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Uruguay National Police

The National Police of Uruguay is the government agency responsible for law enforcement and civil policing. This authority is administered and a branch of the Ministry of Interior of Uruguay, ensuring that all citizens of the country are protected against crime and terrorism. The Ministry of Interior is also the main entity that promotes and integrates public security across Uruguay, this includes:

  • National Maritime Police

  • Uruguayan Navy

  • Air Force

  • Military Army

Furthermore, the Ministry regulates and implements the basic standards to enter these public services and ensures that all individuals receive the highest standards of training to successfully execute their job duties.


The Ministry of Interior oversees all police training; therefore the Training Academy is centralized within the capital city. This training facility was established in 1936 and has a number of schools established to cater to a range of police ranks – from cadets to officers. Noncommissioned officer training is a yearlong course, while the training period for cadets is 2 years.


Montevideo Police

Responsible for investigations, security, support services, intelligence and legal affairs of the country

Interior Police

Management of the police forces for each specific department within the National Police force of Uruguay

National Traffic Police

Controlling the traffic on the roads and highways of Uruguay, patrolling for individuals violating speed limits or other traffic laws

National Corps of Firemen

Providing fire management and control services in Uruguay. Protecting citizens in the event of accidents, emergencies and natural disasters

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