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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 23, 2014
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5 Least Stressful Medical Jobs

There’s no doubt that a career in the medical profession can be interesting, challenging and varied but many medical practitioner roles are also very stressful and this can be a real issue for some. If you’re considering a career in the medical profession but want to avoid high-pressure, stressful roles, then here, in no particular order, are five of the more relaxing but equally rewarding options.


Of all the medical career options, audiology is perhaps the least stressful. Audiologists are medical professionals who have studied to graduate level; in fact many have doctorate level degrees.

An audiologist works as part of a medical team including speech therapists, nurses and physicians treating patients who are suffering varying degrees of hearing loss or impairment. The work includes assessing hearing and balance function together with disorders associated with these conditions, providing and recommending appropriate management and rehabilitation. The main areas you would work in include; paediatrics, special needs groups, teaching, adult rehabilitation and assessment, research and development.

Audiology is a rapidly expanding field so job prospects are good. If you can think logically, adopt an analytical approach to problem-solving and can communicate well with people of all ages, this could be a great stress-free medical career option for you.


Working as a nutritionist (or dietician) is right up there in the scale of the least stressful medical careers. The role offers a good job outlook and pays well too. You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree for this career.

Nutritionists’ work entails the planning and implementation of balanced, healthy meal programs for patients and promoting healthy eating. This may be to help control weight or manage medical conditions which could be exacerbated by malnutrition or dietary deficiencies. You could work in a hospital or nursing home, or be based out in the community at schools, for example. There is scope within this career for you to become a self-employed consultant, contracting out your services to various agencies.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy is a relatively stress-free and extremely rewarding branch of the medical profession to get into. Occupational therapists work with patients who have sustained disabilities caused by mental disorders, brain injuries or other physical issues, helping them to regain the life skills they have lost and thus to improve their quality of life and allow them to regain a degree of independence.

Occupational therapists work in a variety of different settings from hospitals and care homes to offices and schools. You could also be required to visit patients in their own homes. You would probably work in conjunction with physiotherapists, doctors and psychiatrists.


Chiropractors (or doctors of chiropractic) work using manual manipulation of the neck, spine and back in conjunction with natural healing methods to treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

To qualify for this least stressful of medical professions, you don’t need to hold an MD or DO degree from a medical school, although, you would need to graduate from a specially accredited chiropractic school with a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree. At the time of writing, you do not need to hold a bachelor’s degree in order to enter chiropractic school.

Dental Hygienist

Compared with dentistry, a career in dental hygiene offers not only outstanding job prospects and a great average salary; it’s also pretty stress-free.

Working under the supervision of a dentist you would assist with taking x-rays, scaling and cleaning teeth and performing dental treatment. You will need good communication skills and the ability to put people at their ease; many find visiting the dentist extremely stressful!

To get into this career, you would need a foundation degree in oral health science, dental therapy or dental hygiene.


You don’t have to be a stressed-out accident and emergency consultant to work in the medical profession. If you’d enjoy a slightly less frantic but equally fulfilling role helping people and working in your community, why not consider one of the aforementioned careers instead?

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