20 Exciting Jobs for People Who Get Bored Easily

You won’t wanna gouge your eyes out with these jobs.

Reviewed by Chris Leitch

A man sitting at a desk who gets bored easily at a job

Some people find the idea of routine reassuring. They have no trouble waking up every day at the same time, grabbing coffee from the same café, sitting at the same ol’ desk and carrying out the same ol’ tasks.

But not you. You want your professional life to be exciting — unpredictable, even. Otherwise, you start to feel as though the monotony of it is sucking your soul right out.

Since you have the tendency to get bored easily, we won’t ramble on. Let us jump straight into our list of 20 professions for people who like to be kept entertained!

1. Flight attendant

Flight Attendant

What they earn: $68,370/year

What they do: Flight attendants ensure the comfort and safety of passengers on short- and long-haul flights. Their duties vary greatly in nature, from serving drinks and snacks to administering emergency medical care if necessary.

How to become: As long as you have your high school diploma and some experience in a customer service role, you can typically apply for work with an airline.  Once hired, you’ll be given training, which can take between three to six weeks. If that sounds somewhat boring, don’t worry: flight attendant school is both intense and fun.

2. Coach

What they earn: $45,910/year

What they do: Coaches work with both amateur and professional athletes, helping them develop the skills they need to stand out in what they do. They identify the athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, plan and instruct practice sessions, and provide support to keep their clients motivated.

How to become: Although requirements can vary, many coaches hold a bachelor’s degree in a subject like sports science or physical education. They also typically have experience in the track and field event or sport they coach for. Working at a high school or college comes with additional requirements, such as passing a background check and completing education courses.

3. Chef

What they earn: $58,920/year

What they do: Chefs are in charge of directing and supervising kitchen staff, developing recipes and menus, and ensuring that work areas and equipment are maintained as needed. Though a fast-paced, demanding profession, if you’re a foodie at heart and looking for a job that will keep you on your toes, this could very well be the right career path for you.

How to become: Aspiring chefs typically enroll in culinary programs at colleges, technical schools or culinary arts schools. Most of the time, these programs incorporate a work experience element, such as an internship or apprenticeship.

4. Surfing instructor


What they earn: $46,480/year

What they do: If you like the sea, enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life and want a job that’s good for your mind and body, look no further: becoming a surfing instructor has it all. Surfing instructors teach kids, teens and adults how to surf, ensuring that their students are staying safe in the water.

How to become: To become a surfing instructor, you first need to master the sport yourself. Then you can complete a certification course, which will typically be designed by the International Surfing Association.

5. Event planner

What they earn: $56,920/year

What they do: Event planners are responsible for organizing social and professional events such as weddings, festivals, and business conferences and conventions. They arrange the various aspects of these gatherings, from location to guest transportation and every little thing in between.

How to become: A job in event planning will typically require a bachelor’s degree in a field like event management, business or communications. Though certification isn’t strictly necessary, a credential such as the Certified Meeting Professional designation by the Events Industry Council can give you a competitive edge.

6. Veterinarian

What they earn: $119,100/year

What they do: The perfect career path for animal lovers! Vets examine animals, diagnose and treat health problems, and advise owners on how to best care for their animals. There are different kinds of veterinarians, such as small animal vets that work with companion animals, and large animal vets that are trained to treat farm animals.

How to become: To become a veterinarian, you must complete a doctor of veterinary medicine degree, which takes four years to complete. Prior to that, you will normally have to complete a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as biology.

7. Journalist


What they earn: $57,500/year

What they do: A journalist researches, writes and edits news stories, features and articles to keep readers informed about current events. They normally work for newspaper, magazine or website publishers, with some journalists being self-employed and contributing to several news outlets.

How to become: Most employers require journalists to hold a bachelor’s degree in a field like journalism, English or communications. In terms of your skill set, you’ll also need to have strong research, communication and attention to detail skills.

8. Bartender

What they earn: $31,510/year

What they do: Bartenders are responsible for taking customers’ orders and preparing and serving drinks. Their job is a very social one, as any bartender will tell you: pour people a drink and, oftentimes, they’ll pour out all those bottled-up feelings.

How to become: Perhaps the only universal requirement to becoming a bartender is to be 18 (or, depending on the state, 21) years of age or over. Some employers will prefer candidates with a high school diploma and some form of training, such as having completed a mixology course. In most cases, bartenders receive on-the-job training.

9. Correctional officer

What they earn: $53,290/year

What they do: Correctional officers work in penal institutions, guarding, supervising and reporting on the inmates’ conduct. They enforce rules, carry out inspections to ensure that security and safety standards are met, and escort people between jails, courtrooms and other places.

How to become: To enroll in a training academy, you must first complete your high school education. Those who wish to work in federal prisons are typically required to complete a bachelor’s degree in a field like social science.

10. Food taster

Food Taster

What they earn: Variable

What they do: Food tasters are trained individuals who sample various food products and provide feedback on the flavor, texture and aftertaste. Some people do this on a gig-by-gig basis, working as part of a taste panel, while others work as full-time sensory scientists and are tasked with tasting products as part of their careers.

How to become: Attending culinary school or completing a degree in a subject like food science can help in pursuing this career path. With or without a culinary background, however, you’ll still want to undertake palate training workshops or courses.

