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STUDENT LIFE / DEC. 03, 2014
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Top 10 UK Universities for Journalism 2015

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  Media courses have always been the most sought after by graduates and undergraduates who aspire for a career in journalism. Universities in the UK offer some of the world’s top media programs and frequently appear in the top 100 in global ranks. Here is a breakdown of the top UK universities for journalism in 2015:

 1. University of Kent

 The National Council and the Broadcast Journalism Training Council have accredited the BA and MA journalism degrees offered at the University of Kent. The National Council has in effect ranked the undergraduate degree as the best in the country for the Training of Journalists. The course has a student satisfaction rate of 88 percent, according to the Guardian University Guideline 2015.

2. Oxford Brookes University

 The Guardian University Guide ranks the Oxford international Center for publishing at number 2 out of 58 UK universities in the Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations categories. Oxford is not only a leading publishing center in the UK; the Oxford international Center for Publishing is also well connected to the regional and international publishing industry.

3. University of Sheffield

 The Department of Journalism Studies at Sheffield has constantly featured in the top five of the leading comparison tables including the Guardian University Guide, the Complete University Guide and the Times/Sunday Times University Guide. The University’s BA in Journalism Studies is one of the few accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, the National Council for the Training of Journalists and the Periodicals Training Council.


4. Cardiff University

 The Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is always among the top 100 campuses for media and communication studies. The university offers a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Media and English Literature or Journalism, as well as Media and Cultural Studies. The MA program offers specializations in International Journalism, Broadcast, Magazine, and Newspaper.


5. University of Westminster

 The University of Westminster offers a wide array of undergrad and postgraduate courses. The Journalism BA allows you to specialize in Communications, Medical Journalism, Radio or TV Production and Digital Media. Postgraduate programs include Multimedia Journalism, Social Media, Global Media, International Media Business, and Media Management.


6. Leeds University

As the only Russell Group University to offer an industry accredited BA in Broadcast Journalism, the journalism programs at Leeds University are much sought after. The main programs offered are the BA (Hons) Journalism and the MA International Journalism.

7. Brighton University

 Brighton offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs. These range from BA(Hons) Broadcast Media, English Literature and Media Studies BA(Hons), MA Creative Media and others.


8. Kingston University

 Kingston was once the top journalism university in London with a student satisfaction rate of 92 percent. The university offers a Journalism BA (Hons) which can be studied as single or joint honors alongside another course.


9. Falmouth University

 The Falmouth University Journalism program accords students wide-ranging media skills in broadcast, photography and creative writing. The university offers BA (Hons) Journalism and BA (Hons) in Journalism and Creative Writing.


10. Loughborough University

 Ranked 10 by the Guardian University Guide 2015, the Loughborough University mainly attracts students interested in sports journalism careers. The university offers a BSc in Communication and Media Studies, BSc in Media, Culture and Society and an MA in Media and Cultural Analysis, Digital Media and Society and Global Media and Cultural Industries.

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Interested in studying journalism in the UK? Consider the above mentioned universities to receive top-notch education and training in the ever-changing field of journalism.

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