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WORKPLACE / MAY. 29, 2015
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5 Interesting Content Marketing Statistics (2015)

Content marketing is all the rage in the world of digital marketing and branding. As a growing number of professional marketers shift their advertising budgets into the online realm, content marketing is increasingly taking a bigger share of those funds. 

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Indeed, there are many myths regarding content marketing. Some opponents say it’s going to perish soon, while other naysayers purport that it’s ineffective. Whatever the case, it’s a lucrative marketing method, and one that is being embraced by brands in various niches all over the world.

It’s no secret that content marketing, in a way, is still in its infancy period. This means that we’re continuing to learn new things about the way in which we produce this kind of content, distribute it and optimize the articles, blog posts, webinars, videos and infographics. Much like social media has been a boon for marketing, so has content marketing thus far.

So far this year, there have been many studies and reports that have delved into the content marketing industry. Let’s just say that some interesting insights have been made. Here are five of those statistics:


1. Content Marketing Infiltrating LinkedIn

In the first quarter of 2015, popular social network LinkedIn generated $119 million selling advertising space, a 38 percent jump from the same time in the previous year. What was interesting about this figure is that 40 percent of it comprised of content marketing, more than double than the year prior. LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates allow advertisers to place blog posts into users’ home pages. Due to the success of this venture, LinkedIn plans to intensify its efforts. 

2. Content Marketers Overworking, Underperforming

It’s no secret that brands and marketers are spending a substantial amount on content marketing initiatives. Last year, they spent $135 billion in this area, but it’s estimated that 70 percent of it was wasted. According to Highspot, a sales enablement platform vendor, most of the content marketing pieces aren’t being used and social media is littered with unused content. This hasn’t prevented brands from trying their hardest to produce emails, newsletters, articles, ebooks, tweets and the like.

3. Most Organizations are Already Using Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) released a report entitled "2015 Content Marketing Report – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” and found that an overwhelming number of organizations are already using an array of content marketing strategies. Ostensibly, more than four-fifths (86 percent) of organizations are utilizing content marketing, down from 93 percent a year ago.

4. Businesses Plan to Boost Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing agency Castleford discovered in a poll that nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of marketers plan to boost content marketing endeavors in the next financial year, up from 48 percent last year. However, it may not happen because of two major obstacles: time (45 percent) and budget (29 percent).

5. The One Popular Content Marketing Strategy is...

Content marketing comes in all sorts of forms, such as webinars, infographics, white papers, ebooks and so on. Despite all of the types of content marketing strategies, the most popular one is eNewsletters, according to the Email Marketing Industry 2014 report. Why? Because they are emailed to previous customers, potential prospects and long-term clients. As it has been previously written, email marketing remains one of the hottest trends in town

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It takes a certain skill and know-how to churn out content marketing material. Producing the right content marketing article, for instance, requires an understanding of the brand, SEO, target audience and knowledge of producing content without appearing salesy. Yes, it’s ubiquitous but it won’t slow down anytime soon. The $135 billion spent on digital marketing proves it.

Do you plan on implementing a content marketing strategy in your business soon? Do any of these statistics surprise you?

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