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Career Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

What do you get when you cross a badly tailored suit and road kill being used as a hair piece? Well, Donald Trump but I am underselling the shameless self-promoter he is so much more: a misogynist, a chauvinist, a bigot, an entitled rich spray-tanned elitist, a douche and a wannabe Republican. So what can we learn from this horrible human being with a horrible hair-do? Let’s take a look at career lessons you can learn from Trump.

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1. Let Other’s Do The Work

Something that Trump has done time and time again is shoot his mouth off and then let the media promote the heck out of him. Like the 1996 fat shaming he subjected Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado to when he publicly said that Machado was an eating machine, threatened to strip her of her title and give it to her runner up.

He also openly attacked comedian Rosie O’ Donald after she revealed some rather embarassing facts about Donald. For instance, that has he declared bankruptcy multiple times and that he wasn’t a self-made man. Despite the public image he portrays, most of his initial wealth was inherited from the previous Trump-ster, Fred (his father), who was just as despicable as his son apparently and had equally bad taste in hair styles too.

2. Give Them What They Want

Donald is everything a bigot could want in a candidate. From kicking out Mexican immigrants to banning Muslims from entering the country, he has given hateful people exactly what they wanted. Along with his abstract slogan: Make America Great Again (a slogan which he stole from 1980 Reagan campaign albeit slightly modified from Let’s Make America Great Again), Trump is a master panderer and sometimes to succeed you have to pander too. If your boss, or immediate supervisor is passionate about something following suit (even if it is against your ideology) and even participate in the hateful banter! Actually don’t, if you didn’t figure it out I was being sarcastic…do not be a bigot; bigots are horrible examples of humanity.

3. Raise Hell Often

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Trump is a master hell raiser: from his racist statements to a disgusting incestuous remark about dating his daughter if she wasn’t his offspring - seriously what the hell - the man tries his best and succeeds in most cases in creating a huge fuss about himself and the things he says. He is basically developing a brand around himself and his name, even if it’s the worst brand since a certain mustached Austrian promised another country that he would make it great again through questionable morality and actions. Yes, I just compared Trump to Hitler…can’t you see the parallel? Oh, and all his raging loathing for immigrants is ironic considering his grandfather was a German immigrant too.

4. Be A Hypocrite!

Most of Trump’s political platform is based on catering to nationalist, white, aggressively conservative Christians. Yet he is basically the seven deadly sins personified…he said he would lust after his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter (incest). Mr wholesome anti immigration was also married to Czechoslovakian model Ivana Zelníčková while at the same time having an affair (adultery) with actress Marla Maples. After that, he moved onto greener pastures by dating model Kara Young and courting Princess Diana. Trump’s next marriage was to another immigrant, Slovenian model Melania Knauss, which some media outlets believe he is also cheating on. Amazingly, he then thought it prudent to criticize Bill Clinton for his marital indiscretion.

Although he wants to make America Great Again, he has used public subsidies to build commercial developments in New York and received a whopping 40 year tax abatement for rebuilding the Grand Central Hotel. So, add greed to the list of sins, after all, those modest, conservative voters take a gander at Trump’s not so modest wife’s GQ spreads, and they’ll have to take a bath in holy water.

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So what have we learned from Trump? Absolutely nothing he’s a horrible role model and heaven forbid he’ll be an even worse president…look up someone worthwhile like the Dalai Lama or Rosa Parks.

Do you think the Trumpster has any career lessons to teach us? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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