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Summer Internships at PwC

When you are at University doing a professional course, more than often you are asked ‘What are you doing this Summer?’ and when you are asked that question, you know the question does not refer to the backpacking you secretly want to do or the list of movies you want to watch. It refers to a six week long summer internship.

Summer internships are as difficult to secure as a permanent job. For one, half your class is applying to the same position as you are and two, to get work experience in the first place you need to have had some form of work experience previously. And to make matters worse, you’ve been procrastinating applying for summer internships that many application deadlines are up by now.

Not to worry, there are still several professional firms whose summer internship application deadlines run up to the end of April and these aren’t just firms you’ve never heard of. You can still apply to:

Lloyds Banking Group



Ernst and Young, and many more

PWC Internships

PwC is headquartered in London and has offices in several locations around the world offering different types of professional services such as Assurance, Tax Advisory, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Actuarial, Legal, etc., Here is a brief about their summer internships, what they expect, what you need to do and most importantly, why PwC.

Summer Internships at PwC are offered in the following departments:

  1.        Actuarial
  2.       Assurance
  3.       Consulting
  4.       Deals
  5.       Tax
  6.       Technology

All summer internships run for six weeks except for placements in Management Consulting which runs for eight weeks. These internships usually begin towards the end of June or the beginning of August. Deadlines for the summer internship vary according to departments. Some areas of work have a deadline of 30/04/2014, some 28/04/2014, whereas the others are on a rolling basis. Internships at PwC are paid depending on department and location, pro-rata for the six-eight weeks.


Applicants for the summer internship have to be in their penultimate year of study, be it undergraduate (2:1) or postgraduate and have to have at least a 300 UCAS tariff or equivalent (for Technology, a 260 UCAS tariff, or Strategy Consulting, a 340 UCAS tariff). Interestingly, PwC does not require applicants to be from specific disciplines. Candidates need to be able to assert their reasons for choosing PwC and a particular field of interest in PwC, along with being able to show relevant examples of experience, team work before and in University.

PwC, apart from offering this standard application route, also offers two other routes through which candidates can apply. Candidates who do not possess a degree or relevant educational qualifications but who do have any outstanding achievement which may be relevant to their work interest at PwC can still choose to apply for the summer internships. Also PwC considers any illness, loss or other mitigating circumstances of the applicant which can account for not being enrolled on a degree or having left a degree.

Application route

Applicants are expected to sit through an initial application, online assessment test and then, if shortlisted will have to go through an interview. The initial online assessment tests can be prepared for in advance through the PwC website before sitting for them. But, if shortlisted, preparing for the summer internship interview at PwC should not be an easy one for you if you really want the internship. Knowledge about the firm is a primary requisite for PwC. Past interview questions have involved their clients list, public controversies, current economy and inflation, auditing practises, etc. Be sure to read through their annual reports before anything else!

Why PwC?

There are many reasons as to why one should consider a summer internship at PwC. For beginners, PwCs competitors in the auditing world are the other top auditors Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young which means that you are not only in good hands but also in a very cut throat working environment which strives hard to maintain its position amongst the top four auditors of the world. Selected candidates will undergo a residential training program and a technical training as part of their internship with PwC.

PwC has more than 50 offices across the UK making access to the internship easy (Reading, Birmingham, Hull, Jersey, East Midlands, etc.). In addition, it is worth noting that PwC has records of hiring around 1200 graduates/ school leavers every year. With this summer internship on your CV and the people you meet at PwC, you may as well be on your way to securing a permanent job at one of the Big Four auditors of the world!

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