The Benefits of Using Tumblr for Your Business

Tumblr is a platform where you can share audio, images, videos, and written content. You only need a minimum of 250 words per text-based post and you can publish practically whatever you want. It’s why this social media platform is so popular.

Businesses often wonder what Tumblr can do for them, and whether it’s useful from a commercial point of view. The truth is many companies have benefitted from investing a small amount of time in this social media network.

In this article, we will investigate some of the primary benefits of using Tumblr in the world of commerce.

The Youth Market

Twitter and Facebook lost the youthful appeal they once held when their audiences diversified. This makes it harder for businesses to target the younger markets because they’re so spread around these days. Tumblr has maintained a strong youth group, with 50% of all users being under the age of 25.

Companies that need to target the youth market will benefit from using Tumblr because they’re going to hit their target audience without much effort.

Boosting SEO

One advantage Tumblr has over Facebook is updates can be accessed directly from Google. You’ll never see a Facebook update on Google. This isn’t the case with Tumblr. As well as being able to access profiles from the search engine, you can also access specific posts. This enables posts to go viral, and therefore has an effect on your SEO value.

With only Facebook beating Tumblr in terms of engagement levels, this is a major boost to any company looking to gain more organic web traffic.

Customised Domain Name

It’s possible to use a customised domain name on Tumblr. This gives you a certain degree of originality and uniqueness. Using a custom domain name makes it easy to share content and easy to market as an independent brand on its own.

Some businesses have used the custom domain name as an independent blog for their business, to further encourage interaction through Tumblr.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation is essential for any website that wants to rank highly these days. With a huge number of people accessing the Internet exclusively through mobile devices, you have to make sure your website is easy to navigate.

If your website isn’t effective on mobile phones, Tumblr could be the cost-effective answer. Start-ups that can’t afford a dedicated web developer to make their site mobile ready can benefit from automatic optimisation through Tumblr.

Combine this benefit with the fact you can have a blog on Tumblr and you have a central hub to send your mobile customers to.

It’s Free!

The biggest benefit of all is you don’t need to pay for any of these benefits. Like with Facebook and Twitter, it takes just minutes to setup an account and begin posting. It only requires an investment of time. The low start-up cost automatically makes it an ideal choice for the organisation that doesn’t have a lot of disposable income to invest in their social media marketing campaign.

Tumblr is a free platform that has all the tools you need to interact with customers on an intimate level. You can post multiple types of content and do it for both the web and mobile devices. The fact is the levels of engagement on this platform and the unique under 25s audience you can reach, make this a platform every business should have a presence on.

To make the most of Tumblr, you must combine it with other social media platforms. Connect them together and encourage your audience on one to connect with you on the others. Supply different types of content to allow customers to reap the benefits of connecting with you on a range of platforms.

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