How to Get Started With Vimeo

Are you familiar with Vimeo? Vimeo is a U.S. based video hosting and sharing platform which allows you to upload, share and view videos. It was founded in 2004 by a group of filmmakers and since then it has grown to over 20 million members!

What’s great about Vimeo is that it allows people who are interested in film, animation, music or in the arts in general to promote their work through sharing high quality videos with fellow professionals and gives individuals the chance of ‘getting discovered’. So, let’s see what Vimeo offers and how you can get started:

Benefits of using Vimeo

Vimeo shares similar features with YouTube since you can find and upload videos and join a community around videos that interest you and other users. However, Vimeo’s audience represents a much smaller or a “niche” community of film fans who are interested in creating good quality films. As a result, Vimeo is more of a professional network of artists who know that their work is being seen and enjoyed by other people who appreciate film making. It also offers:

-       Password protection for videos:  It allows you to share videos with your friends before setting them as public by typing a password.

-       No advertisements: it is a huge advantage for Vimeo users because it doesn’t distract attention away from their videos.

-       Clean Layout/Format: Vimeo has a clean and simple layout that makes it easier for the user to use and concentrate on the video screen.

-       Filmmaking: Vimeo helps you make videos via different services including the Vimeo Video School, Enhancer, Creative Commons, Music Store and Tip Jar.

Choosing your Vimeo account

According to your needs in terms of storage and features, Vimeo allows you to choose from 3 different account types including:

Vimeo Basic: You can upload 500 MB per week and up to 2 GB a year and it’s free. This account is recommended for members who may not be interested in creating videos but would like to browse or share other HD videos.

Vimeo Plus: You can upload 5 GB per week and up to 250 GB a year and costs 49.95 euros. With Vimeo Plus you get unlimited HD uploading, no advertisements and advance customisation of your video player.

Vimeo PRO: You can upload 20 GB per week and up to 1000 GB a year and costs 159 euros. The Vimeo PRO account is for professionals as it offers PRO customisation and Vimeo “On Demand” worldwide distribution which allows users to earn money directly from viewers.

So, what do you think of Vimeo? Click on the short video from Grovo to check what Vimeo is and how it works.

Image: iStock