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WORKPLACE / DEC. 13, 2014
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5 Disgusting Workplace Experiences

Like most in the first world, you work in an office with a bunch of other people. Everyone is pleasant, clean and respectful so it is a mystery how a tuna salad sandwich got forgotten in the supply closet making the hallway smell like a fisherman’s Warf.  These mysteries are plentiful and unfortunately make work a  slightly less pleasant experience.

#1. The Mystery Smell

You walk into the kitchen at the office, open up the fridge and get smacked in the face with a smell that could only be described as obscene. This smell is so pungent that it would make a crime scene photographer retch. The worse thing is that it lingers, so every time you return to the kitchen you swear that you can smell it.

#2. The Squish

You reach into the horribly smelling fridge, holding your breath and squinting to put away your lunch only to pull back your hand in horror. A soft, soggy feeling that should never be associated with any type of food, has just touched your fingers. You look at your hand, but there is no evidence of this encounter with an alien being. Even worse, your sandwich is slightly leaned up against this Pandora’s Box of mold, so you must, again, reach in squinting, pull your sandwich out and relocate it to a safer place. Sometimes the soggy may be fuzzy which is just as bad.

#3. The Water Troll

You finish using the restroom and stand in front of the sink to wash your hands. You take a sec to check your hair and then you open the faucet. The water comes torrentially and you jump back quickly, but the damage is done. Best case scenario the bottom of your shirt is wet, worst case scenario the water stains are below the belt - making you seem like you have a bladder problem.  Not as embarrassing, but probably just as uncomfortable are wet cuffs. It’s like having a reminder of your clumsiness hanging around your wrists for the next 20 minutes.

#4. Mystery Smell 2 (the mind game)

You’re sitting at your desk getting on with what you need to do for the day, when all of a sudden it creeps up on you. It lingers for so long and not being able to find the source of it, you start questioning if this unholy smell is emanating from you. You start becoming self-conscious, frantically looking around and subtly sniffing at your clothing to see if it’s you. There is no deciphering the mystery smell, it just disappears as suddenly as it appeared, leaving you with the horrific realization that it may return again at any given moment.

#5. Wet Shoe Incident

Getting a little water to quench your thirst is a great opportunity to stretch your legs, get up and move around. Today, though, it’s not going to be the refreshing feeling you’d expect. As you fill your glass while talking to a coworker, you don’t notice that the glass is full. The water runs down the side of glass and right onto your shoe. By the time you realize, your shoe is soaking from the water. Now sock drenched, foot wet, you have to finish up your day. Maybe it’s the water troll striking again.

Do you have any disgusting office experiences to share? What is your least favorite experience at the office? Let us know in the comment section below (keep it a bit censored though, there are kids reading this too) 

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