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INTERVIEWS / JUL. 14, 2015
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What You Should NOT Do at Your Next Job Interview

Have you ever wondered what the worst thing you can do in a job interview is? When meeting employers for the first time, there are some huge no-no’s that you should be familiar with so that you can avoid at all costs.

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Some of the biggest turn-offs for employers are pretty obvious, although not many people are aware of them. Unless you want to kill your chances of getting the job or ending up on the blacklist of every employer in the industry, you ought to take a look at what you should never do at your next job interview:

1. Badmouthing previous boss or co-worker

Talking bad about your previous boss or co-workers will only encourage your potential employer to believe that you are going to do the same thing as soon as he walks out of the door. Apart from that, it will make you look bad in the eyes of the employers assuming that you can’t work well with other people. It’s best to keep any complaints you might have to yourself. Saying that your boss is a liar, for example, is not in your best interests…

2. Asking about the benefits too soon

Asking about the salary, holiday pay and days off will definitely not give you a head start. If you are so interested in money a little time at the office as possible, then you shouldn’t be applying for that corporate job in the first place. This will make them think that you are only in it for the money and that you will soon leave the company for a better offer. Even if your CV is glowing, employers won’t give you the job. Only discuss salary and benefits if the employer brings it up otherwise it is a big no-no.

3. Lying about your credentials

Lying about your skills will not only cost you the job, but will also give you a bad reputation. Even a single ‘white lie’ on your CV has the power to influence the employer to question your honesty and reliability, which are two of the most important qualities they are looking for in candidates.

4. Arriving late

Arriving late to a job interview will give the impression that you don’t care about the position at all. Because if you did, you would have taken the time to drive up to the company’s location the day before the interview and familiarise yourself with the area so that you can find an available parking slot for the next day and make sure to get there on time.   

Did you know? Arriving half-an-hour early is not good either. If you present yourself to the receptionist at that time, this will pressure the interviewer and will make you look desperate for the job.

5. Dressing wrong

There’s nothing more off-putting that showing up on the day of the interview with plain jeans and a t-shirt – unless of course you are Will Smith, and you know how to pull it off. This shows that you are just taking a shot out of the many interviews you’ve attended, and this one doesn’t make much difference to you. Dress smart to look professional and show that you have respect the employer.

6. Checking/Answering a phone call

If you are holding and constantly checking your phone then it gives the impression that you would rather be somewhere else, talking to someone else and doing something else. Only when it’s absolutely urgent, should you answer a phone call – even though employers won’t really like this either. Just switch it off for half an hour to avoid distractions and you’ll be just fine.

7. Being arrogant

Since it’s quite easy to confuse overconfidence with arrogance, you better be careful with this one. Such behaviour indicates that a) you are not respectful of others, b) you believe in your abilities to the extreme and c) you are likely to believe you are better than your colleagues. It’s called selfishness and it’s something that employers don’t like.

8. Drinking alcohol or smoking

I am sorry to disappoint you but alcohol is not permitted on premises where job interviews are conducted. Along with smoking, this is not a professional behaviour and can be very annoying for interviewers. Especially when they can’t understand a word you are saying due to your inability to articulate anything caused by your drunkenness or the fact that the room is filled with suffocating smoke coming out of your cigarette.

9. Bringing along a friend or a relative

Bringing a friend with you in the interview room makes employers think that you are too insecure to walk into that interview room alone. It’s clear evidence of a lack of confidence and a need of support. If you are serious about the job, you need to show that you are perfectly capable of doing it alone.

10. Failing to do your homework

One of the biggest mistakes you make is showing up unprepared. Not taking the time to research the company and learn a thing or two about what they do is simply unacceptable. What’s worse? Saying their names or the company’s name wrong – because how can you possibly remember such details after sending a dozen of applications to numerous companies? Always check this kind of information before the interview.

Sometimes the little details can have a big difference on the interview outcome as these can seriously affect the employer’s decision. However, with just a little preparation it’s easy to avoid these major mistakes and have a good shot at getting the job.

Best advice? Next time you are going in for an interview, try not to think about what might go wrong and just be yourself.

In order to get you into that interviewing mood, check out this incredibly funny video that features a rather silly job interview from Monty Python that’s guaranteed to make you laugh!


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Have you ever made any of these mistakes during a job interview? Feel free to share your own job interview experiences in the comments section below…

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