10 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags to Get New Followers

Social media has turned the modern world upside down. Information is now passed along by the masses, instead of being centrally controlled by a few newspapers or television stations. Instagram is a site that enables people to show pictures and videos, presenting them to a worldwide audience. Through the use of hashtags, these images are organized and easily searched for.

During the time this site has been online, it has been utilized for everything from birthday parties to documenting cases of political unrest. It truly has grown into a medium in which people communicate complex ideals easily and freely. If you wish to join this community, it is vital to understand the hashtag system, and how to leverage it to garner as many followers as possible. Here are some of the most effective tags you can use:


Utilized mainly by those new to Instagram and are looking for new followers. There are over 200 million posts with this tag.


Similar to follow, this popular hashtag is utilized by people asking for the picture or video to be shared. It has been utilized for everything from pictures of food to mass protests outside government centers.


A bribe used by new people with other new people. If they like yours, you are promising to like theirs. For those getting started, and with a great deal of free time on their hands, this can be an effective way to gain a large number of followers.


A promise, “You will like this instantly.” Pretty much a hashtag advertisement. It has been utilized over one hundred million times, and has proven to be really effective in spreading good material around the site and the Internet at large.


Who doesn’t like food? Taking pictures of cooked food has become something of a trend online over the last couple of years. It has gotten to a point where the concept is now a social meme. Astute marketers utilize this, creating a following that will lead to other material put up by the same poster being shared.


We all like having fun, and in times of boredom more than a few go online looking for suggestions on what might be a fun activity to participate in. This tag has been used in nearly two hundred million posts.


This applies to all seasons equally. People enjoy the outdoors, especially from the comfort of their own homes. A well taken photograph and video, coupled with an appropriate seasonal hashtag, will garner a large following.


This surprised everyone, but, the anthropologists. Human beings like looking at themselves, and knowing what the people they are communicating with look like. The selfie has become a vital marketing tool, boosting everything from hiring rates to sales. A good selfie sets the stage for a large base of followers to be created.


Similar to #like4like, this is a promise/bribe that you will like whatever someone else does, all in the name of boosting rankings


Human beings are ruled by their emotions. We constantly seek out things to make us happy, and a well done video or photograph with this hashtag will find its way around the Internet quickly.

A common theme behind every hashtag has been the need for decent content. Utilizing a label is only effective if the material being described engages the viewer and makes them want to share it. A tag is just the introduction, it does not excuse poorly created material. Go out and create the best pictures and videos you can, the tags will take care of themselves!


Image - Brand Watch

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