The 20 Worst Jobs in the World

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Work-life satisfaction is sometimes overlooked when it comes to finding a job, with some working just to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. They take on challenging and dead-end professions that often get overlooked.

There is one positive, though; if you think your job is bad, then these professions will help you put your 9-5 grind into perspective.

Here are the 20 worst jobs in the world:

1. Telemarketer

Telemarketers get paid to make cold calls to the general public in order to try and sell various products and services. They are a huge annoyance to many and receive endless abuse and constant hang-ups. This can leave them feeling down about themselves and their work ethic. They receive a mediocre salary, too, despite the scope to earn more based on performance.

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2. Cleaner

Cleaners are often mistreated in the workplace; they aren’t given respect by other workers and end up doing horrendous tasks. Unfortunately, many in-house cleaners are also taken advantage of by their bosses and are not given fair rights. You have to have a thick skin and the will to say no to get on in this job.

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3. Lorry driver

Besides the fact that lorry driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, it’s also one of the worst. It can get boring and lonely on the long trips up and down the motorway with most drivers losing concentration. Many consider it a dead-end profession with no room to progress and develop.

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4. Soldier

This profession can be rewarding as you are working for your country, yet many soldiers are left with depression and other health-related issues. Spending weeks and months away from your family and friends can be challenging, let alone having to have your bed and uniform inspected a number of times a day. Career Cast reported that "high stress and low pay lands enlisted military personnel in the worst jobs of 2016”.

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5. Social worker

­­People who opt for a career in social work are often faced with awful and demoralising situations. Social workers deal with a number of people who are experiencing crisis; from orphan children, to sexually or physically abused victims and old people who are homeless. 

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6. Customer service advisor

Do you know the saying “shoot the messenger”? This is too close to the truth when it comes to customer service advisors. They get the brunt of angry complaints and abusive customers that are dissatisfied with the company they represent. On the plus side, they can really make a change when they’ve helped solve a solution, especially if the company has a great culture.

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7. Miner

Coal mining is one of the most-hated careers as it greatly affects workers health. Miners are known to have a considerably short life-expectancy as they work in incredibly dusty, humid and hot environments; they are also at great risk of a gas explosion or a tunnel collapsing.


8. Slaughter house worker

This job isn’t one for those with a weak stomach; killing animals for a living can be extremely depressing. A current slaughterhouse worker is quoted saying 'when you’re not repelling members of the opposite sex whose stomachs have been turned by what you do, you’re at work, ripping apart the carcasses of innocent animals, knee-deep in blood and guts. You’d think that when you walk out of the abattoir, you can leave it behind you for the day but no. The smell of death clings to you.'

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9. Promotional mascot

Putting any costume on and looking stupid has to be listed as one of the worst jobs in the world. It can be as bad as dressing as a set of balls for testicular cancer awareness. Of course, anyone in costume will attract attention, and more often than not, it’s ridicule and bullying.

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10. Traffic warden

Traffic wardens are strongly hated amongst the general public; I mean who likes to get a parking ticket? Their day-to-day lives involve a lot of abuse and shouting, so you will need to have thick skin to be able to do this job. Dennis - a current traffic warden - says: “you get verbal abuse all the time…but I never take it personally.”

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11. Animal food taster

Although some people actually enjoy eating animal food for a living, most of us are repulsed by it. This job involves eating really bad batches of animal products and the risk of severe food poisoning. To be successful in this role, you will need a highly developed palate and the presence of mind not to swallow anything but your pride.

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12. Portable toilet cleaner

These brave workers tackle cleaning portable toilets on a daily basis. Using a tank and a vacuum wand, cleaners must suck up all the waste in a portable toilet. After picking up any stray toilet paper, they also wash down all surfaces that could possibly be soiled, including the walls. This is when a high-pressure hose comes in handy and as you can imagine hosing a wall off in a closed space results in a lot of spray back. Nevertheless, some cleaners grin and bear it — and take home $50,000 (£38,000) a year.

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13. Road kill remover

Roadkill removers are faced with the gruelling task of collecting and disposing of dead animals from the road. They never know what they are going to face (including oncoming traffic). They also don’t know how long the animal has been lying on the road so the stench they are faced with can really make you hurl.

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14. Animal masturbator

I didn’t believe it either, but this is a legitimate job. There are times when semen needs to be collected from an animal for fertilisation or a study. This is where the animal masturbator comes in; their role is to extract sperm from the animal, either manually or with an electric stimulator.

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15. Sewer cleaner

Some jobs are lousy, and some just plain stink. Being a sewer inspector falls into both categories, but the decent salary may cause you to consider it. Their daily duties involve the inspection of sewers and flushing out the problem. However, there is a relatively high chance of contracting diseases, especially gastrointestinal, respiratory and skin diseases.

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16. Crime scene cleaner

A job for only the most hardened, a crime scene cleaner is responsible for making things nice again after homicides, suicides and accidents. Performing this job includes removing blood stains, body parts, bodily fluids and other gory things from the scene. A crime scene cleaner needs high endurance for the job; it can takes hours trying to clean it up depending on how bad the crime scene is.

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17. Odour tester

Getting a whiff of bad BO can make most of our stomachs churn, but odour testers spend days sniffing people’s armpits, breath and feet. Peta Jones, an "armpit sniffer", works as a deodorant producer for Unilever in Australia, developing the Dove, Lynx and Impulse brands. “It was strange at first," she says, "but in a week it was fine.”

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18. Broadcaster

Perhaps surprisingly, broadcasting is considered a challenging job, due mainly to the terrible work-life balance, although this highly stressful job also involves working extensively in the public eye to tight deadlines. If you fancy spending most of your time at work and can handle the pressure, then it may not be so bad.

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19. Paint dry watcher

These folks literally watch paint dry on a wall for a living. The purpose is to check how the colour of matt and emulsion changes over time and to make sure they are durable. I mean what can be more boring than staring at a blank wall for hours?

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20. Guard at Buckingham Palace

“Being a guard duty at Buckingham Palace is regarded as one of the worst jobs in the British Army”, according to military documents obtained by The Telegraph. Soldiers spend several hours each day cleaning and pressing their uniforms and polishing their boots in preparation for one of the many kit inspections that they are likely to face before taking up their positions outside one of the royal palaces. Perhaps the worst part though is obnoxious tourists treating you like an animal in a zoo, as well as the terrible accommodation.

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So there you have it – a list of puke-worthy, spine-chilling, ghastly jobs that people do for the money (or because they actually enjoy it!).

Would you consider doing any of these jobs? Leave us a comment in the section below to let us know…