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5 Content Myths Debunked

When creating content for your website, it is easy to be lulled into a false sense of security due to certain misconceptions surrounding the copywriting industry. There are several urban legends floating around that can lead to poorly received copy that should not be believed. Here are five of the worst that you need to avoid.

Quantity is better than Quality

This myth started right around the time people started being paid by the word, and not by the project. For unscrupulous writers, it was too tempting to push the fee earned per piece up by stuffing it with extra words.

Since it became industry practice in certain circles, the false idea took on a life of its own and still haunts us to this day. The truth of the matter is, the reader wants to read as little as possible. Craft great content in as concise a manner as possible, and have the document enjoyed by both the client and prospective readers.

Keywords are vital

There is this idea that every other sentence needs include at least one keyword. This false idea has created a situation in which clients are expecting a keyword every ten to twenty words, leading to poorly understood content that disengages readers.

Web search engines concentrate on the content, and how much the piece is shared, before they deal with keywords. In fact, Google has made it clear that it is penalizing keyword heavy pieces, since they typically do not provide high quality content.

Anyone can do it

Writing is one of those fields that everyone believes they can do, until they actually have to sit down and create a commercially viable product. Look for people with good writing skills and experience in this field. Ask for examples, even going as far as providing a sample topic.

Those that cannot write a good introduction piece cannot help you create excellent content for your business and site.

If it does not generate a profit immediately, then it is a failure

Most businesses need to turn a profit on a product immediately, in order to stay viable. Copywriting web content creates a situation where the produced goods help indirectly, by gently increasing interest and helping convince people to return to the site.

When determining if a piece is successful, place it in a larger context. Did it help cement your site in your market? Did it help build a community, which you could exploit to increase sales and garner feedback?

There are topics too boring for exciting content

Even turtles can be exciting, in the hands of a skilled writer and positioned to animal lovers. All topics and industries are of note to certain segments of the population. A skilled writer will research the community, and determine who will want to read the piece.

The final copy needs to be finely tuned to gain their interest, and help garner a healthy discussion. Just because you do not see the potential for interest, does not mean it is not there. For example, how much feet sweat may not interest most people, but for podiatrists and athletes, this information can be very interesting. 

When creating content for any website, it is vital to bear in mind that quality and readership analysis are keys to creating unique and interesting content. Take the time to learn about the readership, and craft material that they will find interesting.

Make sure to avoid falling into some of the most common pitfalls of this industry. Place a great emphasis on quality, and watch as the rest takes care of itself.


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