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Upcoming Profession: YouTubers

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube? How many visits did your video get? If it was popular, it could have the potential to become your next source of income!

The number of Europeans that are making money from their YouTube Channels is growing significantly, particularly in the last few years. Although making money from YouTube videos is a popular choice in the U.S, it is slowly becoming a first choice for media savvy people in Europe too. Countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal, which are suffering from severe economic recession, have seen a big increase in the number of people using YouTube as a source of income.  

According to YouTube, the number of users (those who have a contract with the company) increased by 150% in 2012. These partners earn an average of 7500 euros per year in Europe and more than 735,000 Euros per year in United States.

Famous YouTubers

Guillermo Diaz is famous in Madrid; he is WillyRex, a well-known YouTube user. He has more than 3 million subscribers, the same number as Barcelona and Real Madrid Football Team channels together! He has more than 500,000 Twitter followers and he was recently invited to Los Angeles to talk about his videos and his YouTube Channel.  He started sharing videos of how to pass obstacles when playing different video games and he got so many visits that YouTube offered him a freelance job. Although the 2.20 euros per 1000 visits might not seem like a huge income, when you have 3 million subscribers and millions of views on your videos, the income is quite attractive.

Something similar happened to Isabel Llano. After years of searching for a job in Computer Science without success, she decided to start a video blog in which she gave beauty, makeup and cooking tips. "I saw an American girl who was doing it and I thought it was funny," she says by phone. "I did not know you can make money out of it." After a year, Antena 3, a Spanish private television channel, offered her a contract to have her own television program: The Isasaweis world. After that, she signed sponsorship contracts with brands like Pantene or Pascual and published a book with the publisher Planeta. Although her revenues were not much on YouTube, her success on the Web brought her these incredible opportunities.

There must be a formula for being a successful YouTuber and making a decent income from uploading videos, but it seems those who know the formula are not keen to share it! If you have any tips or hints to become a professional and successful YouTuber, then please share by commenting below!


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