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Google Internships: Between Work and Play

This is a great video that features a few Google Interns speaking about their experience with the company. They talk about acceptance, workload, environment and the atmosphere that surrounds Google as an employer.

I would like to point out here how Google has sleep pods for its employees to nap in. It is a company that encourages its employees to nap while at work. Sure it might be during their break, but how do you think your boss would take it if you made an improvised sleeping platform out of desk chairs and packs of copier paper? Take my word for it, its frowned upon. Even if you were on your break. I even have an article dedicated to sleeping on the job, and the first entry is: ‘Quit your job, Work for Google’.

The more I research Google, the more I consider taking my own advice. Some of the perks Googlerns (I made that up, its Google interns) get to enjoy beyond nap time are free gourmet breakfast, lunch and even dinner if you’re burning the midnight oil. It offers its employees 25+ cafes to choose from when they get peckish, and coffee bars galore!

If you’re so frugal that free food isn’t convincing enough how about a free ride? Google has a free shuttle from all over the San Francisco Bay area for its employees. No morning traffic, no transferring buses, trolleys or trains.

Finally, the Google campus is pet friendly. Yes, you can take your Pooch, parrot or tea-cup pig to work with you to work.

Sounds like a great company right? It is, it cares about its employees over-all well-being and that is rare in today’s job market. Hey, don’t take my word for it listen to the guys in the video.

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