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INTERVIEWS / JUN. 21, 2014
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How to Answer, “What Will You Miss About Your Present/Last Job?”

Unless you're applying to your first ever job, the interviewer will more than likely ask about your previous job. The answers given to questions regarding your previous job can reveal a lot to a prospective employer.

A common question is of course, “why did you leave your last job”? However, many people will also ask what you miss about that previous position. How do you answer, “what will you miss about your present/last job?”

Tips to Answer

  • Keep your answer positive. You do not want to bring any negative issues into your answer. This is a great opportunity to express something positive about your character.
  • Be honest, but stay brief in detail. There will be many other questions, so stay brief but thorough.
  • Stay focused on the prospective company. Make sure you're incorporating the company that is interviewing you. They want to see if you're a good fit. You should be focusing on the ways in which you will benefit their work environment and raise productivity levels.  

How to Answer, “What Will You Miss About Your Present/Last Job?”

As mentioned, it's crucial to stay positive and professional. You should be honest, but you do not need to go into too much detail. This interview isn't about your past job, it's about your potential future job. Mention something about your past job, keeping detail to a minimum. If the interviewer would like you to elaborate, they'll say so. 

“I really enjoyed the environment at my last place of employment. I will miss the relationships I formed because we worked so well with one another. I am a real people person, so I miss will the staff.”

Try to stay away from personal interests, the interviewer will not be concerned with this. It's important to tie the prospective company in somehow. For instance, do not say you'll miss the cute guy three desks down that you started dating a month ago. That's irrelevant in terms of the interview.

“I will miss the strong work relationships, as we really meshed. A productive team environment is important to me. I am comfortable working in both a group and solo setting. Sometimes it's nice to share ideas, and that was common at my last job. However, I look forward to the same experience here. Based on your track record, it's obvious that you have a great team. I would love to contribute to this team environment”.

Keep your focus on the company that is interviewing you. You will of course be mentioning your past job, but turn your attention to the prospective position. For instance, avoid talking about how you were fired, and how down you are about it. You don't want to say you'd rather still be working there.

“I will miss that job because it allowed me to grow and develop. It was a great place, but I am ready for the next step in my career. I believe that your company is a great match regarding my current skills and experience. I feel as though I'm an excellent fit; I have a lot to contribute."

So, remember to stay positive. Focus on the prospective position, not your previous one. Allow your character, experience, and skills shine through. This is a great opportunity to reveal positive aspects about your work ethic, attitude, and character. 


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