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WORKPLACE / DEC. 10, 2015
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6 Work Habits That Will Help You Get Ahead

The world’s most successful people have habits that they perform every single day. Waking up early, working out, and exercising their minds are just some of the things that set them apart from others. But, what truly makes them exceptional is the approach they choose to take to their working lives. So, what are the work habits they follow that make them so productive and successful?

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If you really want to get ahead in life then try following some of the advice below:

#1 Have Goals

An employee without goals is not a true leader. Having short and long-term goals, will help you align your career goals with your job and figure out your next move. Can you think of any skills you want to improve? Does your job require that you develop your presentation skills or become more familiar with a certain area of your industry? Thinking about what can help you succeed in your field will ultimately get you closer to achieving your career goals.

#2 Learn How to Talk

Not many people are aware of this trick, however, it can be really effective. One of the most surefire ways to get yourself a better job is having the ability to communicate well with managers. Learning how the c-suiters talk will help you learn how to start and lead a discussion with them. It will make you sound more professional and will help your boss realise that you deserve that position after all.

#3 Map Out Your Day

Managing time at work is essential and people who look at the clock every 1 and half hours are actually winners – not losers. While the majority would think that people who keep track of time hate their work, that’s not entirely true. These guys do so in order to get their work done at the time they need it done. This means that they prioritise tasks and start working on what requires their most attention and energy. Mapping out your day helps you figure out your daily targets and makes you more organised and efficient.

#4 Participate in Meetings

There are three types of coworkers. There are those who speak up during the meeting, those who just make noise and those who stay silent at the whole time. If you want to show your boss you deserve that promotion, not only do you need to participate but also meaningfully contribute to the discussion. At the next meeting let your voice be heard and give out some suggestions for development.

#5 Listen to Feedback

How easily do you accept criticism? When your boss tells you, you need to re-consider the way you work, what do you do? Listening to what people tell you at work is more beneficial than you think. Some people have been working longer than you at the job and might be able to teach you the basic skills you need to survive in the workplace. If you want to improve at your job, listen to what your boss tells you and you soon might be competing for a higher position in the company.

#6 Take Opportunities

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to take charge of situations. Whenever an opportunity is presented to you, you just have to dive in, even if it scares the heck out of you. That’s the only way you can grow as a professional and taking big risks might lead to great rewards in the end. So, first point on the list? Seize the day and make things work for you.

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Following these tips will help you get ahead of your game so that when that day comes you will get the promotion you deserve. So, can you think of anything else that could help you do that? Let me know in the comments section below…

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