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Career Testing
Career Testing
Career Testing
group of graduates working in a team
GRADUATES / MAR 23, 2017

One of the biggest problems graduates face is that their skills gap is often an obstacle in the job search process and this is why it’s perhaps wiser to start by looking...

graduate holding tablet computer
GRADUATES / MAR 07, 2017

There are many options available to graduates. From pursuing postgraduate degrees to taking a year off abroad, the opportunities are truly endless. However, if you are...

Group of students near university
GRADUATES / FEB 20, 2017

Deciding whether to continue your studies after graduation is not a decision to be taken lightly. Due to the costs and commitment required, a lot of people find the idea...

two female graduates in graduaation robes
GRADUATES / FEB 10, 2017

If you’ve just finished university, you are probably wondering what to do next. Getting a job without any work experience can be tricky, this is why you should consider...

female tourist with map
GRADUATES / JAN 28, 2017

As the economy is becoming more and more unstable recent university graduates are looking to get a job that will ensure a salary as soon as possible. Taking a gap year to...

english book on table
Ask an ExpertGRADUATES / JAN 27, 2017

Dilemma: I am in final year of studies and although there are still a few months left until graduation I can’t help but stress about what to do next. Most of my friends...

artist paint brushes and oil paint tubes
Ask an ExpertGRADUATES / DEC 27, 2016

Dilemma I just finished university and have no idea what to do. I am also a bit freaked out because everyone keeps asking me when am I going to find a job. The truth is...

student debt frowning face on piece of paper
GRADUATES / NOV 14, 2016

The average student loan balance for 2016 college graduates was approximately $37,000.  Millennials with high student loan burden are nothing new. One could almost argue...

business contract on background of two employees handshaking
GRADUATES / NOV 03, 2016

Let’s face facts; gaining a law degree will not guarantee you a training contract with a law firm. For better or worse, the job market is too competitive for that – and...

graduates guide
GRADUATES / OCT 25, 2016

As a graduate, you have your whole life ahead of you, so you shouldn’t stress much about getting everything right from the moment you leave university but, in order to...

male graduate who dreams of working in the office
GRADUATES / OCT 21, 2016

Firstly, congratulations. All your hard work and effort has paid off, you’ve graduated! The hard work doesn’t stop here though. Now you need to find your first graduate...

female college graduate
GRADUATES / OCT 20, 2016

Have you got a bachelor’s degree and feel like it has only taken you so far - not far enough? Are you struggling to advance your career but you can’t, no matter how hard...

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