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How to Become a Game Designer

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Being at full swing, the gaming industry is progressing at a faster rate compared to many other industries. Game designers create games that are enjoyed by millions of people across all ages since they enable them enter an alternate world in which they turn into superhuman soldiers, world saviors and allow them to compete against expert game players.

Game designers are the minds behind every aspect of video games ranging form their content to their environment.

What Do Game Designers Do?

Each video game starts with a concept. A proposal is made by a group of game designers taking into account all the crucial aspects such as requirements, deadlines, target audience and budget. The duties of game designers include:

  • Deciding how a game plays and how it looks like

  • Generating the game’s objects, visual characters and scenery

  • Developing concept art and storyboards during the planning stage

  • Bringing various game scenery, objects and characters to life using computer animation and modeling software at the production stage

  • Creating codes that make games work


Game designers spend long periods of time sitting at their computers. Their earnings depend on their role in the design of games. Below is the summary of the annual average earnings of game designers in the highest paying states





Rhode Island




New York




North Carolina


Source: Recruiter


To be a good game designer, you need to have the following qualities:

  • Good computer skills

  • A vast knowledge and comprehension of computer games

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Ability to give problems a logical approach

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Willingness to learn new skills and work under pressure to meet tight deadlines

  • Adaptability and flexibility


A large number of game developer posses a foundation degrees. However, potential employers are interested in the candidates’ software knowledge, experience and skills. There are a number of courses that can head to game design. Examples include:

  • Computer Science

  • Software Engineering

  • Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, fine art

  • Interactive Media

  • Physics or Math

  • Computer games design

A large number of colleges provide programs in computer games design and creation. These programs emphasize on work placements and practical skills. Normally, many game designers find their first jobs in the game design industry during their placements, which is part of their curriculum.

Alternatively, one can begin working in the game design industry as a Quality Assurance tester. This position doesn’t require any degree but a lot experience in game playing and outstanding knowledge of various game platforms (eg, console, PC, online and mobile) styles and genres is considered useful. Employers need you to show your creativity and talent when searching for work. This can be done by showing what you are capable of doing. For instance, you can present them with new game ideas or your completed game projects. To show your commitment to the gaming industry, you can:

  • Go to gaming festivals and interact with various companies

  • Design your own games and release them online on gaming forums and websites

  • Keep yourself updated through gaming websites and magazines

Once you start working in this industry, you are bound to gain more insight on the job and from experienced staff. You might begin as a junior programmer and move high the hierarchy to a senior designer, supervisor or director.

Career Prospects

With more people being able to purchase gaming equipment, career prospects for game designers are bright. Typical employers for this experts include Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Blizzard, etc.

Game designers are inventors of all sorts. They create an alternate world whose success depends heavily on their imagination. They are are supposed to be able to make quick decisions regarding problems since game design is prone to problems and bugs that should be cited quickly and fixed. Teamwork is also considered important since it enables them create more concepts.

If you want take your imagination to another level, this career is ideal for you!


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