4 Rarest Jobs in the World


You are sick and tired of all this competition…you apply for a job, rock the interview only to receive the soul destroying rejection email a few days later. Some of these rejection letters will even mention that due to the overwhelming amount of candidates they will not be accepting anymore applications! Well my friend leave the oppressive competition behind, because these are a few of the rarest jobs in the world…you know what it might actually be harder to break into these fields because there are few positions to fill, in any case here’s the list.

1. Dice/Card inspector

dice inspectorslotslvcasino

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry with high stakes and even higher fines for cheating (they won’t break your legs anymore, but you will definitely be put in jail). With so much money on the line both casinos and companies that produce the gambling ephemera (card and dice primarily) are heavily regulated by both government and private agencies. Part of the process is actually having someone measure all the sides of the dice (ensuring they’re equal), making sure the dices corners are perfectly square and ensuring that it hasn’t been manipulated to land on a specific number. They are also in charge of destroying cards and dice intermittently to ensure that they cannot be manipulated.

2. Nose


Yes, you read that right a Nose, also known as a perfumer, is an individual tasked with using their extraordinary olfactory abilities to create over-priced designer fragrances. Although there are a few more perfumers than dice inspectors, this job is relatively rare based primarily on the merit that it’s mostly a talent than training. You can even work as a Nose in the food industry concocting synthetic and natural aromas to be added to food items. Although you can be hired by both industries many Noses actually work independently, with some even having artisan perfumes which they sell.

3. Ufologist


Ufologists are people that are dedicated at finding the truth…that’s out there. They pour over Government reports, physical evidence and audiovisual material in the hopes of revealing concrete evidence about UFO and intelligence life that exists outside (or in) our known Universe. Although you won’t exactly find paid positions for Ufologist, you can make a decent paycheck presenting and speaking to other UFO/paranormal enthusiasts at conferences and seminars. You can even publish a book on the topic and make millions of dollars…even if you are later discredited. The now internet famous ancient alien theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos made a career of his knowledge not only as a public speaker but also as a producer for many speculative UFO programs on major cable TV networks.

4. Private chef

personal chefShutterstock

You think being a chef is all about liking food right? First of all what the hell is the matter with you…have you never seen foam emulsions and molecular gastronomy on the Food Network? So, if you go to a prestigious (or not) culinary arts institution, instead of jumping into the overly-competitive service industry why not try your hand at being a private or personal chef? You will hobnob with the rich, famous and obscenely scabrous meeting such insane demands as making everything green and pureeing everything, including $50/100g wagyu beef.

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