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Top 10 Richest People That Dropped Out of College

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Ten: Ted Turner
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Ted Turner is an American businessman who found CNN, the first 24-hour cable news station. Although Ted’s father wanted him to attend Harvard, his grades were not good enough. Instead, he attended Brown University where he studied economics. Ted Turner did not dropout, he was kicked out of University for having a woman in his dorm room. Although he did not receive his diploma, he was immensely successful. Not only was he responsible for CNN, but he built the Turner Broadcasting Company empire (which he sold in 1996 for $7.3 billion). He’s also a humanitarian and active environmentalist, pledging to give $1 billion the United Nations Foundation. So far, he has given a generous $965 million. Ted Turner is currently worth $2.2 billion.

Many are told, if you do not go to college, you will not amount to anything. Although education is important, it is not the deciding factor for your future. Although the following ten individuals dropped out of school, they worked hard to achieve their goals. They are now worth more than many of us can imagine. Dropouts do not necessarily equate to nothing, and these ten individuals are proof.

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