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How to Become an Engineering Construction Technician

Engineering construction technicians design, maintain and repair machinery, buildings and other instruments in a range of industries. What they do usually varies with the industry they work in and their area of specialty. If you enjoy practical work and possess relevant engineering knowledge, you are a good fit for this career.

What do Engineering Construction Technicians do?

Engineering construction technicians can work in any of the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas
  • Food and drink.

They typically perform duties such as:

  • Planning and designing engineering projects using computer-aided design software
  • Fabricating and assembling structures during construction of industrial plants
  • Installing, maintaining and repairing mechanical and electrical systems in manufacturing plants
  • Inspecting and monitoring equipment to diagnose faults and make repairs
  • Applying non-destructive testing techniques to detect flaws in machinery and equipment without affecting their functionality

Engineering construction technicians in administrative positions have additional duties, such as supervising junior employees and developing work schedules

Work Environment

Although engineering construction technicians have flexible work schedules, they generally work 38 hours a week.

While technicians in senior positions work from their offices, junior technicians spend their time in work sites. At times, these technicians may be needed to travel between different work sites. This can mean spending some time away from family.


Salaries for engineering construction technicians vary with the level of experience as outlined below:

Level of experience

Annual pay

Starting technicians

£16,000 and £19,000

Experienced technicians

£20,000 and £30,000

Senior technicians

£33,000 or more.

Source: National Careers Service

Entry Requirements

If you are an aspiring engineering construction technician, you can get started by completing an engineering apprenticeship. To join the program, you need either five GCSEs (A-C) in English, math, science, design and technology, or previous experience in engineering or related work.

You can also take a college course to equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills. Some of the courses you could pursue include:

  • Level 1 Certificate in Engineering
  • Level 2 Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  • Level 2 First Diploma in Engineering Technology
  • Level 1-3 in Computer Aided Design – For those who want to specialize in design.

Important Skills and Abilities

To be a successful engineering construction technician you need:

  • An interest in science and information technology
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good practical and technical skills
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • Detailed understanding of construction or manufacturing procedures
  • The ability to read and interpret technical drawings and plans
  • Awareness of occupational health and safety measures

Training and Development

Once you secure a job, your employer will provide training covering the following areas:

  • Company products
  • Procedures and processes
  • Workplace health and safety

Although this training will help you settle in the job quickly, it is important to work toward the Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Construction. You could major in any of the following options:

  • Instrumentation and control maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Design and draughting
  • Non-destructive testing

After completing the course, you will also be offered a safety passport by the Client Contractor National Safety Group.

To further enhance your career prospects, you could work towards an HND or degree in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial operations management
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

If you choose to specialize in welding, you should join the Welding Institute for further training

After gathering enough experience and you feel ready to attain EngTech status, you can register with the Engineering Council.

Job Opportunities

As a qualified engineering construction technician, you can work in the following settings:

  • Construction companies
  • Power plants
  • Engineering and architectural firms
  • Local authorities

With vast experience and further qualifications, you could progress to become an industrial engineering designer or construction project manager, or move into industrial procurement.

The following links could come in handy when looking to join the profession or finding a job:

Finally, this career gives you the opportunity to improve production or manufacturing levels in a variety of industries, as well as get paid for putting your practical skills to work!

The STEM sector in the UK and throughout the world is still growing so there will always be job opportunities for talented candidates. So if you have the necessary attributes then this might just be the right career for you.


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