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INTERVIEWS / OCT. 03, 2014
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How to Strategize on Job Interviews Worth Attending

Everyone’s usually encouraged to attend as many job interviews as possible. But if there’s one thing that experience has taught us, it’s that not all job interviews are worth attending. In fact, there are job interviews that are bound for disappointment despite our best efforts to stay upbeat and optimistic. Because while some arrogant interviewers subliminally mock us for our seeming incompetence, others will find us overqualified, over-demanding or even too egotistic to be controlled. This in effect means that you’ll end up wasting lots of precious time, energy and optimism as you continue to suffer consistent failure. But before we even think of job interviews worth attending, let’s first talk about the...

Friendly Advice we Get Regarding Job Interviews and the Job Itself
Many times we find ourselves in a predicament where we wonder whether we’re actually overestimating our competence or simply going through a phase of low self esteem. I mean, we’ve consulted our friends, family, mentors and career acquaintances on their views regarding our individual competence. And as a result, divergent views have always come flying in. While some will encourage us to go for it all, others will in fact warn us about attending some job interviews. Besides the predicaments I’ve mentioned above, they will address issues that go beyond the job interview itself and focus on your long-term work experience under your prospective employer. And while their advice can prove to be useful, you’ve also got to remember that...

Prospective Employers will Always Device New Surprises
Several friends may have told you of a very rude and domineering interviewer that’s bound to grill you for a certain job post, only for you to be surprised by the presence of a very humble and accommodating interviewer. Other times, you’ll cram up all the ’usual’ questions asked, only to find totally different challenges presented at the table for you to tackle. In essence, employers are not your increasingly ’outdated’ parents and they’ll always stay updated regarding latest trends in job markets. In fact, they might be many steps ahead of you and their intentions might not be that obvious. Others may result to psychological, emotional and even intellectual means just to stretch you out and find out your true colours beyond the usual CV credentials. In essence...

Expect some Manipulation
Fairness and transparency are very controversial topics in job interviews and I don’t think that the debate will end any time soon. Because despite the best efforts by employers to remain as integral as possible, they’ll find themselves at times bending some rules just to clinch a suitable candidate that’s not necessarily incompetent. And so at times, you’ll find yourself wondering, how comes so and so was picked despite the fact that I’m more qualified than them? This means that finding out job interviews worth attending is not as obvious as being qualified for them. There will always be push and shove factors that will determine your suitability from a dynamic playing field. And so we should ask...

How does One Strategize on Job Interviews worth attending?

#1 Liaise with Job Interviewers in Different Companies
Some might call this cheating, but I think it’s an assuring and prudent approach in bracing yourself for the unexpected. Remember, these are the men and women who’ve got vast wealth of experienced in choosing who’s best for certain jobs, and most probably in different companies and organisations. So chances are, they’ll not only tell you job interviews worth pursuing, but they’ll also enlighten you on various aspects that pertain to them. Plus, who knows, you might end up being recommended by them and have a smooth ride in prospective job interviews.

#2 Gauge your Competence Levels from Professional and Unbiased Sources
Besides the usual and convenient friendly career advice we get to soothe our egos, I think it’s about time we faced the hard facts by consulting career counsellors, mentors and coaches. They must have guided lots of people like you in attaining fulfilling careers. Reveal to them your personal strengths and weaknesses, your talents and top it all off with your formal credentials. I’m sure they’re aware of several connections that might land you a job tailor made for your career attributes. Otherwise, you’re bound to go in circles if your job interview prospects are based on blunt, speculative and sensational friendly advice.

#3 Device Contingency measures In case of Rude and Unfavourable Surprises
As I mentioned earlier, you should brace yourself for manipulative tactics, but that alone won’t matter if there no retaliatory tactics at hand. In fact, it’s safe to say that you should expect them and have contingency measures in place to counter their shock effects. For instance, what would happen if you’re a shy and timid introvert tasked with a team building challenge? And yet you’ve got no prerequisite leadership skills whatsoever. Will you simply ’be yourself’? Or will you have the guts to fake it EFFECTIVELY and CONVINCINGLY till you make it? Will your psychological flexibility be a viable contingency measure in embracing challenges beyond your personality cocoon? Think about it...

Though it’s wise to consider job interviews worth attending, don’t make it a habit to comfortably dismiss the seemingly insurmountable. Some have taken a leap of faith and have actually clinched certain jobs despite their obvious incompetence. So try out those insurmountable mountains once in a while and who knows, it might be your lucky day. As Brian Tracy once put it, "I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often."

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