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Free Career Interest Test
Free Career Interest Test
Free Career Interest Test
marissa mayer sitting down
CVS / FEB 01, 2017

Although you might not have been in the top fifty-first Google employees, you can still format a similar CV to Marissa Mayer and the infographic below should help you...

porfolio folder with plant and pen
CVS / JAN 30, 2017

Depending on the job interview you are attending, you may be expected to bring with you your portfolio of work samples. This is usually the case for creative positions or...

women writing on paper
Ask an ExpertCVS / JAN 29, 2017

Dilemma: Hey there! I’m hoping you could help me with my CV. I’m returning to the workforce after a long break. Six years ago I had twins, and it was impossible for me to...

man looking at laptop wearing stripy socks with santa hat on the wall
CVS / NOV 24, 2016

If you’re applying for a Christmas job while at University, or just to get some extra cash for the holidays, your CV might need some fine tuning to get hired. Although...

cv writing guide
CVS / NOV 08, 2016

Writing a CV takes time, and this is probably one of the reasons why most people hate it. But even though it may be boring, it’s also one of the things that you...

writing with quill
CVS / NOV 01, 2016

The traditional CV comes from a time when employers had a need to determine if the employee was looking for the right job. It used to be that your objective served to...

cv on clipboard
CVS / OCT 19, 2016

Working on your CV may be the last thing you want to do, but it is an important task when searching for a job - so it needs to be amazing! As a marketing tool, your CV...

Letters spelling CV across keyboard
CVS / OCT 15, 2016

With only a few seconds to make a big impression, it's vital to have an eye-catching, impressive and error-free CV. Employers generally spend no more than six seconds...

typewriter writing curriculum vitae
CVS / SEP 27, 2016

The job market will always be competitive, especially for highly desirable positions in great innovative companies. Get an edge over other candidates! No matter how...

vector illustration europe
CVS / SEP 16, 2016

Europass is a set of five documents that help your experience skills and qualifications be understood by employers. It is an important tool to have ! The European Union...

man holding portfolio
CVS / SEP 02, 2016

Today's job seekers submit applications online. Your resume, cover letter, and work samples are all sent digitally. But, should you always follow suit? On one hand, this...

businesswoman teamwork holding paper
CVS / AUG 28, 2016

Employability skills are important as they can help push your job search ahead so long as you know what to include. Do you possess any of these skills? Being a jobseeker...

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