balancing act.

1. Security guard

Hours after dusk, a security guard is entrusted to take care of the premises. As a guard, you spend hours glued to a still CCTV camera screen monitoring safety in the late hours of the night. Such as dull task often breeds unhappiness and boredom at work.

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Careers play a significant role in our lives. Boring jobs often reflect our general attitude towards life. At times, having a change in mindset sparks magic in what was previously perceived as boring. Next time you find yourself in a job that you do not like, try to make it interesting by having a positive attitude towards it. If this does not work out why not just follow your passion and do what you love.

Have you ever done any of these jobs? Did they make you bored than you could possibly imagine? Let us know in the comments section below…