11. Real estate broker

What they earn: $56,620/year

What they do: Real estate brokers work with buyers to help them find properties. They’re responsible for making offers and managing the closing process as well as mediating legal disputes.

How to become: Regardless of which state they work in, real estate brokers need to be licensed. The requirements for licensure do vary by state, however, and normally include completing a real estate course and passing an exam.

12. Amusement ride tester

What they earn: Variable

What they do: Theme park ride testers arguably have one of the most fun jobs in the world. Their role entails going on new rides and providing feedback on the whole experience. As you might expect, this is not a full-time job, but rather a gig-based one. A lot of the time, it will be theme park employees assigned with this thrilling task — although once in a while, an opportunity might be presented to a wider pool of candidates.

How to become: Working at an amusement park may very well be the most straightforward path to testing out rides and earning money for it. Having a knack for customer service and being a bit of an adrenaline junkie should suffice.

13. Personal trainer

Personal Trainer

What they earn: $46,480/year

What they do: Personal trainers work with clients who are looking to set and meet specific fitness goals. They create training plans according to client needs, demonstrate how the exercises are performed to minimize the risk of injury, and find what keeps each client motivated and committed.

How to become: Fitness instructors typically need to be certified before they can take on their own clients. The type of certification they get will be relevant to the area of fitness that interests them, such as strength training or yoga. Some employers will prefer candidates who also hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a sports-related discipline.

14. Tour guide

What they earn: Variable

What they do: If you want a job that will require a fair bit of travel, then working as a tour guide could make sense for you. Their job responsibilities include planning and overseeing activities and itineraries for tourists, and sharing interesting facts about the historical, religious and cultural sites visited.

How to become: There are different kinds of tour guides including walking tour guides, bus city guides and museum guides. Deciding on the path that interests you is the first step to pursuing this profession. Then, you need to determine what your state and local laws say about working in this field. In some cases, you may need to earn a license before you can practice.

15. Architect

What they earn: $93,310/year

What they do: Architects have a number of duties, from meeting with clients to determine their requirements to providing time and cost estimates, preparing drawings, visiting construction sites and managing contracts. As it combines a lot of different responsibilities, you can expect variety in your workdays, plus work that is mentally and creatively stimulating.

How to become: A Bachelor of Architecture degree is normally needed. Many architects go on to complete a master’s degree in architecture, which can take up to five years. All states require architects to complete a three-year paid internship and become licensed before they can practice.

16. Fashion designer

Fashion Designer

What they earn: $79,290/year

What they do: For the artistic soul that happens to get bored easily, a job in fashion design could just about do the trick! Fashion designers study fashion trends, design original clothing and accessories (typically using industry software), select fabrics, and oversee the final production of their items.

How to become: Many fashion designers have an educational background in fashion design, fine arts or another creative field. Putting together a portfolio is vital to landing a job in the field; completing an internship can also help you stand out.

17. Game developer

What they earn: $130,160/year

What they do: Game developers help bring video game concepts and designs to life. They’re responsible for writing code and turning ideas into a playable reality, as well as performing tests and debugging errors.

How to become: A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a similar field is typically required to land a job in this competitive field. Key programming languages used in the industry include C#, C++ and Python. The sooner you start familiarizing yourself with these, the better off you’ll be!

18. Registered nurse

What they earn: $86,070/year

What they do: If you’d like to work in a fast-paced environment that keeps on challenging you, and you also get a sense of fulfilment from helping others, then working as a nurse could be right for you. Nurses work alongside other healthcare professionals, assessing patients’ conditions, administering treatments, performing diagnostic tests and providing guidance to both patients and their families on managing illnesses.

How to become: Registered nurses usually complete a diploma, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing. A nursing license must also be earned, meaning that aspiring nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination.

19. Body part model

Hand Model

What they earn: Variable

What they do: This is a real job — we promise! Body part models participate in photoshoots, posing to help promote specific kinds of products. For example, a hand model may be hired to promote a nail cream or a fashion accessory, like a ring or bracelet.

How to become: There is no universal path to becoming a body part model. Like any model, you need to match the client’s requirements (such as having flawless skin) for the physical characteristics you’ll be hired for. Putting together a portfolio is a good place to start.

20. Photographer

What they earn: $40,760/year

What they do: Photographers can find work in a number of settings. From shooting products for marketing purposes to taking photos of wild animals in their habitats, a photographer’s services can be required in practically any setting.

How to become: Although postsecondary education isn’t typically a requirement for photographers, many take classes or pursue undergraduate degrees to gain a good technical understanding of their craft and develop other employability skills. Those wishing to work in the field of aerial photography — operating drones, in other words — must gain certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Final thoughts

There we have it: 20 fun jobs for people who get bored easily. Though it can be tempting to pick a profession for how exciting or unique it sounds, it’s imperative to consider other things as well before you choose a career path. Those could be your job outlook and salary prospects, for example, or the amount of time you’re going to have left to spend on your hobbies and relationships.

In other words, it may be wise to consider your lifestyle and career goals before buying a one-way ticket to Florida to work as an underwater pizza delivery guy or gal. (Yes, that is a thing!)

So, do tell us: which of these 20 jobs appeals to you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

This article is a complete update of an earlier version originally published on October 17, 2015.