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15 Best Sites for Building a Free Online Portfolio

If you work in a creative field and want your skill set to look stronger, portfolios are downright necessary—lucky for you, there are dozens of free portfolio builders that don’t require any web design experience to use. An online portfolio provides three key benefits for job seekers:

  • It makes a striking impression
  • It consolidates work experience in one place
  • It exposes you to more prospective employers and potential colleagues

Find the best ones for your field here:

Visual Arts

These sites function best for artists, photographers, designers, makeup artists, models, and other visual fields.

  • FolioHD. This portfolio builder provides a simple, free platform for displaying images, videos, or documents. Many FolioHD sites have a similar layout, but you can customize them with various colors and fonts.
  • Crevado. This site’s free service only includes images, but would work well for beginner artists or designers looking for an added web presence.
  • Portfoliobox. If you’re looking for more features, Portfoliobox offers clean and customizable pages, password protection, additional coding options, and much more—all for free.
  • Foliodrop. For those who need more image space, Foliodrop’s free plan accommodates 80 images under one template. Portfolios are also optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Krop. Free portfolio building from Krop only includes 10 images. However, upgraded Krop members are placed into a private, searchable database that industry leaders can access to find your work.
  • Glossom. This site combines portfolio display with social networking; Glossom users can show their work while also connecting with other members in the site community.


These portfolio builders will organize and enhance your work no matter what you write.

  • This site offers free unlimited space for clips, including multimedia such as videos or podcasts, and a mobile-friendly, customizable interface.
  • Contently. Contently allows you to upload web links or PDFs of your work, while also incorporating algorithms that tally up tweets, likes, and shares. Link to social media profiles and sort your clips by separate publications.
  • Journo Portfolio. Upload links and files, customize your pages by genre or publication, and create a blog with a free account.
  • Pressfolios. This site works for writers, as well as other media professionals such as reporters or public relations professionals. Pressfolios incorporates a clean design that divides a single webpage between featured stories and a bio section.

Other Industries

These sites accommodate a wider range of creative fields, from architecture to animation.

  • Portfoliopen. Your free space is limited to 10 pieces of work, but also includes sections for testimonials and ratings—high ratings can even feature your portfolio on the site’s homepage.
  • Carbonmade. If you design characters, fashion spreads, graphics, or web pages, Carbonmade has you covered. Post 35 images with the free plan and get listed in their searchable database.
  • Dribbble. This site allows any designer to create a free account, display “shots” of their work, follow other users, and organize favorite shots from others into “buckets” classified by topic.
  • Coroflot. Portfolios on Coroflot feature personalization, unlimited storage, mobile-friendly design, and tracking statistics. Users can also get job alerts for new creative opportunities.
  • Logopond. If you design logos, create an account and share your work to receive comments from other users. Follow members in the community or post discussion on the site’s forum.

Most of these sites offer paid account upgrades and additional features. Find the best site for you and start showing your polished body of work to potential employers.

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